The Lion King

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  1. James Earl-Jones (King Mufasa) and Madge Sinclair (Queen Sarabi) played the King and Queen in Coming To America.
    REPORTED: Paul Bowlay 11 DEC 96
  2. Simba says to Scar (Jeremy Irons) "You're so weird." Scar replies: "You have no idea!", the same reply that Irons used in Reversal of Fortune (1990).
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  3. One of the bugs that Timon pulls out of a knothole during "Hakuna Matada" is wearing Mickey Mouse ears.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  4. At the confrontation between Scar and Simba towards the end of the movie, Scar points up and the camera pans up to reveal hundreds of Hyena on the rocks above. If you were to look towards the middle you should see that one of the Hyenas is actually the silhouette of a Schnauser.
    REPORTED: Tim Pickett 29 NOV 94
  5. Has anyone ever noticed that the plot of the Lion King is the same plot as Hamlet?
    REPORTED: anon 14 SEP 97
    Although the basic idea (uncle kills brother to become king, is avenged by son) is the same, enough details are different to make them from different sources. For example, Simba is "banished" but comes back; Hamlet lives at home all along. The Queen in Hamlet is a willing accomplice, while Simba's mom certainly is not. Hamlet is killed in the final scene, while Simba is not. Scar brings evil and destruction to the kingdom, while Hamlet's father is not evil other than in his personal life. And so on. Although "The Lion King" theoretically COULD be Hamlet in a very watered-down, Disneyfied, changed form, I think it's more likely that it's a mere coincidence.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Esther B. 08 OCT 97
    The Lion King is indeed based on Hamlet. This is confirmed by many interviews with people involved in the film.
    CONFIRMED: anon 02 DEC 97
    I have recently finished reading Hamlet,The Prince of Denmark. Also I am a Lion King fanatic. The similarities between the two are unreal!
    REPORTED: Alison E. Beaton 20 JAN 98
  6. Scar is part wolf. If you outline his body and don't draw his beard, mane and elbow tuffs and fluff up his tail and fur a bit, he looks like a wolf or wolflike animal.
    REPORTED: Meaghan Edwards 08 SEP 97
  7. At the part where Simba slashes Shenzi across the cheek, three wound marks are seen. But when the three hyenas come toward the trapped Simba and Nala, Shenzi's cheek wounds suddenly disappear.
    REPORTED: AProkho383 20 OCT 97
    In the beginning/middle of the movie, when Simba and Nala are running away from the hyenas in the elephant grave yard, Shenzi nips at Nala, but Simba scratches Shenzi's nose, leaving a mark. Throughout the rest of the movie, there is no mark on her nose!
    CONFIRMED: Kate 27 DEC 01
  8. When Timon and Pumbaa are being introduced to Nala an audio track of Timon saying, "Pleased to meet you" to Nala was put in by mistake. First of all, his mouth didn't move. Second, he was upset that everyone "forgot" that Nala just tried to eat Pumbaa.
    REPORTED: Lady 13 JUN 00
    After watching the movie again, I didn't see that. In that scene, Timon says "how do you do?" and Pumbaa says "pleased to make your aquaintance". Secondly, Timon's mouth DOES move!(so does Pumbaa's) so, either you saw an earlier version, or Timon just got confused!
  9. Nala's eyes change randomly from blue to green, and green to blue.
    REPORTED: Mary Ellen Evans 30 NOV 97
  10. When Banzai is taking the thorns out of his behind, when he walks up to Shenzi, they are all gone as if they were taken out at the speed of light.
    REPORTED: AProkho383 20 OCT 97
  11. In "The Lion King" there is a scene (chapter 8, frames 2458-3111) after when Mufasa saves Nala and Simba from the hyenas and Simba and Mufasa are playing in a field together at night. Simba asks Mufasa "...and we'll always be together, right?" and Mufasa starts to explain that the stars are the great kings of the past as the camera shows the star filled night sky. Contrary to what some people believe is pictured in the stars, it is really the constellation Leo. This was clearly stated by the film's directors Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers and the film's producer Don Hahn in the second audio commentary track on the collector's edition "The Lion King" laser disc boxed set.
    REPORTED: Locoboy 05 APR 98
  12. When young adult Simba chases Rafiki throught the thicket to the pool of water, he shows Simba his reflection then Mufasa's face forms in the clouds. After Mufasa dissapears, Simba is in the middle of a field, not by a pool of water!
    REPORTED: Kate 27 DEC 01
  13. When Mufasa is hanging on the cliff and says Scar, brother help me. Right before Mufasa says brother, but if you listen, Scar says brother first.
    REPORTED: Richard S. Mitchell 21 SEP 97
  14. Has anybody else noticed that in The Lion King, Nala's mother is the only speaking part that doesn't get a credit? As near as I can hear, she's the only speaking part aside from the main characters.
    REPORTED: Steve Berggren 02 JUL 98
    Yes it's true Nala's mother speaks but is given no credit. Her name however is Sarafina and I only know this from reading a book, it's fun to quiz people on her name cause no one usually knows it!
    UPDATE: Katie 03 MAR 00
    I could only hear two groups of uncredited voices in the movie. The first, as some one already mentioned was Sarafina, Nala's mother. The 2nd is the singing hyenas (other than Shenzi, Bonsai, and Ed) from the song "Be Prepared".
    CONFIRMED: Kate 27 DEC 01
    After watching the movie for the 95th time I figured it out! If you watch the first section of credits, you won't see an animation credit for Sarafina, that's because her part is so small. But if you keep watching to see the voice casting, you'll find out that she's played by Zoe Leader!
    UPDATE: kate 28 DEC 01
  15. In The Lion King when you see all the animals greeting Simba. From Pride Rock looking down on all the animals they are standing in 4 sections. A perfect map over Disneyland, Paris! Anventureland (Monkeys & Giraffes), Frontierland (Zebras), Fantasyland (Elephants) and Discoveryland (Buffalos and others). It took me a while to see it but it's true!
    REPORTED: Jonas Rudberg 28 AUG 98 pict from
  16. it is rumored that about halfway to three-fourths of the way through the film, eddies of dust form and dissipate in the roiling cloud, and at one point the various curves and angles in these eddies appear to form the letters S-E-X. Whether the image of the word "SEX" was deliberately planted in this scene or is merely a product of the power of suggestion is unknown. The letters seem readily apparent to those who know what they're supposed to be looking for, but persons unfamiliar with the rumor rarely make them out even after being told to look for a word in the still-frame images. The generally accepted explanation is that the letters were slipped in by a special effects group (to form the abbreviation "S-F-X"). For more information, see the Urban Legends Reference Pages.
  17. Its also mentioned in the book 'Da Vinci Code' when Robert Langdon recalls one of his students telling him about how the dust over Simba's head spells out s-e-x!
    UPDATE: anon 04 FEB 06
  18. Before Simba runs back to Pride Rock, he is talking with Rafiki, and it's night throughout their conversation. But WHILE he's running back, it's bright and sunny. Then when he arrives at Pride Rock it's dark again. But I know it's just supposed to be gloomy there, but what about before he ran back?
    REPORTED: Jammie 10 JUN 99
  19. In the Lion King following the CYFTLT if you look at the waterfall while Simba and Nala are standing on the log. follow the waterfall down into the greenery. On the stone immediately below the greenery above them, you can see eyes, a nose and a mouth. You can't see any ears, but it looks as though the face is looking up at something.
    REPORTED: Donald Givens 25 FEB 00
  20. I believe Scar lives on the outskirts and received his "scar" from Mufasa. It is normal for only one male to live in a territory and fight other males into submission. This then determines who is in charge or KING.
    REPORTED: Kirk and Kimberly 10 JAN 99

Simba's Pride

  1. The little Simba is played by the very own Johnthan Taylor Thomas
    REPORTED: Lindsay 31 JAN 01
  2. Kovu and Kiara are played by people we know and love Nev Campbell (Party of Five, Scream 1,2,3) Jason Marsden (Voice of max in a goofy movie and played Jt's bestfriend Richie on Step by Step)
    REPORTED: Lindsay 31 JAN 01
  3. Simba's pride is based on Romeo and Juliet a.k.a. West Side Story etc. Except this one has the happy ending. Of course, Kovu accidentaly kills the other guy, but the villian dies, unlike the two lovers killing themselves in the shakespeare play. Still, it is a great film
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 19 NOV 00
  4. I've noticed in Simba's Pride that Kovu loses his scar at one point in the film right after Zira falls in the river and dies, there is a closeup of Kovu's reaction to her death. On this closeup it is very clear to see, his scar is missing!
    REPORTED: Laura Throp 28 OCT 98
    Here's one to go with "Kovu's missing scar" on the Lion King page. If you look at the scene in which Kovu and Kiara are looking at their reflections in the pool (where Kovu says, "Hey, look. We are one"), you will notice that Kovu's scar is on the wrong side. Since it is a reflection, the scar should have been on the other side.
    REPORTED: ManxKnight 30 DEC 98
  5. There is a round hole in Zira's ear. Sometimes it's on the left other times it's on the right.
    REPORTED: Littleone 03 JAN 99

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