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  1. I recently acquired a VCD copy of Mulan in Chinese. (VCDs are Video CDs common in China. Think of them as pre-DVD). The title, written in Chinese characters of course, is Hua Mu Lan. The character is referred to as Hua Mu Lan (and Hua Ping) throughout the movie. This is of course the actual name of the character from the Chinese legend. The use of "Fa Mulan" is Cantonese" See Mulan FAQ. In the original poem, the heroine's name is "Mulan," which means magnolia. ("Mu" by itself means "wood" and "Lan" means "orchid.") Mulan is often given a last name, Hua, which means flower. Both Chinese Pinyin and Wade-Giles methods spell the name Hua Mu-Lan, while the Cantonese transliteration spells it Fa Mulan or Fa Muhk Laahn. (Last names come first in Chinese.)
    REPORTED: anon 06 FEB 01
  2. When the ancestors first discuss which gardian to send to help Mulan, the top shelf has several stone sculptures of the guardians, one of the sculptures is Hugo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
    REPORTED: Michael G. Tollinchi 07 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Shelly 24 FEB 99
  3. Mulan is the first feature length production which was created by Walt Disney Feature Animation, Florida which is located at Disney/MGM Studios at Waft Disney World
  4. The story of Mulan has been told in China for almost 2,000 years.
  5. Mulan's artistic leaders spent over three weeks in China drawing and photographing to learn Chinese style and culture
  6. The artistic approach to the film is based upon the Chinese "sing" style of "negative," or empty - space balenced by positive detail
  7. Computer animators used the latest technology to add detail and to mimic camera techniques that were previously unavailable to animators. A computer program called Attila was used to createthe sequence of 2,000 Huns on horseback and cround scenes of 30,000 people.
  8. The Legend of Mulan FAQ -- Summer '98 -
  9. Done entirely in Florida Studios (well, mostly -- storyboards, voice recordings, etc. done in California, and probably music too)
    REPORTED: The Legend of Mulan FAQ 07 APR 98
  10. Ming-Na Wen -- Mulan (watch Joy Luck Club, or TV's The Single Guy)
  11. B.D. Wong -- Shang (Franc's assistant in Father of the Bride and II)
  12. Eddie Murphy -- Mulan's little dragon friend, Mushu
  13. When the ancestors in mulan are discussing the problems in the family's history. One of the woman statues shouts angrily, "YOUR GREAT-GRANDDAUGHTER HAD TO BECOME A CROSS DRESSER!" She referring to Mulan because Mulan does cross-dress when she joins the army.
    REPORTED: Carly 11 NOV 01
  14. When Mulan leaves to impersonate a male soldier, and the grandma says "ancestors hear our prayers", it's night when that happens. When Muushuu is awakened and the ancestors are talking, it's still dark. (The prayer room for the ancestors is outside and has no doors) But when the head ancestor tells Muushuu to awaken the great stone dragon, it's not dark and raining anymore. It's sunny and bright already.
    REPORTED: Jammie 16 MAR 99
    Jammie is right on the funky way the weather changes from rain and dark to sun. Even though it is right, could it be that she left right at morning and the weather just kinda changed quickly? -Skippy "If you don't like the weather here...just wait a few minutes."
    CONFIRMED: Chris Hanel 20 MAR 99
  15. In the Movie Mulan, watch the scene where Mushu impersonates the Great Stone Dragon by holding up his head and talking. After he falls, the stone head falls on him, upside down. Look at the bottom of the head (which is actually the top,normally, but it's upside down of course). Using the eye, and the Dragon's ear as a fin, the bottom looks a lot like Monstro the Whale. On the right side, there seems to be a mouth....
    REPORTED: Chris Hanel 18 MAR 99

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