Hidden Mickeys

Recess: School's Out (2001)

Phsst: Fun Facts

  1. In the Disney's: Recess Movie, there is a hidden Mickey. It is part of the craters on one of the first shoots of the moon that is shown. It is on the upper left hand side of it.
    REPORTED: striske 19 FEB 01
    One of the first times they show a picture of the moon, in the upper left side (about 11 o'clock) of the shot of the moon, inside a crator is a hidden Mickey. They only show it once.
    CONFIRMED: Shur 24 FEB 01
    I actually found a hidden mickey in Recess. When Dr. Benedict is showing how the laser works with the moon for the first time there is a hidden mickey at the very first shot. It is on the left side of the moon. It isn't there for very long but it is very pronounced. Woohoo.
    CONFIRMED: Heather Wilhelm 25 FEB 01
    In one scene the villan is having a test conducted to move the moon (the plot of the movie is that the villan is trying to change the moon's orbit, thus elminating summer, and summertime off of school for kids). During the test, they briefly show a tractor beam pushing the moon. There is a Mickey on the upper left side of the moon. When the "camera" goes back to the image of the moon a few seconds later, the Mickey is no longer there.
    CONFIRMED: Dave G. 25 MAR 01

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