Lady and the Tramp

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  1. The Mellomen (singers at Pirates of the Caribbean) are also the voices of the Singing Dogs in the "He's a Tramp" song sung by Peggy Lee in "Lady and the Tramp"
    REPORTED: Duane Cook 07 DEC 98
    The Mell-o Men (singers at Pirates of the Caribbean) were also the singing voices of the dogpound dogs in Lady and the Tramp. A special they show on Vault Disney has Walt introducing them, followed by their performance.
    CONFIRMED: Chernabog 21 APR 99
    The voices at Pirates of the Caribbean are also the very same talented and versatile group that sang for the howling/singing dogs in Lady and The Tramp. Singing only, though--watch for Boris the Russian Wolfhound singing the low, low notes (it's Thurl singing!!). Boris' speaking voice is Alan Reed (Fred Flintstone!)
    CONFIRMED: Elizabeth 26 JUL 99
  2. Ever notice on "Lady and the Tramp, the grandmother/nanny that comes to watch the baby when the parents leaves looks a lot like Cinderella's Fairy Godmother??
    REPORTED: Kelly F. 25 FEB 02

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