Tigger (2000)

  1. When Tigger jumps up in the air just before his sad song at the beginning, the cloud forms the head of Tigger.
    REPORTED: Lachlan Madsen 16 OCT 01
  2. In the sequence where Tigger is imagining his family, there are several in-jokes. When Tigger mentions a "jamboree" the Country Bears appear in Tigger form. When he is ice skating, he passes some skate tracks that form a Mickey head. Also, in Owl's house, one of the family portraits hanging on the wall is of the unnamed owl from "America Sings" at Disneyland (he's wearing a pork pie hat).
    REPORTED: Safari Steve: Jungle Skipper 20 FEB 00
  3. in the very same scene where Tigger imagining & singing about his family: Jamboree scene: full of country tiggers), there is a tigger that is exactly like the brer bear from song of the south (playing piano) and Brer Fox the only difference is that its a tigger. So when you get to that scene look for the piano tigger and the tigger right next to him.
    REPORTED: cool jeff 25 MAR 01

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