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Robin Hood

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  1. In the beginning, Little John and Robin Hood are playing in the water and the Sheriff and his men shoot at them. After the last arrow is shot, Robin ducks in the water, ripples of water form two small circles on top, a big circle below, and a tiny bubble in the center of the big circle. If you pause your VCR you will see the circles make a silhouette Mickey.
    REPORTED: Rebecca Lockwood 01 AUG 96
    In regards to the hidden Mickey in the begining of the movie, when Little john and Robin Hood are in water. I have seen it. As soon as you see the Sherriff's Pose all pop up from behind the bushes pause the tape. Then while in slow motion watch as Robin dives under the water and as soon as the last arrow goes into the water watch for the circles from Robin's arms and the head circle will be seen with the bubble coming up inthe middle of it.
    CONFIRMED: Brightii 08 APR 99
  2. In the movie "Robin Hood" when Robin and Maid Marian are starting to sing the lovesong, they are by a pond. if you look closely at the lilypads in the lower left corner of the screen, you'll see a Mickey shape made out of one big lilypad & two smaller ones directly above, creating a Mickey image.
    REPORTED: Jon 15 NOV 01
  3. In the Robin Hood Disney book, the first page where the minstrel is starting to tell the story, at the bottom of the page is a Hidden Mickey rock formation, I haven't looked in the movie version yet.
    REPORTED: greg loveall 08 MAY 97
    I watched the movie Robin Hood and I am confirming the hidden Mickey rock mound. When the page with the human Robin Hood appears look between his legs towards the left one (left as you look at the screen) You will notice an upside-down Mickey rock formation.
    CONFIRMED: Scooter 08 APR 99

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