Hidden Mickeys

Oliver & Company

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  1. When Fagan is waiting for for the "very rich cat owner person" he looks at his left arm, which has a bunch of watches on it. The very first watch is a Mickey watch.
    CONFIRMED: Aaron Barker 12 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Jeremy Schwartz 16 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Erin E. Richardson 18 OCT 96
    Fagan, the cat-napper, looks at his watches (there is a string of them on his wrist) and the last one is a Mickey watch.
    CONFIRMED: Rochelle Kenney 06 SEP 99
    CONFIRMED: Meli 29 MAR 01
  2. When Georgette (Bette Midler's character) was singing, there is one scene where she is laying on a round sofa. The camera pulls away and a Hidden Mickey is made by the pictures on the dresser. It is right in the middle, looking down on the dresser.
    CONFIRMED: William Raymer 26 MAR 99
  3. Almost every time they show Einstein, the gray-blue dog, on his front left leg there is an upside-down Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Schwartz 19 OCT 96
  4. In Oliver and Co. the character Dodger has a hidden Mickey on his back. It is only shown for about half a second. It occurs after Tito looses Oliver in Jenny's car. There are only three spots on Dodger, so if you don't catch it, it's easy to imagine
    REPORTED: Jess 04 JAN 01
  5. When Jenny's singing to Oliver and they're in the boat, Hidden Mickeys form in the water.
    REPORTED: Allison 08 JUL 97
  6. When Fagon is on the bridge next to Sikes car....Sikes throws the stuff out the window into the water and the stuff when it lands in the water makes a Mickey Profile
    REPORTED: Dazy 18 NOV 00
  7. When the whole gang meets Georgette (Bette Midler's character), Frankie slobbers food onto the ground and the drops form a Mickey.
    REPORTED: hollywood 11 JUN 01

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