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  1. Who did Walt Disney use as a model for Peter Pan's Tinkerbell? It was Margaret Kerry. She is now a retired elementary school teacher and being model for Tinkerbell in the movie Peter Pan is the only thing she ever did for Disney.
    REPORTED: Sonny Snarr 01 AUG 00
  2. Some 15 years ago I went to grade school in Toluca Lake, California (A little town near Burbank). Well, my second grade teacher I found out was the voice for Wendy from Peter Pan and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. When she did the movies her name was Katheryn Beaumont (I think that is how you spell it). Now her name is Katheryn Levine. As far as I know she is still teaching at this school. Kind of weird knowing that my teacher was Alice.
    REPORTED: Stephan Sarzetakis 14 JAN 00
    I've noticed that Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" and Wendy from "Peter Pan" have the same voices (Kathryn Beaumont). But the White Rabbit's voice in "Alice in Wonderland" sounds very much like Mr. Smee's voice in "Peter Pan", don't you agree?
    CONFIRMED: Stephanie 20 JUL 01
    And it is. His name is Bill Thompson
    UPDATE: TR Shaw 20 JUL 01
  3. When the Peter and the children are flying off to never never land, when they fly past the clock tower, there is a shot of them from far away and as they get closer you can notice that they don't have any faces, and then when they get even closer, finally their faces appear.
    REPORTED: Cheryl Domuret 11 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Linda McClurg 23 JAN 99
  4. Did you ever notice that the elder squawĘthat begins to order Wendy around is the exact same image of the Queen from Alice In Wonderland? It's a visual pun, as Kathryn Beaumont who played Wendy in Peter Pan also played Alice in Alice in Wonderland.
    REPORTED: Susanne Bayes Koenig 29 APR 00
  5. In the original storyline, when Nana had the dust thrown on her, she was going to go with the group to Neverland and ultimatly bite hook which would've made him jump off the ship, but instead she only floated up and the final scene was added in, confirmed on one of the documentaries on the Peter Pan DVD.
    REPORTED: Indiana Jones 18 FEB 02

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