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Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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  1. When Eddie first enters R. K. Maroon's office, he glances down at a table with a small Mickey Mouse figurine.
    REPORTED: Dean Scungio 09 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 21 AUG 00
  2. When Roger looks at the pictures of him and Jessica in his wallet, one of the pictures shows them at a restaurant similiar to the Brown Derby. One of the pictures on the wall is of Mickey Mouse.
    REPORTED: Dean Scungio 09 JUN 97
    Roger is crying and looking at pictures of him and his wife and in the backround of the one at the malt shop there defiantly is a hidden Mickey
    CONFIRMED: bobo bobsmith 21 AUG 00
  3. Jessica sings at the Ink and Paint Club and when she is done and walking off stage in the upper right portion of the screen there are some baloons, three of which form a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: bobo bobsmith 21 AUG 00
  4. During all of the scenes involving the elevator into which Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman fall into, if you look to the right of the elevator there is a mouse hole there. The hidden Mickey here is that there are mouse ears cut into the wall connecting to the mouse hole. It's as if the mouse hole were wearing Mickey ears. It's easy to see so you won't have to freeze-frame your VCR. This one is really good though, a mouse hole with Mickey ears, Ha!
    REPORTED: Vince A. Serna 06 NOV 98
    In the scenes involving Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman falling into the elevator after having hit the old lady in the wheelchair look to the right of the elevator door on the floor. There is a mouse hole there and behold... the mouse hole itself has Mickey ears carved into it. This Hidden Mickey is quite funny since it is on a "mouse" hole!
    CONFIRMED: Vince S. 25 JAN 99
  5. In the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" there is a hidden Mickey after Dolores gives Eddie the camera. It is made of two cups and a bowl. Dolores slams her hand down on them while talking to Eddie. Though not seen from the usual view, if these three circles were seen from above they would most certainly look like a Mickey head
    REPORTED: Chris 12 FEB 06
  6. My 2 sons and I were watching a broadcast version of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", when my eldest noticed a very clear "Hidden Mickey". In the final scene, Eddy Valiant (Bob Hoskins) is dancing and singing an impromptu version of the Merry-go-round Broke down, when he picks up several Acme-toon Bombs. Valiant will eventually juggle and drop on his head. While Valiant is dancing, it is quite clear that the 3 black spheres he has are connected in a V-shaped formation, thus creating that very familiar silhouette. My sons get the credit for this. I verified this siting on video tape. At the request of the Webmaster, my wife and I have reviewed the scene several times on video tape, (slow-mo, stop action and what not), and we are convinced that the center "bomb" (head) is at least an inch larger than the other two (ears).
    REPORTED: Howard Kudler 16 NOV 97
  7. There is a hidden Mickey towards the end of the movie. When they break through the wall to go into Toontown they look through and there are two holes with light shining through. One is white and just a regular hole, the other is yellow in color and is clearly in the shaoe of our favorite friend.
    REPORTED: Mike Mitchell 10 FEB 99
  8. In the last sceen when the dip machine goes through the wall it gets hit by a train, if you put your VCR on super slow motion you can see the passengers and in one FRAME there is hidden Mickey shaddow, but you have to look very closly.
    REPORTED: bobo bobsmith 21 AUG 00

Roger Rabbit short film, "Trail Mix-Up"

This short originally was shown theatrically before "A Far Off Place" and was then released on the Roger Rabbit shorts compilation video.
  1. In the scene where Roger and Baby Herman (who is holding the Beaver) are in the log splitting factory. They are thrown towards the screen my a log-throwing machine while atop a log. If you look frame by frame, when Baby Herman's head practically fills the whole screen before it exits screen left, there is a Mickey head in his eye.
    REPORTED: Elliot M. Bour 10 OCT 01
  2. A Hidden Mickey (and hidden Tinkerbelle, I might add!) is in the scene where Roger gets a bee-hive stuck on his head. When he gets it off and spits out the bees, go frame by frame to see him spit out a Mickey bee and a Tinkerbelle bee.
    REPORTED: Elliot M. Bour 10 OCT 01

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