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  1. In the original story board for "Aladdin", there were two genies. The genie of the lamp and the genie of the ring.
    REPORTED: Kristin 15 JUL 99
  2. In the original version of "Aladdin", Aladdin had three brothers: Babkak, Omar, and Kassim. Disney started to compose a song entitled "Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim" where the four of them sang like a barbershop quartet.
    REPORTED: Kristin 15 JUL 99
  3. Early scripts included Aladdin's mother, who sang a song called "Proud of Your Boy", and another song for Jafar called "Humiliate the Boy". Jafar's song was cut, as it was considered too cruel for Disney.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database Disney Adventures
    I read an issue of Disney Adventures and it said that Jafar had a song called "Humiliate the Boy", but it was cut because the directors thought that it ruined the feel of the movie. Also, Al had a mother who had a song. His mom and the song were both cut from the movie.
    CONFIRMED: Warden Bots 25 JUL 97
  4. Fantasia 2000's Raphsody in Blue is not the first time Eric Goldberg & co. have drawn inspiration fron Al Hirschfeld. Goldberg was the supervising animator for Genie in Aladdin, who Eric based on the style of the famous caricaturist.
    REPORTED: Safari Steve: Jungle Skipper 23 FEB 00
  5. With only ten weeks left until the deadline, Disney still had half of "Aladdin" to animate.
    REPORTED: Kristin 15 JUL 99
  6. In the begining 5 minutes the theif Gizeem gives Jaffar the piece of the bug that has the "bite" taken out of it. Later, Jaffar pulls out of his pocket the piece of the bug with the bite in it.
    REPORTED: anon 25 MAY 98 pict from
  7. When Sultan is playing with his toys, his stacking animal shaped figures. Beast is in the pile of figures. If you stop the video right when it first shows the pile of toys, Beast is towards the top of the stack. He was the only Disney character that I saw in the stack of toys.
    REPORTED: Jason
    I found the Beast in the pile of toys, my wife pointed out a vulture also in the pile that looks like one of the vultures from the Jungle Book.
    CONFIRMED: James Kirk 25 OCT 93
    Another cameo is the Beast's appearance. Look at the stack of toys the Sultan is playing with... one is the Beast!
    CONFIRMED: Jay Barron 21 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Justin Stone 03 NOV 96
    The stack of blocks that Jasmine's father plays with is sitting on a toy of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.
    CONFIRMED:Internet Movie Database
    CONFIRMED: Susan Ballinger 13 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Dave Hulteen Jr. 16 JUL 97
    When the Sultan is stacking his toys, it pans up along the stack. Halfway up, you can see "Beast."
    CONFIRMED: Lindsay Filz 23 NOV 97
    When the Sultan is playing with some toys right before the Prince Ali parade sequence, some of the toys are other Disney characters. (i.e. The Beast)
    CONFIRMED: anon 26 FEB 98
    After the Genie has transformed Aladdin in the desert, they cut to the Sultan playing with some toys, and he is stacking animals on top of each other. As they scroll up the pyramid, the Beast is about half-way up on the left hand side.
    CONFIRMED: Lee 15 MAY 98
    CONFIRMED: Allison 01 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Linda 14 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 25 SEP 98
    When the Sultan is playing and stacking up the toy animals. On the left side of the stack, one of the animals is the Beast.
    CONFIRMED: anon 06 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Shelly 15 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 19 APR 99
    There is a point just before the great 'Prince Ali' song where Jasmine's father is stacking toy animals on top of each other before Jafar bursts in (the start of CD2 of you have a VCD). Just before the camera gets to the top of the pile, as it moves slowly up, I noticed that one of the toy animals is the Beast from Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast'. All other animals have very little detail and this particular 'toy' has the cloak the Beast wears in the film. I will forward a photo. Justin.
    CONFIRMED: Justin Williams 30 DEC 99
    CONFIRMED: Stephanie 01 JAN 00
    CONFIRMED: Jennifer 22 FEB 00
    CONFIRMED: Nina Shannon 06 MAY 01
  8. When the Sultan plays with his pile of animal toys, look closely near the bottom of the pile. Under the trunk of the gold elephant is a hidden Iago!
    REPORTED: Norm Boyer 05 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Megan Battson 22 JAN 99
  9. You can see Pinocchio in the pile of the Sultan's toys!
    REPORTED: Lauren Debienne 01 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Megan Battson 22 JAN 99
  10. You can see Simba in the pile of the Sultan's toys!
    REPORTED: Megan Battson 22 JAN 99
  11. Sebastian (from The Little Mermaid) has a cameo. After Aladdin asks Genie if he can make him a prince, Genie starts reading a book called Royal Recipies. After Genie says "Alaskan King Crab," he pulls his finger out of the book with Sebastion on the end as the first 8 or 9 notes of "Under the Sea" play.
    REPORTED: Joy Kovacs 02 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED:Internet Movie Database
    When the genie has just landed Alladin outside the cave, pay attention to some of the things he comes up with. I saw a Sebastian and the bird from The Little Mermaid.
    CONFIRMED: Nicole 11 JUL 00
  12. During "Prince Ali," Aladdin throws a kiss to a trio of girls in a balcony. This is the same trio of girls that were in love with Gaston in "Beauty and the Beast," but with a different dress and hair color.
    REPORTED: David Vo 11 JUL 96
  13. Pinocchio has a cameo. In the same scene, Aladdin tells the Genie that he will set him free. The Genie sarcastically says "Yeah, right," and he turns into Pinocchio. Pinocchio's nose grows, Aladdin pushes it back in, and Genie returns.
    REPORTED: Jed 13 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED:Internet Movie Database
  14. In the same state of mind, ever notice the Disneyland plug? Genie says, "Aladdin, you've just won the heart of the princess; what are you gonna do next?" Not unlike "You've just won the Superbowl..." As he says this, you can hear the first few notes of When You Wish Upon a Star.
    REPORTED: Jed 13 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Val Penn 08 AUG 97
  15. After the Genie is set free, he is seen wearing a Goofy hat while dressed as a tourist.
    REPORTED: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
    In regards to the Goofy hat and tourist costume that the Genie wears at the end of Aladdin, the Genie wears this because this is the same costume that Robin Williams wears at the beginning of the first movie (Back to Neverland with Walter Chronkite) you see at the Magic of Disney Animation attraction at the Disney-MGM Studios at Walt Disney World.
    CONFIRMED: david young 23 AUG 96
  16. When character voices were being recorded, Disney let Robin Williams ad-lib in a recording booth. He ad-libbed for almost three hours staight! Out of those three hours, only 10% of what he said could be used in the movie. All the rest was politically incorrect. As an example, in the original script, Genie said, "Hey, you're a lot younger than my last master. Are you shaving yet?" Robin latter changed it to, "Hey, you're a lot smaller than my last master. Either that or I'm getting bigger. Look at me from the side. Do I look different to you?"
    REPORTED: Kristin 15 JUL 99
  17. In the part where Abu grows from an elephant to a monkey, he first turns into a monkey with an elephant trunk and then into a monkey. It's really funny in slow motion.
    REPORTED: Eitan schechtman 23 SEP 96
  18. In the scene where the genie turns Abu into an elephant, he yells,"He's a limlambo, shees in Dumbo" or something, but he definitely mentions Dumbo, which is why he turned into an elephant.
    REPORTED: Joe Maceda 23 JUN 97
  19. When the Genie turns Abu into an elephant, and Abu tries to climb up a tree, he still has a monkey's tail!
    REPORTED: Sarah Lambert 28 JUL 01
  20. When the Genie changes Abu into a car, the license plate reads "ABU 1".
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  21. Towards the end of the movie, Aladdin frees the Genie. When he does this the bands on the Genies wrists fall off. A few scenes after they are back on his wrists though!
    REPORTED: Scott S. 13 JAN 97
  22. A little Fantasia scene in Aladdin
    REPORTED: Laura Witte 17 JUL 96
  23. The Little Mermaid tune in Aladdin
    REPORTED: Laura Witte 17 JUL 96
  24. Rajah rips the purple pants off of the prince. As he walks away you can see his heart decorated underpants and the ripped purple pants. But when they show Rajah they show him with the decorated underpants in his mouth, not the purple pants.
    REPORTED: Rukie 11 DEC 96
    Rajah does carrry the prince's heart-boxers in his mouth, rather than his pants, even though his pants are torn, not his boxers.
    CONFIRMED: anon 21 JUN 97
  25. The genie appears in the following guises: a nightclub entertainer, a Scotsman, a Scots dog, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senor Wences, Ed Sullivan, a slot machine, Groucho Marx, a boxing trainer, a fireworks rocket, a French maitre d', a roast turkey, a pink rabbit, a dragon, a certificate, a pair of lips, Robert De Niro, a flight attendant, Carol Channing, a sheep, a hammock, a muscle man, Pinocchio, a magician, a frenchman in a beret and striped shirt, a chef, Julius Caeser, Arsenio Hall, a tailor, a game-show host, a drum major, Walter Brennan, a little boy, a fat man, TV parade hosts, a tiger, a goat, a harem girl, Ethel Merman, Rodney Dangerfield, Jack Nicholson, a teacher, a talking lampshade, a bee, a submarine, a one-man band, a script prompter, a ventriloquist, a Fantasia-like devil, William F. Buckley, Jafar, cheerleaders, a baseball pitcher, a tourist with a Goofy hat, and the moon. For release in India, Disney replaced the game show host with a cricket commentator.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  26. Some of the Genie's imitations were cut from the film, including John Wayne, George Bush and Dr. Ruth Westheimer.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  27. Williams worked for "scale" ($485 per day, Screen Actors Guild minimum), plus a painting by Pablo Picasso.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  28. Aladdin bears a similar plot and characters to The Thief of Bagdad (1940).
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
    "Aladdin" is indeed VERY much like "The Thief of Baghdad". It's been a while since I saw the movie, but some similarities: Jafar is also called Jafar, and looks extremely similar in body and costume; the Sultan also looks very similar; the Prince's outfit is very similar to Aladdin's; the Prince's sidekick is a boy named Abu; the Sultan also has a penchant for toys, with many of the similar toys; there are also a flying carpet and a genie in a lamp; the city is very similar in style; Jafar goes after the Princess, but doesn't succeed, in both; both the Prince and Aladdin get their first glimpse of the princess in the marketplace, and use the top of a market stand to hide; the Genie is set free at the end in both... I'm sure there are many more, but that's all I can remember at the moment.
    CONFIRMED: Esther B. 08 OCT 97
  29. In the early stages of Aladdin, the hero looked much younger, like Mowgli from the Jungle Book. When it was decided to make him older looking, most of the animated footage was redone. The "Friend Like Me" song, however, would have been too expensive to completely re-do, so some shots of the younger-looking Aladdin can be seen in this sequence (if you look quickly).
    REPORTED: Brian Simpson 09 OCT 97
    The lead animator, and thus the character designer for Aladdin himself was none other than the incredible Glen Keane. Aladdin's design doesn't, as far as I know, have anything to do with sex appeal to the audience, but to Jasmine. Jasmine was always about sixteen or so in the movie, but Aladdin's age went up to about sixteen over the course of character development stage because the animators and story people didn't think it made sense for a sixteen year old to be interested in a child.
    CONFIRMED: Artist005 18 JAN 98
    Glen Keane is the son of the famous Family Circus artist Bil Keane.
    UPDATE: beastfan 03 JUL 98
  30. The character Aladdin was based on three celebrities: Tom Cruise (Facial looks, especially the expressive eyebrows), Michael J. Fox (Personality), and M.C. Hammer (Clothes)!
    REPORTED: Kristin 15 JUL 99
  31. The Physical build of Aladdin is based on young beach volley ball players. Glen Keane was on vacation just after getting assigned to design Aladdin. He was on a beach with his family and made a few quick sketches of the players.
    REPORTED: Kristin 15 JUL 99
  32. Jasmine's appearance was influenced by Jennifer Connelly, as well as the sister of her animator, Mark Henn.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  33. Mark Henn (head animator of Princess Jasmine) based Jasmine's looks on an old high school photo of his sister. Jasmine's hair was based on a park guest Mark saw with long black hair.
    REPORTED: Kristin 15 JUL 99
  34. The lyrics of the opening song, "Arabian Nights", were changed for the video release due to pressure from groups who were offended by the original lyrics. The original lyrics were: "Where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face. It's barbaric, but hey it's home." The new lyrics are: "Where it's flat and immense and the heat is intense, it's barbaric, but hey it's home".
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  35. Towards the beginning where Jasmine lets the birds fly out of the cage, the camera shows the inside of the cage, the birds are white. Then, when they fly away towards the sun, they are blue.
    REPORTED: Greg Watson 01 OCT 99
  36. The two men in the crowd that Aladdin pushes through are caricatures of a couple of the animators (John Musker and Ron Clements); the original plan was to use film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, but Disney couldn't get permission.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
    I can confirm the caricatures of the chief animators. I have talked to Ron Clemens and he said this was true.
    CONFIRMED: Josiah Dykstra 06 OCT 98
  37. The Genie in the movie Aladdin is using his hands to display shadow puppets when he is turning Aladdin into a prince. You can clearly see the shadow of a dog and other animals.
    REPORTED: Gordon Hoven 05 FEB 99
  38. I noticed in Aladdin when Alladin frees the genie his shackles fall off but in the 2nd and 3rd Aladdin movies the shackles are back on his rists.
    REPORTED: Jason 05 OCT 97
    Regarding the mention of the Genie's Shackles in the 2nd and third movies of Aladdin. Disney Adventures answered this, they said that without the shackles to define them, Genie's hands looked like big blue blobs.
    UPDATE: Tiffany 06 JUL 98
    When the genie is set free, his wrist cuffs come off. At the end of the movie they are on again. This is also true for the 2nd and 3rd movies.
    CONFIRMED: Erynn Connelly 18 DEC 98
  39. When the guards are chasing Jasmine & Aladdin off the tower, Aladdin reaches and takes Jasmine's hand, but when it cuts to them jumping, she is holding his other hand.
    REPORTED: Erynn Connelly 18 DEC 98
  40. The Genie in the Finnish version is somewhat different from the one played by Robin Williams. A famous Finnish comedian, Vesa-Matti Loiri was casted for the role, and it was generally agreed that a comedian copying another would not be as funny as one doing his own stuff. A permit was asked from Disney to localize the dialogue. So, Loiri never heard the Williams version before having finished the part. He worked with the translators with only mute animation and a general idea what the original gags were about. The final dubbed version contains a lot of impessions of Finnish celebrities and voices belonging to some of Loiri's most memorable characters. Disney later gave the Finnish version the award for best dubbed "Aladdin".
    REPORTED: Ilari Sani 26 OCT 97
  41. If you are interested in the Urban Legend about Aladdin such as "Good teenagers, take off your clothes," see Urban Legend Reference Page

Return Of Jafar

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  1. It's the part after Aladdin gives Jasmine the jeweled flower. Abu tries to steal it from under the table. He grabs the real flower instead, and then the view changes to outside the table. And behind Jasmine you can see the real flower, still in the vase!
    REPORTED: Sheryl 21 JAN 02
  2. During the "I Can't Forget (About Love)" sequence you will notice that Aladdin is dressed in his "prince" get-up, but right after the song ends, he is back in his street rat clothes!
    REPORTED: Dianna 21 JAN 02
  3. Remember the part when almost the whole cast is held captive by Jafar? Well, then you see that Jafar slashes the Sultan's turban. Then when he is Jasmine, he takes the turban and shows it to Aladdin and the guards. It is still slashed. THEN when the cast is rescued, the Sultan is wearing the turban, unslashed!
    REPORTED: Sheryl & Dianna 21 JAN 02

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