Flight Of The Navigator

  1. When I first saw Flight of the Navigator in the theaters, it made me crazy that the boy's hair changes in every scene drastically. It goes from long and shaggy one minute to a short trimmed haircut the next. It was so obvious and such a distraction that I couldn't even enjoy the movie because of it . . . and I was only about 9 at the time.
    REPORTED: Anne 08 OCT 01
  2. I was watching "Flight of the Navigator" the other day,& I noticed that the music that plays when the kid first gets on the ship sounds a whole lot like the music that plays on Space Mountain, Anaheim.
    REPORTED: Bridgette Howard 10 FEB 98
  3. In Flight of the Navigator, as the Space ship exits the Hanger, Forks (from a Fork Lift) can be seen supporting the craft. Fortunately clever Camera angles and the limited distance the craft exits the building disguises the support.
    REPORTED: Jonathan Bristow 23 MAY 99
  4. The ship from "Flight of the Navigator" appears on the Space Mountain queue video. It appears during the scene, or comercial, where crazy Larry is hawking spaceships.
    REPORTED: Ron D'Anna 22 MAR 98

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