Bambi (1942)

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  1. This was the first Disney full-length animated feature to hold its world premiere outside the United States. It was first released in England.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 12 DEC 97
  2. As the Young Prince takes his first stroll through the forest, he meets a family of Possums hanging from a tree branch. Bambi turns his head to see them better and in his P.O.V., Mama Possum is STILL on the right side of the screen, with the kids fading away, short to tall, to the left. Their positions should have been reversed when seen upside-down!
    REPORTED: Ron Schneider/Dreamfinder 14 NOV 97
  3. Young Bambi's spots are always changing! In shapes and numbers. For example, Bambi starts off with about 7, he goes down to about 5 in the next scene, goes up to about 8, etc.
    REPORTED: Mark Ashmen 15 JUN 97
  4. When Faline and Bambi are laying on the ground right before the fire starts, it was supposedly fall -- they skipped the entire rest of the spring and summer, and after that the winter!
    REPORTED: Annie 07 OCT 97
  5. In Bambi, when the fire comes and Bambi jumps off the cliff, the branches at the top look like words. Also, in the book version of Bambi, when he meets his future wife his mother says, "Bambi come meet your aunt Ena" The aunt's daughter is Faline...
    REPORTED: Kristy 02 APR 02
  6. When all the animals go to the island to escape the fire, one racoon is licking its baby, that the baby disappears but the mother keeps licking empty air.
    REPORTED: fritz 22 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Toeshoe 24 MAR 97
    After the forest fire, the mother is licking the baby racoon but it does not actually disappear into thin air, the cel got moved over a few inches to the right or left so the baby is still on the screen but in a different location. I once read that Bambi was made during the depression and because of budget costs, they left the scene that way intentionally.
    CONFIRMED: shannon lipscomb 21 AUG 97
  7. His girlfriend's eyes change color throughout the film
    REPORTED: Yensid 09 MAY 97

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