The Nightmare Before Christmas

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  1. When Jack finds the ring of trees with all the holidays painted on them, he should have come through "The Halloween Tree". Instead, he just came through a forest.
    REPORTED: Lauren Debienne 09 NOV 96
  2. The six doors that lead to the Holiday worlds keep changing positions in the circle, and the Thanksgivingland door constantly switches directions (the turkey faces left, then right, then left...).
    REPORTED: Jed 16 NOV 96
  3. Danny Elfman, who created all of the music for the movie plus provided the singing voice of Jack Skellington (of course!) also sings/speaks the two or three lines of the minor character called "The Clown With The Tearaway Face." You can easily pick out him out in the "This Is Halloween" number.
    REPORTED: Darkchilde 24 APR 97
  4. In the same scene with Jack Skellington, one of the ghosts is Donald Duck and you can even hear him make a quacking noise when someone punches him.
    REPORTED: Brent Tilton 16 NOV 98

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