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  1. On the ship behind Captain Hook on the chair is a definite Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Nikki Freeman 13 MAR 98
    Back of Captain Hook's chair "throne" while he is warming his feet in a tub of water: Mickey's head is carved into the top middle of the chair!!
  2. In Peter Pan, the Lost Boys tree has knotholes that they can dive into. There is one big knothole, and two smaller ones forming the mouse's ears.
    REPORTED: Keven 27 NOV 97
  3. Just before the Lost Boys enter their secret hideout, there are three small doors that are circles and is a hidden Mickey JUST before they open it!
    REPORTED: Earl John Dennis Aspiras 22 MAY 00
  4. When they are on the ship, sort of at the end of the movie, and that little boy, Wendy's little brother, puts a canon ball in his teddy bear, there are 3 canon balls setting next to him, that form a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Cinderella 07 JUL 99
  5. When Captain Hook gives Peter Pan the present after capturing The Lost Boys, Wendy and her brothers, Peter pan opens the present. To spot the hidden Mickey, which is black in colour, pause immediately when the bomb explodes after the grey smoke start to come out of the present. There will be a quite big hidden Mickey head in black on the bottom right of the T.V. screen. It happens when he opens the present at 6 o'clock.
    REPORTED: Munirah Othman 28 SEP 99
  6. At the very end of Peter Pan as the last scene pans away from the house the trees in front of the house in the lower right hand corner make a hidden Mickey. You can clearly see the ears and head in the trees.
    REPORTED: Andrea Horton 15 MAR 98
    I'd have to agree with Andrea. At the end of Peter Pan as the camera pans away from the house there is a Mickey head in the bushes on the bottom right of the screen. You have to be ready for it since it goes by so quickly.
    CONFIRMED: Keith 25 APR 98
    I agree with Andrea also. My mother said that she saw a Mickey in the same place at the beginning of Peter Pan, in the very first shot of the house, but I haven't looked for it yet.
    CONFIRMED: K. Buckey 23 AUG 01

Associated Peter Pan Hidden Mickeys

  1. In my copy of Walt Disney's Story Book of Peter Pan, published in 1953, on page 63, Captain Hook is sitting with Tinker Bell on the candlestick. Below her is a plate with a sandwich, two celery stalks, and 6 olives...3 of which form a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: April Jo Rogers 29 APR 98

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