The Black Cauldron, 1985

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  1. A careful eye reveals a very familiar Disney character amongst the world of Fair Folk -- Tinker Bell.
    REPORTED: Melanie 20 FEB 97
  2. In the scene where Taran opens a door and looks down on the Horned King's henchmen, there is a continuous pan which introduces Creeper, the henchmen, and a rather buxom dancer. One of the henchmen (a redhead with a beard) yells to Creeper, "More women!" This henchman is a caricature of then-Disney animator Phil Nibbelink. As near confirmation of this report, Nibbelink is credited as one of the voices of the henchmen, so it would stand to figure that it is not only his visage but his voice represented, as well.
    REPORTED: Bradley E. Cooper 11 SEP 98

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