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  1. If your interested in the Urban Legend about the video's box cover, see Urban Legend Reference Page
  2. In the first five minutes of pict from the movie, there is a hidden Goofy, & Donald. After the title of the movie appears on the screen, you see the mer-people swiming in to watch the show. When the little Sea Horse comes out and blows his horn and introduces King Triton, this is where you want to put your VCR in slow motion, because you'll never be able to see them in regular speed. When Triton flies down over the audience, what the people, when he gets toward the middle and bottom of your screen, if you look closely, there sitting in the crowd are Goofy, Donald, & Mickey watching the undersea show. It helps to look for Donald's blue sailor hat and then Mickey's ears. They are sitting with Goofy above Donald and Donald above Mickey. They are not that difficult to find if you have a slow motion VCR. Let me know if you see them. And then someone please confirm it. I just want to make other people are seeing them, if not I need to give better directions.
    REPORTED: Richard E. Cleary, Jr. 22 JUN 96
    In the first scene where King Triton is in his shell boat flying in, I saw Goofy, and Donald in the audience. You need to do it in slow motion. Right after King Tritons golden fork goes across the screen, you can see those characeters sitting in the audience. Goofy is the easiest one to look for. What a great find for the person who found this!
    CONFIRMED: Jason Schwab 22 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: vincent van dijk 21 OCT 96
    Right after King Triton waves that thing over the crowd, Goofy and Donald are definately there!!! Kudos to Richard.
    CONFIRMED: Ellen 17 JAN 97
    One way you can spot Mickey, Donald and Goofy in Little Mermaid is by looking at the trading cards series that was made. On card number 2 or 3, there is the picture of Triton over the merpeople. A careful eye will spot the famous trio in the audience!
    CONFIRMED: Laura Throp 06 MAR 97
    Someone mentioned that one of the Pro Set Little Mermaid trading cards showed them as well. While it's almost impossible to find them in the movie, it's quite easy to find them in the trading card.
    CONFIRMED: Paul Rudoff 14 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: shannon lipscomb 17 SEP 97
    CONFIRMED: Lora Christensen 27 NOV 97
    CONFIRMED: Aaron Zenz 27 JUN 98
    The scene goes by so fast, It's impossible to see anyone but Goofy, and that's only possible when you know he's there!
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 25 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Gina 24 APR 99
  3. In the scene with Triton sweeping by and Mickey, Donald and Goofy sitting in the audience, there are yet more surprises in the crowd! Sitting in the crowd is another "Sebastian" (his twin brother perhaps?). Finally, and MOST suprisingly, sitting in the crowd is a very familiar amphibian... Kermit the Frog! I jest not. He's got the light green collar, bulbous eyes on top of his head, and everything.
    REPORTED: Aaron Zenz 27 JUN 98
    In the audience of the concert under the solphin's nose there's a mermaid holding Sebastian. You can also find it on the trading card #2
    CONFIRMED: Roger Gagne 16 AUG 98
  4. In the scene with Triton sweeping by and Mickey, Donald and Goofy sitting in the audience, it also looks like on the right of King Triton is Dopey and some other dwarfs. This is an awesome thing to all you Dopey/Grumpy fans out there.
  5. In the Little Mermaid at the part where Louis the french chef is trying to catch sebastion under the cabinet, he throws various objects behind him. One of these objects appears to be a mermaids tail. At first I thought it was just a fish tail, but it is much too large.
    REPORTED: gwen 26 JUL 00
  6. I was only five years old when I first saw "The Little Mermaid" for the first time, so I am not the most reliable source. However, I remember during the scene where Ursula is trying to get Arial to sign the contract to become human, Ursuala cuts Arial's finger, and then Arial puts her bloody finger on the contract and it writes "Arial." I have asked many Disney fanatics if they remember this part of the movie, and all of them said yes. Yet, on the home video of "The Little Mermaid" Arial just writes her name on the contract.
    REPORTED: Alicia Spinnet 17 AUG 01
    Check it.. When Ariel wants to become human, she SIGNS a contract. If she knew how to write, why didn't she just write it out to the prince?
    UPDATE: Desiree 04 JUN 02
  7. In the scene after Ursula's "poor little poopsies" have been made into sushi, Ariel and Eric swim to the surface for a tender embrace. Ariel pleads with Eric to leave and save himself. Eric replys "No, I won't leave you!" However, his lips are obviously not moving and neither were Ariel's although her back was turned to the viewer for most of her dialogue.
    REPORTED: Julie 12 MAR 98
  8. If your interested in the Urban Legend about the marriage scene, see Urban Legend Reference Page
  9. Ariel doesn't always have fingernails. it is not only that she doesn't have fingernails as a mermaid but then does as a human, it is just totally random throughout.
    REPORTED: Sara Samples 17 NOV 97
  10. When Scuttles makes that dress for Ariel after she gets her legs, it changes into a much nicer one after Max the dog runs after her.
    REPORTED: Dawn Soria 28 MAR 97
  11. When Ariel is first on the beach and she gets dressed, the rope is wrapped several different ways on her body. After Max chases her, though, the rope is only tied once around her waist. So, yes, the dress looks much nicer.
    REPORTED: anon 15 APR 97
  12. Ariel has a pair of invisible shoes! When she first climbs on board the wedding ship, she is barefoot. Yet after Urusula's seashell containing Ariel's voice breaks and Ariel says "Eric," shoes magically appear on her feet.
    REPORTED: Laura Throp 06 MAR 97
  13. Does it strike anyone else as wierd that Eric and Ursula's wedding ship isn't heard about from the time after Eric jumps off. Surely the boat wouldn't sail away with the Prince fighting in the water. And I didn't see it get sucked under as a result from the whirl pool. What exactly does happen to the wedding ship?
    REPORTED: Megan 03 AUG 00
  14. Ariels mouth doesn't seem to be moving along with the sound when she is singing, "Part Of Your World".
    REPORTED: Rukie 11 DEC 96
  15. After the dog licks Ariels cheek, she turns around and wipes off the wrong cheek.
    REPORTED: Rukie 11 DEC 96
  16. When the prince is talking to the sailors one of the sailors shirts suddenly changes colors when he stepps back.
    REPORTED: Rukie 11 DEC 96
  17. At least 1,000 different colors were used on 1,100 backgrounds. Over one million drawings were done in total.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  18. The two minute storm took 10 special effects artists over a year to finish.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  19. According to E! Celebrity profile, Alyssa Milano is the inspiration for "Ariel." It is also mentioned in her Official Web SIte.
    REPORTED: itwasalatenite 04 SEP 99
    I was watching a E! special on Alyssa Milano, and she was the model for Ariel in the little mermaid.
    CONFIRMED: Sarah 05 MAR 01
  20. The Tiny Toon Adventure script writer Sheri Stoner was used as the model for Ariel.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
    "The Tiny Toon Adventure script writer Sheri Stoner was used as the model for Ariel." In the Tiny Toons video movie, "How I Spent My Summer Vacation", co-written by Stoner, there is a Little Mermaid reference. When Babs Bunny falls into the river, she sees a group of fish, a crab and a red haired young mermaid who sing "Beneath the ocean, beneath the ocean/We cause big commotion beneath the ocean." to which Babs replys "Oops, wrong cartoon."
    CONFIRMED: Jonathan 10 MAR 97
    Sheri Stoner, who worked on "Stephen Spielburg presents Tiny Toon Adventures" was the model for Ariel. In the credits of each Tiny Toons episode, there is a hidden joke. One was "Model for Mermaid: Sheri Stoner." That must be a reference. Another episode had a very close parody of "Kiss the Girl" with Babs Bunny as Ariel. I think the song in the back was "It's in his Kiss."
    CONFIRMED: Kris 23 FEB 01
  21. Does anyone else find it odd that when Eric says "Believe me, Grimm, when I find her I'll know. it'll just BAM hit lightning." and right as he says that, a streak of lightning flashes. Noone even says "hay, what a coincidence!"? I find it hard to believe that no one on the boat even notices!!
    REPORTED: kitten 07 MAY 98
  22. Ariel gets caught in her trouph of human belongings, and her Father destroys Prince Eric's statue. When you watch the part where King Triton zaps all of the statue, the face is broken into pieces. But after the whole incident when Fletsom & Jetsom come back to convince her to go to Ursula, they kick the piece of Eric's WHOLE face to Ariel. When indeed we see the entire face crack into pieces.
    REPORTED: Jammie 10 JUN 99
  23. Disney considered making the Little Mermaid his second animated feature. Beauty and the Beast was considered after Pinocchio, he didn't do Beauty and the Beast because he didn't like the scenes where Belle was held prisoner. WW2 stopped the Little Mermaid.
    REPORTED: Merphil 06 FEB 00
    I'm surprised that Sebastian and the thimble are not mentioned. In the scene right after Ariel gets done singing "Part of Your World" Sebastian falls into a mug and draws Ariel's and Flounder's attention. You see him with pearls around his neck and a thimble on his back claw. Then you don't see the thimble, then it is back again.
    REPORTED: Anon 09 JAN 00
  24. First, fast forward movie to the part where Ariel is asking Scuttle what the smoking pipe is. He names it a Snarfblat. Next, fast forward to the part where Ariel is admiring Eric for the first time. She tells Scuttle that she likes the one playing the Snarfblat. But Eric is playing a long pied-piper type pipe. Does that mean it's a slip up? I know that they are both pipes, but they are visibly different and obviously one plays music and the other doesn't.
  25. Just before Eric's statue is revealed, while the sailors are on the ship singing and playing the "snarfblat" Eric crosses in front of a sailor whose white and dark blue striped shirt changes to light blue and dark blue stripes! Very noticeable once you look.
  26. In "The Little Mermaid," during "Part of your World," Ariel looks at a painting when she says "What's a fire and why does it, what's the word, burn?" The painting either is or bears a strong resembalence to "The Penitent Magdalen" by Georges La Tour.
    REPORTED: Kristina 08 JUN 00
  27. When Ariel rescues Eric, does anyone notice how much he looks like Aladdin with wet hair?
    REPORTED: Leonda Hill 23 AUG 00
  28. In the wedding scene of the false Ariel and Eric (when the seagull attacks her)the camera pans around past a crowd of people, and they are all characters from Disney's 'Cinderella'.
    REPORTED: mike the great 18 OCT 00

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