The Princess Diaries

  1. In the movie 'The Princess Diaries' there is a hidden Mickey in Mia's tiara. It can be seen in the ball scene, but is more easily spotted on a poster or the CD cover or on the promotional displays in the US Disney Stores. The Mickey is in the very front, middle of the tiara and is made of the diamonds. This is the only place on the tiara where the jewels are arranged in this pattern.
    REPORTED: David Dill 07 AUG 01
    In response to the hidden Mickey for the movie The Princess Diaries, there is actually 5 hidden Mickey's on the poster. There is one in each crown, and they are both in the same spot, in the center. But if you look in the sunglasses that Anne Hathaway is wearing you can see three different reflections of the flashes from the cameras and they are all in the shape of Mickey. I do work in a movie theatre so I literally see this every day.
    UPDATE: Kevin 23 SEP 01

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