Monsters Inc.

Fun Facts


  1. The original teaser trailer where Sulley and Mike are in the kid's room arguing about Mongolia vs. Magnolia, and Mike twirls around with a hula hoop, and Sulley comments that he's going back to the break room before all the donuts are gone . . . ? Well, that's NOT part of the movie. They made it specially for the trailer!
    REPORTED: Meg 03 NOV 01
  2. The cafe in Monstropolis, Hidden City Cafe, is a real cafe in Richmond, California. It is Director Pete Docter's favorite.
  3. The barber shop in Monstropolis, Pete's Barber Shop, is named for Director Pete Docter. In the window there are signs that advertise such services as claw wax, mange management, scale polish and flea dip.
  4. When Sully and Mike are walking to work, there is a sign on the store that says expresso, capuccino, and diesel and the next store is a "grossery" store not a grocery store.
    REPORTED: Coaster Guy 13 NOV 01
  5. There are three types of cereal boxes in Mike and Sully's appartment. They are Kreature Krisp, Prickly Puffs, and Dirt Clods. The list of ingredients includes bile, sweat & tears, sugar, artificial colors and shrimp!
  6. Every time there is a shot of the Monsters Inc. lobby, there is a character sitting on a chair waiting. He's a linen and towel salesman with samples in his briefcase. Throught the film he is waiting for an appointment.
  7. Watch in the opening scene with the simulation room. Under the bed of the fake boy, there are two blocks (one's turned on it's side), it's clearly "M. and I." for Monsters, Inc.
    REPORTED: Missy Wigley 20 JAN 02
  8. The restaurant that Mike and Celia go to on a date,is really a name from one of the filmmakers.
    REPORTED: Zack Parks 22 DEC 01
    The restaurant is named "Harryhausen's" for Ray Harryhausen who was known for making "monster" movies.
    UPDATE: Missy Wigley 20 JAN 02
  9. Look for Jessie from Toy Story 2 in Monsters Inc. She is near the end of the movie. Sulley picks her up from a childs bedroom floor.
    REPORTED: Michael Del Castello 02 NOV 01
    Boo has a Jessie doll and a Pixar ball (with the star)
    CONFIRMED: Meg 03 NOV 01
    Look for Jessie from Toy Story 2 in Monsters Inc. She is near the end when Sulley returns Boo to her room. Sulley picks her up off of the floor.
    CONFIRMED: Michael Del Castello 05 NOV 01
    In Monsters, Inc., near the end of the film, Boo and Sully are in Boo's room, and Boo hands Sully some toys. One of the toys is Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl from Toy Story 2.
    CONFIRMED: Travis 10 NOV 01
    CONFIRMED: Coaster Guy 13 NOV 01
    Boo is the proud owner of a Jesse doll from Toy Story 2. It can be seen among the things she gives to Sully.
    CONFIRMED: Linds 11 NOV 01
    CONFIRMED: Travis 11 NOV 01
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 12 NOV 01
    CONFIRMED: Rachel Cox 21 NOV 01
    CONFIRMED: Jonathan Zuniga 06 DEC 01
    There were several hidden things, such as the sign "gross-ery" in the beginning or "Mike's cuttery" named after Mike Wazowski, but for some reason what caught my EYE (haha) was near the end of the movie where Sulley finally goes into boo's room and she shows him all her toys. One of the toys she hands him is a "Jessie" doll.
    CONFIRMED: Kate 27 DEC 01
    CONFIRMED: Erin 30 DEC 01
    In the end of Monster Inc. in Boo's room she picks up a bunch of toys and hands them to Sulley. One of those toys is Jessie from Toy Story 2.
    CONFIRMED: Jennifer 21 MAR 02
    When Sully is trying to say goodbye to Boo, she hands him Jesse from Toy Story 2! I also think that the ball that she gives him is the Pixar Ball.
    CONFIRMED: Ratboy 15 APR 02
  10. There are 3 million doors in the scene where Mike, Sully, Randall, and Boo are traveling through the "storage room."
    REPORTED: Coaster Guy 13 NOV 01
  11. In the movie Monsters Inc. near the end, Sulley throws Randall through a closet door into the human world. The place he ends up is the trailer that was in Bug's Life, and the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story is parked out front.
    REPORTED: Kevin Litt 04 NOV 01
    Randall Bogs is banished to the trailer from Bugs Life. The Bug city is contained in the garbage can out front. In addition the Pizza Planet truck from both Toy Story movies is parked outside as it was in Bug's Life.
    In the movie Monsters Inc, right after the part where Randall goes through the closet that leads him into the trailer home, you can catch a glimpse of the Pizza Planet truck from the Toy Story movies! It's parked right outside of the trailer! I think it's neat that the truck has a cameo in all of the Disney/Pixar movies. :)
    CONFIRMED: Erin McNamee 13 NOV 01
    CONFIRMED: Jonathan Zuniga 06 DEC 01
  12. When Mike and Sulley have been banished to the Himalayas, The Yeti is telling Sulley about the kids in the village. "Tough Kids, Sissy Kids, Kids who climb on rocks", which is from the Armour Hot Dogs Jingle - mixed up a little. (The actual jingle went "Hot dogs, Armour hot dogs. What kinds of kids eat Armour hot dogs? Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks, tough kids, sissy kids. Even kids with Chicken Pox love hot dogs...")
    REPORTED: Kirby Bartlett-Sloan 08 NOV 01
  13. One of the monsters can camouflage himself, and at one point he blends in with sky/cloud wallpaper from Andy's room.
    REPORTED: Meg 03 NOV 01
    CONFIRMED: Jonathan Zuniga 06 DEC 01
  14. Another kid has 2 Disneyland posters in his bedroom ("Tomorrowland" and "Columbia.")
    REPORTED: Meg 03 NOV 01
    When the monsters are in the "practice room", there is a poster of Tomorrowland above the bed.
    CONFIRMED: Lynda Roberts 03 NOV 01
    When Sulley does the comedy scene where he is entertaining the little boy near the end of the movie, there is a Tommorowland poster on the wall behind the boy's bed. Not exactly a Hidden Mickey, but noteworthy nonetheless.
    CONFIRMED: Chuck 04 NOV 01
    There are Disneyland attraction posters in some of the kids rooms and in the Monstroipolis travel store
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 04 NOV 01
    CONFIRMED: Jonathan Zuniga 06 DEC 01
  15. Boo also hands Sully a clownfish. This is from the Disney-Pixar film called Finding Nemo.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 12 NOV 01
    Confirming the "Finding Nemo" fish in Boo's room. Near the end of the movie, there are all sorts of disney toys in Boo's room including, Jessie the cowgirl from Toy Story 2, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, a Pixar ball (the one with the star) and Nemo, from the movie "finding nemo" (Which at the time was in pre-production.)
    CONFIRMED: Brooklin 21 APR 06
  16. Right before the copyright date and MPAA etc., it says "No monsters were harmed in the making of this film."
    REPORTED: Meg 03 NOV 01
  17. A list of the (presumably) kids whose screams were used in the movie appears in the credits.
    REPORTED: Meg 03 NOV 01

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