Fantasia 2000

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  1. Eric Goldberg directed the segments "Rhapsody in Blue" and "Carnival of the Animals."
  2. For "Rhapsody in Blue," Eric Goldberg was inspired by the artist style of Al Hirshfeld, caricaturist.
  3. As the out-of-work man is leaving the diner at the beginning of the "Rhapsody in Blue" segment of Fantasia/2000, Eric Goldberg's name can be seen listed on the menu posted on the wall!
    REPORTED: Andrew Schub 17 JAN 00
  4. The hotel/high-rise apartment that the little girl and the hen-pecked husband leave from in the "Rhapsody in Blue" segment is called "The Goldberg."
    REPORTED: Andrew Schub 17 JAN 00
  5. Hidden directly above the revolving door of "The Goldberg" is Eric Goldberg's wife's name: Kathleen.
    REPORTED: Andrew Schub 17 JAN 00
  6. The hen-pecked husband character in the "Rhapsody in Blue" segment is based (looks-wise, anyway) on John Culhane, the man who wrote the book (literally!) on "Fantasia" and "Fantasia/2000." He is also the man animators based Medusia's henchman on in "The Rescuers" -- you can even see the resemblance between those two characters!
    REPORTED: Andrew Schub 17 JAN 00
    The "hen-pecked husband" in Fantasia 2000 is my professor, and author John Culhane. He was also a character in The Rescuers.
    CONFIRMED: Erik 09 MAR 01 pict from
  7. In honor of Hirshfeld's tradition of placing hidden Nina's in his art, Nina is his daughter's name, the art team placed hidden Nina's in the piece. One is found at the bottom of a toothpaste tube and the others are disguised top and bottom of the domineering wife's fur coat.
  8. There is a hidden "Nina" in the list of items on the bill at the pet store in the "Rhapsody in Blue" segment.
    REPORTED: Andrew Schub 17 JAN 00
    Hirshfeld's daughter's name "Nina" is hidden in the posters of the subway when all of the people are getting squished. Hirshfeld often hid Ninas in his artwork.
    CONFIRMED: anon 21 JUN 00 pict from
  9. More than 100 names of Fantasia artists are hidden in the city's background landscape.
    When you watch the "Rapsody in Blue" section of Fantasia/2000 very closely, you will notice howmany of the names of the artists have been used in the scenery... for example: the name Doug is used over 20 times at the swing-door, in the doorpost... and the name Jessica is on one of the vases next to the door... Also watch the menu's in the little restaurant...and the windows of all the shops... hundreds of names will appear if you watch carefully! I work in an IMAX theatre so I am able to watch the movie on a daily base
    CONFIRMED: Rudy Hellewegen 20 JAN 00
    In "Hercules" when Herc and Pegasus are putting their hand (and hoof) prints into the cement, the slab that Herc is kneeling on says "To Doug." I'm not sure of the symbolism, but I know the name Doug also appears several times in the "Rhapsody in Blue" segment of Fantasia 2000.
    CONFIRMED: Kristina 21 JUN 00
    During the "Rhapsody in Blue" segment in Fantasia 2000, the name "Doug" can be seen hidden in the statue at the Rockefeller plaza skating rink.
    CONFIRMED: anon 21 JUN 00
  10. Raphsody in Blue is not the first time Eric Goldberg & co. have drawn inspiration fron Al Hirschfeld. Goldberg was the supervising animator for Genie in Aladdin, who Eric based on the style of the famous caricaturist.
    REPORTED: Safari Steve: Jungle Skipper 23 FEB 00
  11. Goldberg, a stickler for detail, made sure that the pianist's fingers hit the correct keys!
  12. The flamingo playing with the yoyo was inspired by Mike Gabriel's use of a yoyo to shrug off boardome while filming flamingos at zoos to capture their motion.
  13. In the Pines of Rome sequence of "Fantasia/2000," one of the icebergs bears a suspicious resemblance to the Matterhorn at Disneyland.
    REPORTED: Scott Peeler 11 JAN 00
  14. In the Pomp and Circumstance sequence of "Fantasia/2000," Noah's ark is shaped like Donald Duck's body.
    REPORTED: Scott Peeler 11 JAN 00
  15. During James Earl Jones's introduction to "Carnival of the Animals," in "Fantasia/2000," a small model of "The Lion King"'s Mufasa (for whom Jones supplied the voice) appears on a table behind him.
    REPORTED: Scott Peeler 06 MAR 00
  16. In the Sorcerer's Apprentice sequence, the name of the sorcerer is Yensid...which is Disney, spelled backwards. Makes perfect sense, since Walt was Mickey's "leader".
    REPORTED: diamond chad 17 JUN 97
    This is more of a tribute than a hidden Mickey, or at least an interesting fact. While we were standing in line for the Hall of Fame (the place to get autographs in Toontown Fair) there was an ABC's of Disney show on some TV monitors. They were going through groups of characters by the first letter of their name. I didn't realize before, but the Sorcerer from Sorcerer's Apprentice, in Fantasia, is named Yesnid (or was it Yesdin?) either way it was either Disney backwards or anagrammed. I guess they felt walt was the evil master who chastises the creative underlings.
    CONFIRMED: Mark Grady 03 MAY 00
    The sorcerer from Fantasia's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" is named Yen Sid. It is Disney spelled backwards.
    CONFIRMED: Disneybose 26 JUN 00
  17. A number of the animators sitting near the orchestra have various characters on their desks, such as the Genie from Aladin!
    REPORTED: John Harmsen 03 MAY 00
  18. During the Noah's Ark sequence, as Donald Crashes into the door just before opening, Simba and Nala can be seen in the background looking up at Donald. However when the two lions are leaving the Ark, they do not show as much resemblance to Simba and Nala as when Donald crashes into the door.
    REPORTED: John Harmsen 03 MAY 00
  19. This was in the Disney Magazine a while ago about Fantasia 2000: "Bonus Fact: Donal Duck stars in the Noah's Ark section of the movie. Look for many duck-shaped items in this section including a puddle outside of Donald's house." While I haven't found this puddle, I think there is one as Donald stands next to the ark's ramp/door while prodding the animals into the ark. Has anyone found any other duck-shaped items?
    REPORTED: anon 14 MAY 01
  20. During the Firebird sequence, after the volcano monster has swallowed up the nymph, the freshly erupted volcano appears from behind the ashes. I couldn't help but notice how much the volcano resembles Mount Saint Helens after it erupted in 1980. The side was blown out of both volcanoes in a similar manner. And the forest in the Firebird sequence is predominantly pine, which is characteristic of many of the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps the Disney animators used the Mt. Saint Helens eruption as a model for the segment.
    REPORTED: Katherine Nunn 02 DEC 00
  21. In Fantasia 2000 there is something I discovered from a friend. Get Phish's Billy Breathes CD and pause it before it starts so when you press play it will at the begining. Start Fantasia 2000 DVS and when the Walt Disney logo appers wait for the flying slides. Once the one that looks like a natural outdoor catherdral and once it flies up toward the top right of the screen press play on Billy Breathes. There is a large boom on the CD once it starts to play. Line up that boom with the blue slide with the yellow lightning bolt that goes across it's middle. Once set the ENTIRE MOVIE correlates to the CD!
    UPDATE: adam levitsky 21 FEB 02

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