Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

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  1. Look at the storybook at the very beginning of the movie. You can see the Evil Queen peeking out from behind an "E" at the top of the page.
    REPORTED: Ice 30 JUL 99
  2. The reason why all seven dwarves did not get kissed (didn't notice that eh?) is that the feature was running too long, and the animators had not completed all 7 dwarves getting kissed so Happy was left out.
    REPORTED: Charles Rogers 14 JAN 97
    I noticed at the end of the movie when she is saying good bye to her  little friends that she doesn't kiss all of them.  She forgets to kiss Sleepy.
    UPDATE: Angel dust 17 APR 98
  3. Has anyone ever noticed that Snow White has BROWN eyes in the movie but a very good deal of the merchandise sold of Snow White gives her blue or green eyes?
    REPORTED: Jennifer Kles 26 MAY 99

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