Hunchback of Notre Dame

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  1. When Frollo is helping Quasi go over his alphabet (A-abomination, B-blashphemy, etc.), Quasi pours drinks (wine?) for both Frollo and himself. When Frollo says "E?", he is bringing his cup up to his mouth to drink. Quasi says "eternal damnation," then Frollo says "Good. F?" Frollo then brings his cup to his mouth. The camera jumps to Quasi as he says "festival", and you can still see Frollo's cup on the table, even though he is drinking out of it at that very moment. (It is NOT Quasi's cup: his is old and worn, while Frollo's is new and taller.)
    REPORTED: Chappa Christopher L 29 May 97
  2. When Frollo slams his alphabet book shut and stands up to talk about how he hates the festival, the book mysteriously disappears. Either that or he puts it in his robe so fast along with the tupperware and everything else in there.
    CONFIRMED: DMur390900 27 DEC 98
  3. After Phoebus' horse sits on that guy and he's leaving to go somewhere else, he says to his horse (whose name is Achilles) "Achilles, heel" just like the famous Achilles Heel.
    REPORTED: Ellen 15 MAR 97
  4. The windmill and the bridge behind Esmeralda when she goes into the water to save Phoebus in Hunchback are also in the Aristocats. The windmill is seen when Napoleon and Laffayette attack the butler in Aristocats.
    REPORTED: Dawn Koenigsfeld, Patrick Lovings 28 FEB 97
  5. Belle is in the film. it is during Quasimodo's 'Out There' sequence. There is a zoom down to the city from the top of Notre Dame, and Belle can be seen, walking along with her nose buried in her book.
    REPORTED: Jay Barron 21 JUN 96
    Don't know if anyone else has noticed but at the end of Quasi's song the camera pans down on the the city. Look to the lower right of the screen and Belle makes a cameo appearance, reading a book of course!!! She's walking next to a water fountain among the other town people.
    CONFIRMED: Keyser Soze 23 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Kim Gilbert 23 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Stan Dewan 24 JUN 96
    It was close to the beginning while Quasi is singing his first song. She is walking in the town square reading her book. If you know to look for her, you can't miss her blue dress.
    CONFIRMED: Julie Crutchley & Mary Glenn Crutchley 27 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: S. Marek 29 JUN 96
    As an aside, in earlier versions of the film, including pencil tests, she was much larger, and closer to the fountain!
    CONFIRMED: David Koc 09 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Erin E. Richardson 18 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Adam Seigel 10 NOV 96
    Belle, from Beauty and the Beast (1989), can be seen while Quasimodo is singing "Out There".
    CONFIRMED:Internet Movie Database
    CONFIRMED: Teri Leff 15 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Denise Iverson 05 MAR 97
    While Quasimodo is singing the song "Out There" and hits the part about "Out there among the millers and the bakers and their wives," the camera pans down to the street, and we see Belle from "Beauty and the Beast," in her trademark blue dress, and her head stuck in a book, walking by the fountain.
    CONFIRMED: Doug Skiles 10 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 14 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Brent Hopkins 09 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Chris W 13 OCT 97
    CONFIRMED: Bethany H. 08 FEB 98
    A lot of people have already mentioned Belle walking across the screen during Quasimodo's song "Out There" (Collector's Edition laser disc boxed set of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame chapter 6, frames 21997 through 22095)
    CONFIRMED: Locoboy 13 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: Emily 28 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 25 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Cay 15 NOV 98
    CONFIRMED: Brittney Smith 23 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Gabi and Wolfram Veits 20 MAR 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 23 AUG 01
    CONFIRMED: Shireen 31 DEC 01
    CONFIRMED: Kerri 21 APR 02
  6. There is a very brief cameo from Geppetto's son, Pinocchio. It's in the sceen where you see Esmeralda and Djahi for the first time. Just before the camera starts to zoom in on her dancing, you can see a boy sitting on the wall, swinging his legs and nodding his head. From the far angle, he looks like Pinocchio, but later turns out to be the kid who signals to get out of there quick.
    REPORTED: Andrew Graves 08 JUL 98
  7. The gargoyles are named "Victor" and "Hugo", after Victor Hugo. "Laverne" is the name of the third gargoyle, and also Hugo's last name.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  8. The amount of lead that cascades down from Notre Dame far exceeds the amount that was heated in the cauldron.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  9. The lead that Quasimodo pours soon disappears.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  10. The gargoyles used for drainage are supposed to be hollow, but when Frollo breaks them they are solid.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  11. The grapes on Quasimodo's plate change from scene to scene.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  12. The surface of the table on which Quasimodo has built his model village continually changes from wood to a cloth to miniature cobble stones.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  13. Quasimodo swings down from the top of the bell tower to the ground on a rope that appears to be 15 feet long.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  14. My wife noticed that one of the figures that Quasi had carved is also a likeness of Belle. You see it only briefly as he is first thinking about going to the Festival Of Fools.
    REPORTED: Stan Dewan 24 JUN 96
  15. There is a "Goofy yell" when a guard fell off the side of Notre Dame
    REPORTED: J. Trevor Milliron 24 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Larry Kolbicka 28 JUN 96
    As the soldiers are storming the cathedral, a grappling hook lands near Quasimodo. He grabs the hook and yanks it out of the soldiers' hands, and as they fall you can hear Goofy's classic "AAAAA-hoo hoo hoo!"
    CONFIRMED: Kevin Barrett 27 JUN 97
  16. In the opening of the movie when you are shown a pan of the city, on top of a house there is a satellite dish.
    REPORTED: Kim Gilbert 23 JUN 96
    The drawings of this scene (one b&w, one color) are currently on display in the Animation Building at Disney. We easily found the satellite dish. A Cast Member also pointed it out.
    CONFIRMED: John & Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
    You can see a satellite dish with ears on it and the letters WDW on it.
    CONFIRMED: Susan Spain 20 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Chris W 13 OCT 97
    At the begining of "Out There," just as Quasimodo sings "Not above them, but part of them," the camera shows an overhead view of part of the city (Collector's Edition laser disc boxed set of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame chapter 6, frames 23135 through 23384) and in the lower left corner of the frame, there is a round TV satellite dish on one of the rooftops! I have never seen this film on the pan and scan video tape, so the dish might be cut off from the side of the screen. However, on the widescreen laserdisc, it is clearly visible!
    CONFIRMED: Locoboy 13 MAR 98
  17. In the cathedral, there is a large woman soloist (not very good); she's Cinderella's stepmother.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 28 NOV 96
  18. During the Festival of Fools the pig they are raosting is Pumba!
    REPORTED: Kim Gilbert 23 JUN 96
  19. I saw Pumba on the deli/pub sign with Phobus first sees Esmeralda dancing.
    REPORTED: Prysm 24 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Ben Carlsen 14 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Kimberly Weyant 22 SEP 96
    In the begining Phoebus is walking through the town and sees Esmeralda, in the background you see a sign that has a warthog who resembles Pumbaa!
    CONFIRMED: Doug Holk 27 JUL 97
  20. According to the aminators on the Mall Tour of Hunchback: Pumba appears in the movie but only for a split second. Look for two men carrying a pole with an animal strung on it. Sorry I forgot where in the movie it is.
    REPORTED: Dale or Heather 24 JUN 96
    It's the same scene as when Belle makes her cameo, and when the rug-merchant waves to her while holding the magic carpet (detail on carpet much simplified). Pumba is really difficult to see, as he is at an oblique angle and goes by when the camera is still helicoptering over the rooftops.
    CONFIRMED: g trous 26 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: David Koc 09 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Chris W 13 OCT 97
    The same scene with Belle also has two other famous Disney characters in it. To the left of Belle, two men are carrying Pumba, tied by his feet to a pole, roasted pig style. Just to the right of Belle, a man is carrying Carpet from Aladdin over his arm. (Collector's Edition laser disc boxed set of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame chapter 6, frames 21997 through 22095)
    CONFIRMED: Locoboy 13 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 25 SEP 98
  21. In the final scene where Frollo is looking for Quasi and Esmarelda, Pumbaa can be seen as a statue on the top of Notre-Dame (I guess he was supposed to be a gargoyle!)
    REPORTED: Christopher Martin 29 JAN 98
  22. There is a guy shaking out the magic carpet from Aladdin in the Belle scene
    REPORTED: g trous 26 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: David Koc 09 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Chris W 13 OCT 97
    The same scene with Belle also has two other famous Disney characters in it. To the left of Belle, two men are carrying Pumba, tied by his feet to a pole, roasted pig style. Just to the right of Belle, a man is carrying Carpet from Aladdin over his arm. (Collector's Edition laser disc boxed set of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame chapter 6, frames 21997 through 22095)
    CONFIRMED: Locoboy 13 MAR 98
  23. Jafar is the old man who is locked up in the stockade during the festival and escapes yelling "I'm Free!" only to be locked up again. This was confirmed by a Cast Member while we were riding the Storybook Land Canal Boats on the 4th of July.
    CONFIRMED: David Koc 09 JUL 96
    The old man that seems to have the worse luck ('I'm free...Dang it!') is indeed Jafar. If you know your Disney Music, his second appearance (before falling in 'Mon Sewer') is heralded with a phrase from 'To Be Free'...from Disney's Aladdin! It's only 8 notes long, and it's easier to hear on the soundtrack, but it's there.
    CONFIRMED: Scott M. Leonard 05 APR 97
    The old man who is set free and recaptured in the Esmeralda chase sequence and subsequently falls into "Mon Sewer" later in the film neither sounds nor looks much like Jafar in his old man disguise, as some people contend.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Doug Skiles 23 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: OzToOz 30 APR 97
    There seems to be some question about who is the voice of the old man prisoner in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" that falls into the sewer and says "I'm free, I'm free! Dangit!" His voice was provided by one of the film's directors, Gary Trousdale. He himself admits to this fact in the collector's edition laser disc boxed set, on the second audio commentary track. Trousdale also provided the screaming voices of the guards that are shot through the air, slingshot style, when they chase Esmeralda through the town square. He also provided the screaming voices of the guards that fall from Notre Dame during the final fight scenes.
    UPDATE: Locoboy 29 MAR 98
  24. When Esmeralda enters Quasimodo's "room" and looks at his figure collection. Of the ones that were unfinished, the one on the right is a sculpture of "Beauty and the Beast's" bBker.
    REPORTED: David Vo 11 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: anon 09 JUL 97
  25. During Frollo's quest to find Esmeralda, in the scene where he burns a house down and Phoebus saves the family. The opening scene is an exact remake from an old Disney movie, callen here in Mexico "El Molino de Viento." I think its title was "The Windmill," a story about an old windmill that starts move again causing havoc to the animals that lived in it.
    REPORTED: David Vo 11 JUL 96
    The exact title of the short was called "The Old Mill. It was the first to use the Multiplane Camera.
    CONFIRMED: Jed 05 AUG 96
  26. On the second audio commentary track of Hunchback of Notre Dame Collector's Edition laser disc boxed Kirk Wise, Gary Trousdale, and Don Hahn mention not a Hidden Mickey, but a Hidden Donald Duck and a Hidden Goofy. They are hidden as gargoyle statues on the second level of Notre Dame. This is in the scene when Quasimodo helps Esmeralda and Djali escape the cathedral by carrying them and jumping over the railing of the top floor. When all 3 of them are hanging there from the edge, Esmeralda and Djali look downward and the camera shows what they're seeing through their eyes as they are dangling there high above the ground. Right after Quasi says "The trick is not to look down," the screen rocks back and forth a little bit and there are some gargoyle figures located about halfway down the cathedral on a lower level balcony. This is during chapter 19, frames 24136 through 24195. Wise, Trousdale, and Hahn clearly state that 2 of the figures are actually Goofy and Donald!
    REPORTED: Locoboy 13 MAR 98 G3
  27. When the gargoyals are singing to Quasimodo and fixing him up to look nice, they put this gigantic white thing on his head with curls. This is because Tom Hulce was Mozart in the 1984 film Amadeus and the animators threw this in as fun little reference to Tom Hulces' earlier movie.
    REPORTED: Tom Kinzer 19 JUL 96
    This is confirmation that, indeed, in the scene of the gargoyles are singing to Quasimodo and fixing him up to look nice and they place the large, curly, white wig on his head, it IS a reference to Hulce's earlier "Amadeus" As a gigantic "Amadeus" fan I naturally had to investigate this one. I ran both movies, one on my upstairs tv and the other on the downstairs, and froze the frames. If you look, the wig not only resembles, but is nearly a perfect cartoon replica of a wig seen in Amadeus, though not on Mozart, on a person watching his opera. Clever!
    CONFIRMED: KITHfan1 03 MAR 02
  28. In the Hunchback of Notre Dame during the Topsy Turvy suequence they introduce last years king of ugly faces. In the back of the crowd when the "king" is being carried to the stage you can see Donald Duck. Look to the front of the "king" in the back of the crowd. It goes by very fast.
    REPORTED: Donald Givens 28 MAR 00
  29. In "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," Phoebus is hit in the back of his shoulder with an arrow as he escapes on Frollo's horse in chapter 24. Later on in chapter 27, Esmeralda cleans and sews up the wound...on his chest!
    REPORTED: Locoboy 05 APR 98
    You have to know how they removed arrows back in that time. If the arrow or whatever was not over any vital organs, they would shove it all the way through and break off the sharp end, then pull the rest of the arrow out the way it came in. This would make her sewing up the front correct, but we never do see her sew the back.
    REPORTED: Tiffany 10 JUL 98
  30. In "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," during chapter 24 Phoebus is hit with an arrow as he escapes on Frollo's horse and he falls off into a river with all his armor on. A moment later, Esmeralda jumps into the water to rescue him and she pulls him out from the water and suddenly he isn't wearing any armor!
    REPORTED: Locoboy 05 APR 98 Click for the Warner Bros. Online
  31. The part of the movie where you can see a remake of the Wizard of Oz is almost at the end; in that scene, you can see Laverne, the lady gargoyle, sending pigeons to attack some people that are trying to enter to the cathedral, which is just like the witch sending the flying monkeys to attack Dorothy and her friends. I think you can listen to the same music in both scenes.
    REPORTED: Camilo Urbina 14 DEC 96
    Where Laverne is sending birds after the people attacking Notre Dame. She says exactly what the wicked witch said and you can hear Wizard of Oz music in the background.
    CONFIRMED: David Andrus 09 MAR 97
  32. Some people have already noticed the little tribute to "The Wizard of Oz" in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" when Laverne summons the pigeons to attack the guards during the final fight scene at the end of the film. Parts of this scene also were a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock's film "The Birds" and you can see the similarity to the classic horror film when the guards are running from the attacking pigeons. This fact was clearly stated by the film's directors Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise and the film's producer Don Hahn on the second audio commentary track on the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" collector's edition laser disc boxed set.
    REPORTED: Locoboy 05 APR 98
  33. When Phoebus falls into the river after being shot with an arrow, Esmeralda jumps in to save him. From the point where she breaks through the water carrying him, the scene is animated exactly as the scene in which Ariel saves Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid, down to a sudden costume change for Phoebus. (When he falls from his horse he is wearing his blue and yellow outfit...when Esmeralda drags him to shore, he is wearing the same shirt Eric wore in Little Mermaid.) His head even lolls in the exact same position.
    REPORTED: Erin 02 DEC 97
  34. At the end of the movie, after the credits, there is a clip of Hugo waving to everybody and screaming, "Good night, everybody!"
    REPORTED: Dan Blank 23 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 27 JUL 96
  35. In the movie "The Hunchback of Notredame" in the end credits you see a bunch of objects in between the credits. If you look towards the end there is a hat. It seems to look almost like the one in "Fantasia's The Sorcerer's Apprentice."
    REPORTED: Krystal 24 AUG 01

Hunchback of Notre Dame 2

  1. In the parade that the first of the movie there's and elephant from the movie Dumbo.
    REPORTED: steven oliver 23 JUN 02

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