The Santa Clause

  1. In the scene in which Tim Allen was delivering to the first house ever on his new job, he is on the roof of the house arguing with Charlie about putting on the suit. When he decided to put on the suit and during his complaining about were the suit was been before, he said, "I hope the guy living here is a taylor." From Home Improvement's Tim Taylor.
    REPORTED: Marshall 01 AUG 96
    Tim Allen said that he hoped the guy was a "tailor," because the Santa suit was way to big, not "Taylor."
    WISHFUL THINKING: Joy Kovacs 06 SEP 96
    Yes, he does say "I hope the guy who lives here is a tailor" because the suit is to big, but it is still a reference to Tim Taylor, Allen's character on Home Improvement.
    CONFIRMED: ToPoLiNo 29 NOV 98
  2. Scott, wearing his new Santa Claus pajamas, runs barefoot outside his apartment to question his son about the previous night's visit to the North Pole. Before he goes back inside, however, he is wearing athletic shoes.
    REPORTED: IMDb 11 DEC 96
  3. When santa falls off the roof, did you notice how the snow under his foot move like a blanket?
    REPORTED: jackie 11 SEP 97
  4. In The Santa Clause, when Santa (Tim Allen) and Bernard talk about the card in the toy factory, they stand in front of some unpainted houses models. The model to the left looks very much like Phantom Manor!! (Disneyland Paris's Haunted Mansion)
    REPORTED: Ariel Leviathan 10 OCT 98

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