101 Dalmatians

  1. In the scene where the puppies get their collars, we see that the males receive blue ones and females the pink ones. The first to receive hers is Jewel. When they call her we see that they are holding a pink one, but the puppy we see run to them is a male.
    REPORTED: saby 21 DEC 96
  2. When Cruella receives the Siberian Tiger skin, she looks into her mirror and says "Mirror,Mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all?" (Snow White)
    REPORTED: The Williams 23 NOV 96
  3. When the Dalmatian puppies are watching TV together at home, The " Aristocats" Alley Cats scene and "Homeward Bound" is on TV.
    REPORTED: The Williams 23 NOV 96
    When the dogs are watching TV, the first thing that comes on is The Aristocats ; they watch for a few seconds then switch it to the dog show they like so much.
    CONFIRMED: John & Melanie Emmons 28 NOV 96
  4. After Cruella calles Roger and Aneata idiots she runs from the house and hits Jasper in the face then she slams the door, but when the camera shows a bigger picture you can see Cruella's cape stuck in the door. Now whose the idiot?
    REPORTED: Jaymie Costantino 07 NOV 97
  5. At the very end of the movie, after all the credits have run, you hear Cruella's evil laugh one more time.
    REPORTED: John & Melanie Emmons 28 NOV 96
  6. The scenes of the video game Roger creates in the movie are from the real Disney video game.
    REPORTED: John & Melanie Emmons 28 NOV 96
    The video game came from the movie notthe other way around!
    WISHFUL THINKING: John Boy 07 NOV 97
  7. The original Cruela De Vil and two of the original puppies appear in the final sequence
    REPORTED: anon 17 JAN 97
  8. After being refused by Roger and Anita, Cruella runs to her car. When there is a backup shot you can see her coat is stuck in the door of her car.
    REPORTED: Mike Costantino 26 AUG 97

  9. During the course of filming, they used more than 200 dogs to film the basic litter of 15 Dalmatian puppies. The pups, all roughly eight weeks old, were brought to the set in a relay system. Most were filmed for only one or two weeks before they had grown too big and had to be replaced by younger ones.
  10. With all those dogs shuttling in and out during filming, how did Disney ensure continuity? They hired a makeup artist and dog breeder to paint on spots using vegetable dye. Thus, the newcomers always matched the pups they replaced.
  11. One of the Dalmatians was taught to burp on cue.
  12. The pup playing Wizzer couldn't be persuaded to demonstrate his trademark trick to pee on demand, so technicians had to shoot Gatorade onto paper when Wizzer's turn came.
  13. The pups were housed in pink-and-blue kennels decorated with a ball-and-bone motif.
  14. Three different dogs played Pongo, and four different dogs played Perdy.
  15. When Jeff and Joely get married in the film, 100 non-Dalmatians sit quietly on the green outside the church. This required roughly the same amount of planning as the Normandy invasion. Hundreds of dogs were auditioned for their sitting skills. On the day of filming, the chosen pups were carefully positioned by their owner-trainers. Then, their masters simultaneously backed slowly, slowly away, all saying "sit, sit, stay."
  16. Looking for the inspiration behind the Cruella character? Just lowercase the "v" in De Vil.
  17. When Close first appeared on the set in full fright wig, makeup and costume, one of the dogs playing Perdy repeatedly tried to slink away.
  18. Jeff Daniels confessed that on more than one occasion, he'd hear an authoritative voice shout "Sit!" on the dog-strewn set and immediately plop himself into a chair only to be told, "Not you, Jeff."
  19. Daniels had his face rubbed with raw hot dogs so the pups would lick him on cue.
  20. Disney licensed 17,000 pieces of merchandise in connection with the release of 101 Dalmatians including a Fabergé egg featuring Pongo and the pups, a $5,000 pen with diamonds in place of the spots and a pair of $400 Cruella-inspired designer sunglasses. Some of the less predictable items include a white ceiling fan with black pawprints, a Cruella tank watch and silverware. The more conventional items kids are: Dalmatian sheets, towels, shower curtains, toothbrushes, underpants, roller skates, board games, trading cards, lunchboxes, alarm clocks, pajamas, earmuffs, backpacks, barettes, sleeping bags, bubble bath, candy bars and a whole family of stuffed dogs.
  21. In one of the 'puppy down the pipe shots' Dipstick goes down, minus... dipstick. The 'crotch shot' didn't look too good in dailies when his little um, thingy, was waving around enthusiastically, so they ah... cut it off electronically.
    CONFIRMED: Jill 02 AUG 97
  22. In the video of 101 Damations, there is a commercial for Disney Parks with two boys packing.
    REPORTED: Tina Storey 01 FEB 98
  23. When Pongo picks up one of the puppies and runs to the back of the truck to put it on, it is the same scene as in the Aristocats when Omallie picks up the kitten and puts her on the back of the milk truck. (A scene in Robin hood is similar, when little the baby bunny had to be carried to the back of the wagon)
    REPORTED: Erynn Connelly 18 DEC 98

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