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  1. The story takes place in Cukso, Peru in South America. The empire is like the Mayan and they got the Emperor's name from the area where it takes place and the finished name is Emperor Kusco comming from the area name of CUSKO and all they did was change just a few letters around and set it in South America and gave it a Mayan theme.
    REPORTED: Indiana Jones 27 MAY 01
    I believe the location (Peru) and name, "Cuzco" are actually Inca - rather than Mayan - a civilization which was known for living in the high altitudes of the Andes mountains of South America.
    UPDATE: Dana Anderson 31 DEC 01
  2. I don't know if it's just my overactive imagination, but at the beginning of The Emperor's New Groove, when you see Kuzco the llama for the first time, you just might see a little plant in the foreground that looks like the head of a llama.
    REPORTED: Katie 06 JUN 02
  3. When Kuzco is laying down telling his story his back looks just like Scar.
    REPORTED: Renita 01 JUN 01
  4. When Pacha is going back home after talking to Cusko for the first time, they show mountains in the background. There is a mountain in the back near the center that becomes a hidden Rafiki when the camera pans in on it.
    REPORTED: Tiggeriffic 23 JUN 01
  5. I noticed that there is a mistake. When Yzma talks to Kronk about killing Kuzco, Kronk asks how that fits in with her being fired. Yzma responds with something like: "Only three of us know that, soon to be the two of us." However, when Kuzco is firing her, a random character appears on the screen and writes her a pink slip, making that FOUR people who knew she was fired. Also, there were probably more, considering all the guards in the room and possibly servents waiting on Kuzco's "every little whim."
    REPORTED: Luke 28 SEP 01
  6. At Yzma's dinner for Kuzco, note that the cactus visible over Yzma's left shoulder is in the rough outline of a llama. After she pours the 'poisoned' drink into it, it changes offscreen! You see it again when she's hitting the one piece of broccoli with the other, the cactus then looks like a forward facing bust of a llama. (Not really a hint of what's going to happen to Kuzco; he's already grown llama ears by this point. But still, a funny indication of what the potion does.)
    REPORTED: Karl 22 MAY 01
    In Emperor's New Groove, pay attention to the cactus in the background right before Yzma and Konk poison Kuzco. The cactus is a normal looking cactus right behind Yzma but right after he drinks the poison and turns into a llama, the camera switches back to Yzma and the cactus has somehow turned into the shape of a llama!
    CONFIRMED: Maya 03 JUN 01
    CONFIRMED: Alissa 06 JUN 01
  7. In "The Emporer's New Groove", I don't know if it is a hidden Mickey, but as I watched it at the cinema, in the scene where Kuzco and Patcha fall through the bridge, the moment Patcha falls through the bridge, a shot of brocken wood is seen falling. They were definately in the shape of leters one of them was "A" but as I couldn't pause or rewind I don't know what it said.
    REPORTED: anon 13 APR 01
  8. When Pacha's kids and wife are getting rid of Yzma, as she goes past Tipo with the spinning thing, there's a "slippery when wet" sign on the floor.
    REPORTED: Meagan 18 JUN 01
  9. When Yzma and Kronk are in the closet at Pacha's house. Yzma's eyes turn into Cheshire Cat's eyes from Alice in Woderland.
    REPORTED: Bekah Nowinski 21 APR 02
  10. When Pacha saves Kosko from the river notice his tongue is out and when he gets back his tongue back in
    REPORTED: zane martin 03 MAY 01
  11. In The Emporer's New Groove, after Yzma gets out of the backpack thingie and walks across the mud, she is chased by a swarm of bees back and forth across the screen while Kronk is looking at a bird in the foreground. One time when she runs across, the swarm is in the shape of a shark with it's mouth open behind her.
    REPORTED: Laura 05 MAY 01
  12. In "The Emperor's New Groove", when Yzma drinks the next-to-last potion, doesn't her visage through the smoke look somewhat like the Jafar-snake from "Aladdin"?
    REPORTED: Karl 15 MAY 01
  13. When you see all the statue heads in a pile - a couple of them are Prince Eric's.
    REPORTED: Renita 01 JUN 01
  14. During the final fight, Yzma sends in guards. Then, Pacha knocks over a table which turns the guards into animals. There are less animal guards than when the guards were human!
    REPORTED: Mikey W. 25 JUN 01
  15. in the scene where Pacha, Kusco,and Yzma are fighting over the potion to turn Kusko into a human. Yzma knocks over the potions so they can't find the right one. So they decide to grab them all. NOTE: They grab more potions than they use to turn Kusco back!
    REPORTED: Mikey W. 25 JUN 01
  16. In the movie, The Emperor's New Grove, there are many hidden Llama sightings. The ones that I've found are:
    1. When Pacha stands at the archway to his house, the llama is carved in the wood;
    2. When his children have a bad dream and wake up, on their floor are wooden llama toys;
    3. When Krunk is playing jump rope with the kids in Pacha's house, on the left hand side is a llama rocking chair;
    4. When Kuzko is hit in the head with a frying pan, he gets little llamas flying above his head; and
    5. The cactus in the scene in which Kuzko is being poisioned turns into a llama.
    There's more, I'm sure!
    REPORTED: Andy Kelemen 08 SEP 01
  17. The "fool" who tells Kuzco that he has to pick a bride bares a resemblance to a shaven Sultan from Aladdin. Even his voice is similar.
    REPORTED: Luke 28 SEP 01
  18. The old man who gets thrown out the window sounds like Pigglet from Winnie The Pooh.
    REPORTED: Luke 28 SEP 01
    Of course the Old Man who gets thrown out the window sounds like Piglet, seeing that John Fiedler (voice of the Old Man) has always been Piglet's voice.
    CONFIRMED: Kirby Bartlett-Sloan 02 OCT 01

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