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  1. Some 15 years ago I went to grade school in Toluca Lake, California (A little town near Burbank). Well, my second grade teacher I found out was the voice for Wendy from Peter Pan and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. When she did the movies her name was Katheryn Beaumont (I think that is how you spell it). Now her name is Katheryn Levine. As far as I know she is still teaching at this school. Kind of weird knowing that my teacher was Alice.
    REPORTED: Stephan Sarzetakis 14 JAN 00
    I've noticed that Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" and Wendy from "Peter Pan" have the same voices (Kathryn Beaumont). But the White Rabbit's voice in "Alice in Wonderland" sounds very much like Mr. Smee's voice in "Peter Pan", don't you agree?
    CONFIRMED: Stephanie 20 JUL 01
    And it is. His name is Bill Thompson
    UPDATE: TR Shaw 20 JUL 01
  2. The Mellomen were not only used to sing Yo Ho in Pirates. They have done many other performances for Disney. The only one I can think of right now would be the Cards in Alice in Wonderland who are "Painting the Roses Red".
    REPORTED: Jed 29 JUL 96
    Regarding the Mellomen barbershop quartet from Disneyland. My older brother actually had an old LP record by the Mellomen. At that time, barbershop was often accompanied by guitar, banjo, or even ukelele. It was not quite the type of barbershop practiced today, which has evolved into a quite distinct musical form of its own. Growing up familiar with the more "current" style of barbershop, I found the album somewhat disappointing, I have to admit! It sounded so different! The kind of barbershop sung back then is similar to that of the music of the vultures from Disney's animated film The Jungle Book. They were a singing group, yes, with some of harmonies we associate with barbershop today, but also with jazz-like arranging as well, and insturmental accompaniment. Mostly I remember the incredible bass voice of Thurl Ravenscroft. He could shake the foundation.
    UPDATE: anon 02 OCT 97
    The Mello-Men from Pirates were also the voices of the three cards who were "painting the roses red" in Alice In Wonderland. Thurl Ravenscroft, the voice of Tony the Tiger, is easily recognized as the Ace of Clubs who says "in fact they'll soon be dead". To take a look for yourself, they are last in the line of credits at the end of Alice in Wonderland.
    CONFIRMED: Chris Berndt 12 JUL 98
    For more information see Thurl Ravenscroft's life's work
    CONFIRMED: Brian Jacob 26 JUL 98
    Thurl Ravenscroft and the rest of the Mellomen (the Singing Busts in the Haunted Mansion) also did the voices of the Card Players in "Alice in Wonderland".
    CONFIRMED: Stephen 05 MAY 00
    The Mell-o Men did do the singing in Pirates, as well as "painting the Roses Red" in Alice in Wonderland, and "Grim Grinning Ghosts" for the Haunted Mansion. They are even portrayed as the singing busts in the mansion!
    CONFIRMED: Jennifer Dubin- Future CM 31 MAR 02
  3. In the "Tea Party" scene when they are destroying the pocket watch, it turns black & white for a few seconds.
    REPORTED: Kendra 07 JAN 98
  4. In the movie Alice in Wonderland, in the scene at the tea party where the White Rabbit's watch is broken and they try to fix it, listen carefully. Here is the conversation: White Rabbit: "Oh, my poor watch." Mad Hatter: "It was?" White Rabbit: "And it was an unbirthday present too." The Mad Hatter says It was? before the question was asked. I'm not sure why this is.
    REPORTED: Sarah Schue 26 NOV 01
  5. Color screen tests of Mary Pickford as Alice were made for a proposed, but never made, live-action/animation version of the story.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  6. In the mushroom piece scene, Alice puts one mushroom piece down and licks the other. But, when she's back to normal the piece she put down is back in her hand.
    REPORTED:Micheal Bowlin 09 AUG 97
  7. In the scene with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, there's a point where Alice sits down in between the two. In the next shot, the Hare is sitting directly next to the Hatter.
    REPORTED: Kevin & Kate Megill & family 07 DEC 97
  8. In the scene with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, Alice's chair is plain in one shot and fancily decorated in the next.
    REPORTED: Kevin & Kate Megill & family 07 DEC 97
  9. Did you ever notice that the elder squawĘthat begins to order Wendy around is the exact same image of the Queen from Alice In Wonderland? It's a visual pun, as Kathryn Beaumont who played Wendy in Peter Pan also played Alice in Alice in Wonderland.
    REPORTED: Susanne Bayes Koenig 29 APR 00

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