Robin Hood

  1. In Robin Hood many people have made the comparision that the dance during "the phony king of England" is the exact same dance used in the Jungle Book. Well, the segment also incorporates dance moves from two other disney movies. Maid Marian dances in two scenes exactly like Snow White does during the "silly song" segment and also like Duchess dances with O'Malley during "Everybody wants to be a cat" in the Aristocats.
    REPORTED: Laura Throp 21 APR 97
  2. At the beginning of Robin Hood, after Robin Hood and Little John run through the forest, Robin pops his head through the tree with no arrow in his hat. In the next clip, Little John points out that there is an arrow in Robin's hat.
    REPORTED: Shavonne 19 MAY 98
  3. Prince John and King Richard are actual kings. Prince john was considered a "momma's boy" which is portrayed in the movie and King Richard was called"The Lion-Hearted King" and was the good king.
    REPORTED: jamie hudson 16 JUL 99
  4. During the archery contest, Robin shots his final arrow and the sheriff knocks it up into the sky. Robin shoots again and corrects the arrows path. It hits the bullseye and split the sheriff's arrow in two, which cannot be done from this angle.
  5. After the characters break out of the prison, we see a shot of everyone getting on the cart. Keep watching and you'll see the mother rabbit is holding her baby. Then once the cart starts moving she screams because her baby has been left behind. She is now holding her bag of money instead.
    REPORTED: Kath Cosmic 04 MAY 02
  6. At the very end of the movie when Robin Hood and Maid Marion are married the wedding bells are excactly the same as in Cinderella. Also the carrage is similar and the whole rest of the scene is almost the same.
    REPORTED: Katie 28 JUN 02

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