The Parent Trap

  1. Joanna Barnes, who played Vicky Robinson, the conniving fiancee of Brian Keith in the original 1961 film, has a cameo appearance as the mother of Meredith Blake. Meredith (Elaine Hendrix) is the '90s version of the money-hungry girlfriend.
  2. Did anyone notice that the woman who plays Meredith in the new Parent Trap is the same women who is the co-anchor in the Space Mountain video?!
    REPORTED: Jeff Kozlowski 17 MAY 99
  3. Disney searched three countries to find a young actress who could play the dual role of the twins. Lindsay was the first girl given a screen test with her on-screen parents.
  4. Film choreographer Jeanefer Jean Charles created the handshake that only Annie and her butler, Martin, share. It involves 18 separate moves, and took Lindsay just an hour to learn.
  5. In the scene where the girl sees her Dad's fiance' for the first time as she goes to the hotel elevator she starts singing the song "Let's get Together" from the original.
    REPORTED: Wally Phelps 04 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: Wesley Young 27 AUG 00
  6. I live in California, and in fact, just a short drive away from Napa, the city where a lot of The Parent Trap, 1998 is set. However, I have never heard of The Stafford Hotel, where Nick and Elizabeth come face to face at last. In fact, as far as I know, there is no Stafford Hotel in California! Just wondering if this could be an allusion to Haley Mills' reference to 'Stafford' in the original movie. Remember? She hinted to her mother that she was serious about this boy, Stafford, from camp - in order to get her mother to cancel all of her plans for the day.
    REPORTED: Kimabee 10 AUG 00
    I am from California too. The San Francisco Bay Area to be exact. I read the reference about Parent Trap and the hotel reference The Strafford Hotel not being real. But the truth is that the hotel in the Parent Trap where everyone meets is the Stratford and it is very real. In fact it is at 242 Powell St, San Francisco. Sorry, but it's not a reference to the original film.
    UPDATE: Kelly 22 MAR 02

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