The Parent Trap (1998)

Phsst: Fun Facts

  1. In the 1998 "The Parent Trap," watch the opening sequence where Nick and Elizabeth are getting married, etc on the ship while the opening credits are rolling. In one scene, the camera pans across the table where they are sitting and there is an arrangement of roses on the table. At the bottom part of this arrangment, there is a large yellow rose, on top of it are two smaller deep-pink roses arranged to look like Mickey ears.
    REPORTED: Cori Cruz 21 JUN 01
  2. In the Parent Trap When Nick and Elizabeth go downstairs to the wine cellar, as they step off the last stair, in the background near the bottom of the screen there is a Big pan on a shelf and two little pans above it!
    REPORTED: Ryan 22 APR 00
    In the 1998 "The Parent Trap," in the scene where Nick and Elizabeth went down the wine cellar, there was an unmistakable hidden Mickey. As Nick was about to step off the stairs, in the shelves behind him there was a large silver pan on the lowest shelf, and on the shelf above it there were two small copper pans arranged to be the Mickey ears.
    CONFIRMED: Cori Cruz 21 JUN 01
  3. In the "Parent Trap" (1998), during the opening camp scene when Marvis is talking to the campers over the megaphone. As the camera pans the campers, there is a girl holding a pillow with a yellow pillowcase that has Mickey silhouettes.
    REPORTED: Erik Nord 12 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 03 MAR 99

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