Hidden Mickeys

Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, The (2000) (V)

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  1. Opening scene (right in the beginning) there is a rock formation to the left that is a Mickey. ;)
    REPORTED: anon 02 OCT 00
    In "The Little Mermaid II", at the VERY beginning of the movie, it shows a waterfall. The camera goes up the waterfall, pay close attention to the rocks of the waterfall on the left side of you screen. The rocks form a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Jan Miller 05 OCT 00
    In the opening sequence of The Little Mermaid II, a seagull flies over a configuration of rocks on the left side of the screen that make up a hidden Mickey!
    CONFIRMED: Shevan Deming 10 OCT 00
    The Little Mermaid II At the very begining of the movie, when the seagull is flying. As it breaks through the clouds for the first time you can see rocks directly underneath. They form a perfect Hidden Mickey !!!
    CONFIRMED: Eric Yarbrough 10 OCT 00
  2. On the right shoulder of the sea witch in the beginning when she is holding the baby and on the left side of the walrus when he is swimming is a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Nancy Conklin 20 SEP 00
  3. There is the part when Melody and her 2 sea friends try to steal King Triton's Triton. When he is talking to that lady (mermaid) you can see a lot of columns in the background. Above each column there are 4 holes and 3 of them form a perfect hdden mickey.
    REPORTED: Christy 21 MAR 01


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