Beauty and the Beast

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  1. In the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast, the narrator states: "Once upon a time, in a far away land..." but in the song Be Our Guest Lumiere sings: "...After all miss, this is France and a dinner here is never second best..." And how far away could the castle be if Gaston and the Mob could walk there??? :)
    REPORTED: Stephanie 18 JAN 02
  2. If you look on the case (VHS) of "Beauty and the Beast" on the front the Beast's horns and nose are black but if you look on the back of the cover they are brown.
    REPORTED: Miss finder Jc 04 SEP 01
  3. During the opening song, when Belle sits down next to the water fountain and is reading her book and singing to the sheep, there is a picture in her book. Later on when Gaston bumps into her and she drops her book in the mud Gaston says "How can you read this, it doesn't have any pictures?", but it does!
    REPORTED: Cheryl Domuret 29 AUG 97
    When Belle sits by the waterfall she shows a lamb a picture in her book, but when Gaston meets up with her, he says "How can you read this; it has no pictures!?"
    CONFIRMED: Mike Costantino 06 NOV 97
  4. In "Bueaty and the Beast" Gaston asks Belle how she can read a book without any pictures. The line just struck me as familiar to the time when Alice asked her sister "How can i pay attention to a book with no pictures."
    REPORTED: OrkosCheshireCat 15 OCT 00
  5. In the first song of Beauty and the Beast, Belle sings about how the town is so small, and its so ordinary. "Little town, its a quiet village, every day like the one before" etc.... but yet there are at least 3 or 4 people with non-french accents (it takes place in France, you know)such as the bookseller who has an Irish accent, the lady who says "not a part of any crowd" who has a British accent, the man who says "with her head up on some cloud" who has a German accent. Belle says her little town is so boring, yet there are so different people from different countries!!
    REPORTED: Stephanie Z. 19 JAN 00
  6. When she is sitting by the fountain, singing to the sheep, she says, "Here's where she meets Prince Charming, but she won't discover that it's him 'til chapter three!" That sounds like her own story, doesn't it?
    REPORTED: Kate 19 APR 98
    CONFIRMED: Lindsay 04 MAR 01
    In Beauty and the Beast, during the "Belle" song sequence, Belle sits on a fountain and sings to some sheep: "Wow Isn't this amazing? It's my favorite part because You'll see Here's where she meets Prince Charming But she won't discover that it's him Till Chapter Three." Not only does this sound like her own story, but later on in the movie during the "Something There" song sequence, she sings TO THE EXACT SAME TUNE the following: "New And a bit alarming Who'd have ever thought that this Could be? True that he's no Prince Charming But there's something there I simply didn't see." This is the moment when she starts to fall in love with the Beast!
    CONFIRMED: Dianne 07 APR 02
  7. Cogsworth's supervising animator told me that one scene from the movie was not included in the final version. At the beginning of that scene, Cogsworth was carrying a book, the title of the book was Mickey's Fairy tales, and it had a Mickey face on it. You could only see the book for 5 seconds, because he throws the book to Lumiere. The scene was when the enchanted objects sing HUMAN AGAIN, you can hear the song only at theatres, but there Cogsworth has no book.
    CONFIRMED: Mike Clements 07 JUL 98
  8. At the begining of the movie during the song "Belle" a barber trims a man's beard but by mistake he cuts of half just like in the movie Frosty the Snowman (only it's the opposite side)
    REPORTED: anon 06 NOV 97
  9. In the beginning of Beauty and the Beast, when Belle is walking through town, there is a woman who is very angry standing to the left side of the street. She says, "You call this baking?!" but at the time, she is holding up a fish!
    REPORTED: Kate 19 APR 98
    The woman doesn't say "You call this baking", she says "You call this bacon"...
    UPDATE: Christopher Martin 13 JUL 98
  10. This is an animated reference to a classic piece of film history. In Beauty & the Beast, during the villagers' big attack on the Beast's Castle, there's a shot looking down on the front hall, and a BABY BUGGY rolls down the huge staircase from the top of the frame. This is the classic reference to Sergei Eisenstein's 1925 silent film, "Battleship Potemkin", whose famous battlescene includes an equally famous shot of a mother being beaten while her baby and its carraige roll down the stairs out of control. This has been parodied in a lot of films... most recently in Naked Gun 33 1/3. (Any film history students out there who'd care to confirm?)
    REPORTED: Ron Schneider 18 FEB 97
    I first learned about it in an issue of Entertainment Weekly from years ago, so I know it's true.
    CONFIRMED: Paul Rudoff 02 JUN 97
  11. "Be Our Guest" was originally animated with Maurice (not Belle) as the guest, but Disney decided not to waste such a wonderful song on a secondary character.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  12. "Chip" originally had only one line, but the producers liked the voice so much that they had extra lines written.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  13. Tiny Toon Adventure script writer Sheri Stoner was used as the model for Belle.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  14. In the scene in "Beauty and the Beast" where Maurice is about to be taken away to the "Asylum For Loons" (chapter 18) and just before Gaston sings "Kill the Beast," Belle's apron magically disappears and reappears numerous times! Belle's white apron is missing in frames 10711-10919, then it reappears in frames 11218-11258, then it disappears in frames 12007-12077, and then it reappears once again in frames 12078-12114. Considering that there are 24 frames a second on a laser disc, Belle has definitely mastered the art of costume changes!
    REPORTED: Locoboy 05 APR 98
  15. Did you that in the song "Kill the Beast", Gaston recites a line from a Shakespeare play. The line is "screw your courage to the sticking place..."
    REPORTED: anon 11 FEB 02
  16. In "Beauty and the Beast," there is a short overhead shot of the fighting going on inside the entry hallway of Beast's castle when the villagers attack (chapter 20, frames 18616-18663), right after the scene of Mrs. Potts and her teacups pouring scalding hot tea on one of the villagers. If you look very carefully at the bottom center of the screen, you can see the shadow of a shoulder bag full of golf clubs go flying through the air and land on the head of one of the villagers! All this time, I never knew Beast played golf!
    REPORTED: Locoboy 05 APR 98
  17. In "Beauty and the Beast," there is a scene during the storming of Beast's castle where LeFou and 2 other villagers chase the footstool into the kitchen (chapter 20.) During frames 19757-19804, LeFou only has on one shoe as he chases the footstool, who has LeFou's missing shoe in his mouth, through the hallway of the castle towards the kitchen. During frames 19878-19910, LeFou now has on both shoes as he bursts through the kitchen doors and corners the footstool, who has a shoe still in his mouth! During frames 20099-20170, Lefou runs out of the kitchen after being frightened by both the silverware and the stove and once again now he is wearing only one shoe! I guess someone forgot to keep track of what they were drawing.
    REPORTED: Locoboy 05 APR 98
  18. When Belle's father, Maurice, is first realizing he's lost in the woods, he comes across a sign with sketchy white writing on it. Hit Pause on your VCR and read the sign: it says "Anaheim" (home of Disneyland) and "Valencia" (I think this is because of an art school with some Disney significance.)
    REPORTED: Meg 21 JUL 96
    When Maurice is lost in the forest, one sign is pointing down a dark path leading to Valencia. The other is pointing down a less sinister path to Anaheim, representing the on-going battle between Disneyland (Anaheim, CA) and Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, CA).
    CONFIRMED: Tiffany K. Ng 14 AUG 96
    This does exist in the movie, but it is not a reference to Magic Mountain. The sign accually exists in real life, just outside of Valencia, at the off ramp to CalArts, the art college heavily funded by Disney, where Disney gets most of it's artists.
    CONFIRMED: Ochen Kaylan 03 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Marty 06 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: vincent van dijk 21 OCT 96
    The signs that Maurice encounters in the forest show two different city names if you look closely enough. One is pointing down a darkened path named "Valencia". The other is pointing down a less sinister looking path labeled "Aneheim", representing the on-going battle between Disneyland (located in Aneheim, California) and Six Flags Magic Mountain (Located in Valencia, California).
    CONFIRMED:Internet Movie Database
    When Maurice comes to the signs in the road, there are three. One says "Anaheim", one says "Valencia", and the other reads "Glendale", the home of the Walt Disney Studios.
    CONFIRMED: Melissa 11 JUN 97
    The "Anaheim" and "Valencia" sighting in the woods. Cal Institute of the Arts is also located in that area. So it could mean two things.
    CONFIRMED: anon 23 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: anon 12 DEC 01
  19. The door to Maurice's house opens two different ways.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  20. In Beauty and the Beast the scene just after Belle's father has been released Belle thinks that she will have to stay in the tower just as her father was going to have to. The Beast tells her to come with him when she is suprized he askes if she wants to stay in the tower. There must have been some sort of "blip" in the audio because it sounds like he says "Do ya wanna wanna stay in the tower?"
    REPORTED: anon 23 JUL 00
    The beast doesn't say "Do you wanna wanna stay in the tower." Just before that, he says "I'll show you to your room." Belle, confused, says "But I thought..." and he says "Do you really wanna stay in the tower?" to which she replies "uh-uh..."
    UPDATE: Johanna 24 DEC 01
  21. While in his room the Beast becomes angry and rips his self portrait from the left to the right in a downward motion. Then later when Belle is in the West wing the portrait is shown ripped in the opposite direction from what was shown previously. -Rukie-
    REPORTED: Rukie 10 DEC 96
  22. When Gaston enters house to propose to Belle, door is left open. When Belle forces Gaston out of house, door is closed.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  23. Does anyone else find it amusing that the figure on the door to Belle's new room is a young girl wearing a hooded cloak?
    REPORTED: K. Green 20 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Wolf Logan 24 MAR 98
  24. The figure on the door to Beast's room is the head of a beast-like character, but it doesn't look much like him. It does, however look like some early prototype sketches of Beast, when he was patterned more after a lion with ram's horns.
    REPORTED: Wolf Logan 24 MAR 98
  25. In the same scene as Belle's and Beast's doors, Belle passes by a sculpture in the hall that has a similar look.
    REPORTED: Wolf Logan 24 MAR 98
  26. When Gaston is in the pub singing about how wonderful he is, the "trophy" chair he sits in looks amazingly like it could have been made from the Beast.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 22 JUN 96 Click for the Warner Bros. Online
  27. When Beast is being "dolled up" for his dinner with Belle, he turns around to face the camera and has several curls and ribbons in his "beard" and in his hair. It very much resembles the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz when he gets dolled up in Oz.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 22 JUN 96
  28. The hair of the three girls changes in every scene.
    REPORTED: Jonathan Zielinski 14 DEC 98
  29. Cereal-like food on Beast's face changes during "breakfast" scene
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
    SI figured out the problem with the cereal-like food that the Beast is eating. It seemed too obvious of a glitch for the animators to have missed it. After Beast realizes that he is making a fool of himself, he cleans himself off. (The food on his face disappears) Then, he tries to use a spoon which he is not accustomed to, thus spilling food all over himself again.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Mike Colwill 20 MAR 97
  30. Gaston is the same character as in an earlier movie made by Disney for a Halloween special a long time ago. He was the "bad guy" in Legend of Sleepy Hallow, the one who picks on Icabod Crane.
    REPORTED: kiwi 02 APR 98
    Gaston is not the same character as Brom Bones from the Disney short "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" (which was released theatrically as "The Adventures of Icabod and Mr. Toad"). While the build of both characters is similar, they have different faces, costumes, and personalities (Brom was described in the film as having "no malice in his mischef"... a far cry from Gaston).
    WISHFUL THINKING: Tim McKenny 30 JUL 98
  31. Disney considered making the Little Mermaid his second animated feature. Beauty and the Beast was considered after Pinocchio, he didn't do Beauty and the Beast because he didn't like the scenes where Belle was held prisoner. WW2 stopped the Little Mermaid.
    REPORTED: Merphil 06 FEB 00
  32. In Belle's guest room there is a cabinet full of women's clothing.
    REPORTED: Disney Maniac 03 DEC 98
    I believe that if you pay closer attention that the cabinet says that they were her clothes when she was human.
    UPDATE: anon 28 JAN 02
  33. In "Beauty and the Beast" when Maurice is attacked by the wolves, Phillipe, the horse, runs-away and Maurice finds the castle himself. Later when Phillipe goes back to the house and Belle says "Take me to him Phillipe!", he takes her to the castle. But remember Phillipe left before he could find out where the castle was. He couldn't have known where the castle was if he left at the time that he did. Isn't that odd?!?
    REPORTED: anon 09 OCT 01
  34. When Belle is in the fight with the wolves, she loses her hair ribbon. Then it appears later when she is tending to her father up to the point where she runs up to the castle and yells up to Gaston "No! No, Gaston, don't!" Then the ribbon disappears again for the rest of the movie! Did she find it in the woods when she was looking for her father?
    REPORTED: anon 27 DEC 98
    Belle didn't find her ribbon. Belle's hair ribbon is a different color in the next scene and matches her dress. Her first hair ribbon was blue and this one is green.
    WISHFUL THINKING: anon 27 MAR 99
  35. The last scene where Belle and the prince are dancing was copied from the last scene of "Sleeping Beauty" where Aurora and her prince were also dancing.
    REPORTED: anon 27 DEC 98
  36. In the second scene, where Mourice is fixing the machine, when he finally gets it to start the theme music is from "No Matter What", which is in the broadway play, but NOT the movie. I'm wondering if Disney cut out "No Matter What" from the movie, or they just used the theme for the song?
    REPORTED: Brooklin 21 APR 06
  37. Anyone ever take a moment to think about Beast's age? True, he was twenty-one when the movie took place, but how about when he was first cursed. In the "Be Our Guest" song, Lumiere sings "Ten years, we have been rusting....." meaning they were cursed ten years previous to the current events. I guess Beast was a pretty mean eleven year old.
    REPORTED: OrkosCheshireCat 15 OCT 00
    What about Belle's age? She looks about 16, 17 maybe. I agree with the the person before me, the ten year thing makes no sense. If you watch the Enchanted Christmas tape, before he was a beast, he looked about 16. Maybe the rose was faulty or the writers screwed up.
    CONFIRMED: anon 16 APR 06
    >I recently did a Beauty and the Beast production, and had a lot of time to think about plot holes. One of them is the beats age. (This is confirming a previous report.) In the prologue, the narrator says that if he could learn to love by his twenty-first birthday, then the spell will be broken. Right? Well, in Be Our Guest, Lumiere says "Ten Years we've been rusting, needing so much more than dusting!" So that means that the Beast would have been 10 or 11. Must have been some brat! One more thing. Disney never gave the beast a name! Even when Belle comes back to the castle when Gaston is attacking the beast, she yells out, "Beast!" Kinda odd, doncha think?
    CONFIRMED: Brooklin 21 APR 06
  38. One plot problem that really bugged me (I recently worked a stage production of Beauty and the Beast, so I've had lots of time to think about it..) is the castle. What is a castle doing in the middle of no where, and why would it be there? Castles usually mean royalty (Which the prince is). Wheres the king? Where's the subjects? A castle in that location would probably mean the "provencial town" was under subjection to that particular kingdom. Would a kingdom fade in ten years? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the movie (and play) but this seems a little to fairy-taleish.
    REPORTED: Brooklin 21 APR 06
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