Hidden Mickeys

The Santa Clause

Phsst: Fun Facts
  1. Near the beginning Scott goes into the kitchen, when he picks up the recipe book the camera pans back slightly. Look on the hutch in the center. One of the plates has a white hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: B Griggs 23 DEC 97
    The plate in the kitchen of Scott Calvin does indeed have white circles but if you look close on the right sight of the 2 top circles there is is another circle.
    CONFIRMED: M.F. Murset 04 APR 00
  2. When Tim Allen is taken to the north pole for the first time he is taken to a room to sleep. In this room full of toys is a "Punch & Judy" puppet show. Under the stage is some scroll work with a Hidden Mickey right in the center.
    REPORTED: Joe Sorgen 14 DEC 96
    When Scott is at the north pole there is a hidden Mickey on the Punch and Judy display.
    CONFIRMED: bobo bobsmith 07 OCT 00
  3. In the scene where Charlie and Scott (a.k.a. Santa) are leaving to deliver presents they cross the moon. In the top of the moon there is a Mickey head, formed by the famous three-circles.
    REPORTED: Amy Ramsey 11 NOV 97
  4. When Judy hands Scott Calvin his Pajama's at the North Pole, Scott looks down at the PJ's. During the Close up of the Letters SC on the PJ's you can Clearly see that the upper and lower part of the S and the upper part of the C combine to form Mickey's head as the scene rotates the letters on the screen.
    REPORTED: Max Parker 10 DEC 00

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