Hidden Mickeys

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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  1. There are two hidden Mickey's in the Roger Rabbit short film, "Trail Mix-Up". This short originally was shown theatrically before "A Far Off Place" and was then released on the Roger Rabbit shorts compilation video. The first one is in the scene where Roger and Baby Herman (who is holding the Beaver) are in the log splitting factory. They are thrown towards the screen my a log-throwing machine while atop a log. If you look frame by frame, when Baby Herman's head practically fills the whole screen before it exits screen left, there is a mickey head in his eye. The second Hidden Mickey (and hidden Tinkerbelle, I might add!) is in the scene where Roger gets a bee-hive stuck on his head. When he gets it off and spits out the bees, go frame by frame to see him spit out a Mickey bee and a Tinkerbelle bee.
    REPORTED: Elliot M. Bour 01 OCT 01

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