The Sword in the Stone (1963)

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  1. In the beginning of the Sword in the Stone, at the top of a hill, Merlin is talking about how the Wart needs to find direction in his life. Then he wonders which way the castle is. The sun is setting behind them, and the Wart says the castle is to the North. He points left. But with the sun setting behind them (the sun sets in the west, of course), North would be to the right. The Wart was pointing South!
    REPORTED: anon 07 FEB 99
  2. When you watch the opening of the sword in the stone, you see Merlin falling in the well, his hat doesn't fall off. Then later on in the movie that hat seems to be falling off him very easily.
    REPORTED: Ben 25 APR 99
  3. There is no tea in the cups when Merlin pours them in Wart and his cups.
    REPORTED: Ben 25 APR 99
  4. There was no sign of the pipe and Merlin has a pipe. First he is smoking then he doesn't smoke and the pipe disappears.
    REPORTED: Ben 25 APR 99
  5. There was no house around when Wart looked for an arrow but then when he falls, there's the house.
    REPORTED: Ben 25 APR 99
  6. In Sword and the Stone, when Arthur's (Wart) brother gets hit on the head in the kitchen scene (the one with all the pots and pans flying by themselves) he rolls his eyes and says Whoa!........OW! (faintly) Well, this is exactly what happens in 101 Dalmations when Jasper gets hit on the head with a club!
    REPORTED: Jeff Kozlowski 16 MAY 99
  7. The dogs jumpiung at Arthur in Sword and the Stone resemble exaxtly what happened in the Jungle Book when Mobley comes to is cave and his wolf brothers jump on him the same way.
    REPORTED: anon 16 FEB 99
  8. In The Aristocats, Marie falls out of the milk truck and O-Malley rescues her and jumps on the end of the truck to set Marie back inside. His front feet are barely holding on as he passes Marie to her mother. In 101 Dalmatians, this is the exact same scene when Pongo, "dressed" as a black lab, brings the last pup to the truck as the real lab fends off Horace and Jasper. Pongo jumps on, with his front feet barely holding on, and passes the pup to Perdy.
    REPORTED: anon 06 NOV 99
  9. The music from The Aristocats is similar to the music in the Sword and the Stone in some instances.
    REPORTED: anon 06 NOV 99
  10. When Wart in Sword in the stone rubs his face after the dogs lick it, the way he rubs it and the way he laughs is the same when Mowgli in the Jungle Book gets licked by the wolves!
    REPORTED: Liz Sullivan 19 JAN 02

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