Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

  1. I'm sorry to tell this to all you "Atlantis" fans but this not-to-be-regarded-as-a-Disney-classic picture is a rip off of a classic anime' film. Anime is Japanese animation (or "Japanimation" as Homer Simpson calls it). The characters look exactly alike, the plot is the same, the backgrounds, etc. Therefore, Disney has withdrew their name from the new animated film category at the Oscars this year, pushing all their luck on "Monsters Inc."
    REPORTED: Ben Ali Gator 31 DEC 01
  2. In Atlantis: The Lost Empire, when Preston Whitmore is performing yoga claims, "I like to respect my privacy," and at that moment he stnads on his head and his bathrobe falls. Milo bends down to look at Whitmore square in the eye, and Whitmore says, "I gotta keep a low profile."
    REPORTED: Aaron Foster 09 MAY 02
  3. The Underwater caverns and other areas in Atlantis: The Lost Empire was inspired by caverns somewhere in mexico. Most colums in the caverns in the movie are the exact replicas from the caverns in Mexico.
    REPORTED: Indiana Jones 09 JUN 01
    If you watched the back screen at the Disney Stores, they mention that they went to the Carlsbad caverns to do research on the caves. They took note as to how cold it was and made many sketches of the rock formations for reference.
    UPDATE: Eeege 07 FEB 02
  4. In Atlantis, when the leviathan attacks the sub. Milo exclaims, "Jiminey Crickets, it's a machine!" Just a little lagniape. The film takes place in 1914, and Jiminy Cricket didn't exist until 1940.
    REPORTED: John Gipson 03 FEB 02
    When Milo exclaims “Jiminy Crickets” he is using what was a common expression in the early 20th Century. This phrase was so common that Disney used it in the movie 'Snow White,' where the dwarfs say it as they find someone has been in their home while they were in the mine. The name of the cricket in 'Pinocchio' was chosen because the phrase was already well known, so it is very possible that this phrase could be used in Milo’s situation.
    REPORTED: David Dill 27 FEB 02

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