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  1. In the 1st few minutes of Toy Story Mr. Potato Head (voiced by Don Rickles) looks off camera and says "what are you looking at Hockey Puck?" and then a little hockey puck toy appears. This is actually an inside joke. Hockey Puck is a nickname given to Don Rickles by his show biz buddies years ago!
    REPORTED: Sandy 18 OCT 01
  2. The ball which Buzz bounces off of, when he "flies" and impresses the other toys, is the same one that was used in Luxo Jr. (a Pixar short), and has the same design as the circus floor in Red's Dream (another short).
    REPORTED: Jonathan Smith 27 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED:Internet Movie Database
  3. Buzz does have the Disney stamp on his hindquarters. You also see this for a split second in the movie!
    REPORTED: Heather Endow 21 SEP 97
  4. When Woody is giving his speech a book entitled "Tin Toy" appears in the background. Tin Toy was the first computer generated movie.
    REPORTED: jeremy schwartz 07 NOV 96
  5. Another book seen during the meeting scene is called 'Adventures of Andre and Wally B', a 1.8 minute digitally animated short by Lucasfilm and the wizards at Industrial Light and Magic.
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 05 APR 97
  6. Toolbox in Sid's room is made by Binford Tools - Tim Allen's "Tool Time" sponsor - another Disney production.
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 22 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Jeremy Schwartz 21 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: LaLa 04 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Garry Price 15 NOV 96
    The toolbox that Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) pushes off the milk crate bears the name "Binford Tools", the name of the company which sponsors Allen's character's show in "Home Improvement".
    CONFIRMED:Internet Movie Database
    This is a tie-in to Home Improvement which is produced by Buena Vista Television aka Touchstone Pictures aka Disney.
    CONFIRMED: Patricia 15 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: sparky 18 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Garry Price 13 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Allan Beaudette 10 NOV 97
    There is a Binford Tools sighting in Toy Story. For all you non-Tim Allen fans, Binford Tools is a company Tim Allen plugs on his show within a show, "Home Improvement." The tool box with the Binford logo is in the pile of stuff Woody uses to climb up to Syd's window and look across to Andy's room. At this point, he is trying to persuade Buzz to come with him, and try to make it back to Andy's house after Buzz figures out that he is only a toy.
    CONFIRMED: Bryan 05 OCT 99
    CONFIRMED: Katie Webb 01 MAR 01
  7. The binoculars used by the toy soldier survying the gifts flip orientation. In one scene they are flat on the top side, in the next they are flat on the bottom side.
    REPORTED: Larry Thompson 19 FEB 97
  8. When Buzz tells the toys he can fly Woody says he can't and they fight back and forth. Finally Woody says "Okay Mr. Light Beer prove it!"
    REPORTED: Michelle Clay 12 MAY 99
  9. When Woody and Buzz disquise themselves in a hamburger box and a soda cup, you can see a face. When Woody walks into Buzz, Buzz says, "Watch it" and when he says that and the top of the hamburger box comes up, you can see a face.
    REPORTED: Evan 14 DEC 01
  10. The pez dispenser with the muscle man body is actually a Donald Duck Pez dispenser.
    REPORTED: Kevin Graham 11 NOV 96
    WISHFUL THINKING: Howard Munsell 04 OCT 97
  11. Towards the end, when Andy is riding in the car to his new house, there is a scene with his sister in the car, and the car radio is playing "Hakuna Matata" as Woody and Buzz are trying to get into the moving van.
    REPORTED: Laura Witte 17 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Penelope 29 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Julie Harris 29 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 23 JAN 97
  12. When Andy's mom is looking for toys for the yard sale, she finds a car under Andy's bed. When Jessie is singing her song later in the movie, the car appears under her owner's bed. It's in the part where Jessie is pushed under.
    REPORTED: Neill 10 JUN 02
  13. When Woody is hiding in the milk crate at Syd's house an army manual on "Improvised Interigation" is visable in the background
    REPORTED: Nytehawk 05 NOV 97
  14. Towards the end of the movie, when Sid's dog is shaking Buzz in his mouth and lets go of him, Buzz ends up under a red car with the licence plate "HTT1195". Toy Story was released in Nov. of 1995, the two "T's" could be for Tim Allen and Tom Hanks, unsure of what the "H" might represent.
    REPORTED: Cheryl Simone 03 NOV 96
    One of the cars' license plate is "HTT1195", which references the company "Hi Tech Tunes", which produced the film.
    CONFIRMED:Internet Movie Database
  15. During Woody's speech when he announces Andy's party has meen moved, he lifts the mylar sheet on the wax pad to "read it better". This would erase anything on it! oops
    REPORTED: munsell family 03 OCT 97
    Actually, most of the wax pads have two sheets -- a clear plastic outer one and the inner sheet, that actually holds the "writing." Lifting this top sheet doesn't erase anything -- you have to lift the inner sheet.
    WISHFUL THINKING: anon 06 FEB 01
  16. At the end when Woody and Little Bow Peep are under the mistletoe thay are standing in front of the game candy land. Most of the time Woody's hat is covering up the letter "c", making it "andy land".
    REPORTED: Howard Munsell 04 OCT 97
    Also Woody stands in front of the Candy Land game right in front of the C but its a for a few seconds.'
    CONFIRMED: anon 22 MAY 00
  17. John Lasseter's name appears on one of the books in Andy's room. John Lasseter is the director of Toy Story.
    REPORTED: Doug Holk 27 JUL 97
  18. First fully computer generated full-length feature film. The images required 800,000 hours generation time on a RenderFarm consisting of 87 2-CPU SparcStation 20's, 30 4-CPU Sparc-Station 20's and a SparcServer 1000.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  19. The carpet texture in the hallway of Andy's house is the same as the carpet texture in The Shining (1980).
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
    The carpet that resembles The Shining (1980) is not in Andy's house. It is in Sid's hallway.Andy doesn't even have any carpet. He has all hard wood floors.
    UPDATE: Stephanie E. 24 JUL 97
  20. When Woody is holding the staff meeting, several books are visible behind him. The names of the books refer to previous Pixar films: Red's Dream (1987), and Knick Knack (1989).
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  21. The desk lamp and yellow ball with a blue stripe and a red star are references to the previous Pixar film Luxo Jr. (1986).
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  22. Syd Phillips is said to be inspired by a former Pixar employee of the same last name who was known to disassemble toys and use the parts to build bizarre creations.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  23. The top of Syd's backpack reads "Julie Macbarfle has cooties!", a reference to camera manager Julia MacDonald, who lobbied people to put her name in the film. "Juju's house of food" is another reference to her.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  24. There are drawings of Pain and Panic, (Hades' henchmen) from the HERCULES movie, on Syd's backpack, when Syd drop's his backpack in his bedroom.
    REPORTED: Karen Iannarone 04 MAR 98
  25. The moving company, "Eggman Movers", is named after art director Ralph Eggelston. The license plate of the truck ("MLY1K9", meaning "Molly, one canine") is a reference to Pixar's resident sheepdog.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  26. Syd's sister serves Buzz tea from a Utah Teapot, a famous data model seen in countless computer animations.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  27. Buzz's wings should have got caught on the cartrack loop when he demonstrates how he flies.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  28. The baby monitor used by the solders was used incorrectly: they took the receiver section with them, leaving the transmitter behind.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
    CONFIRMED: Daniel Whitmore 22 JAN 98
  29. While planning the rescue of Buzz from the rocket, the clock on Sid's wall jumps from being close to 3pm to around noon.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  30. When Sid gets his "rocket" (the big one) the table he puts it on is a door with a hole where the door knob should be. Keep an eye on the hole, it comes and goes.
    REPORTED: Howard Munsell 04 OCT 97
  31. The license plate on Andy's mother's car reads "A 111" on the front but "A 113" on the rear.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  32. The arm that Buzz loses is different when at the tea party.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  33. The bulbs in the string of Christmas lights disappear for a while.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  34. The light fixture that Ducky and Legs remove and then replace is larger than the hole it travels through.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  35. The match in Woody's holster disappears for a while.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
    CONFIRMED: Daniel Whitmore 22 JAN 98
  36. The burn mark on Woody's forehead disappears.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
    In the movie Toy Story the burn mark on Woody's head does disappear for a little bit.
    CONFIRMED: anon 22 MAY 00
  37. The lights on Buzz's wings swap sides when trying to fly at Sid's house.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  38. When RC runs out of batteries and stops, Buzz drops the remote control that appears in Andy's room at the new house.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  39. The lever that lowers the ramp on the moving truck changes from black to red.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  40. The ramp is not sparking when Buzz and Woody fly past it.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  41. The ramp disappears when RC is tossed into the truck, and then reappears when Buzz and Woody fly past.
    REPORTED:Internet Movie Database
  42. After Buzz sees the Buzz Lightyear commerical in Sid's house, you can see a reflection of a bowling game off of Buzz.
    REPORTED: RRadi0head 01 JUL 98
    When he stops and thinks you can see a logo of bowling pins being knocked down and then what appears to be a leaderboard.
    CONFIRMED: Mike 24 AUG 98
  43. During Sid's sisters tea party Woody goes to rescue Buzz. While in the hallway Woody hides behind a string of christmas lights. When Woody and Buzz walk out of the room the lights are no longer there. The next scene they are back on the floor.
    REPORTED: Rukie 11 DEC 96
  44. When the minivan returns from Planet Pizza, the sunroof is missing.
    REPORTED: Rukie 11 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Nathan Glines 17 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Travis Thomas 12 MAY 97
    The sunroof is in fact still there, it is closed. You can see a faint outline of the sunroof as the minivan is pulling into the driveway.
    WISHFUL THINKING: John Nadasky 23 JAN 98
  45. The name of the realty company that's selling Andy's house is Virtual Reality.
    REPORTED: Chris Swinney 11 AUG 97
    The name of the realty company is actually "Virtual Realty", which is a play on words with "Virtual Reality"
    UPDATE: John Nadasky 23 JAN 98
  46. The motto on the side of the Pizza Planet truck in Toy Story is "Delivery to your vicinity and beyond"
    REPORTED: jacquie slaska 23 MAR 98
  47. In the movie Toy Story, Woody et. al. in the bedroom communicate with the toy soldiers downstairs via a Fisher Price "baby monitor" while Andy is opening his presents. The only problem is that these moitors provide only one-way communication, specifically from the larger base to the smaller receiver. It would not be possible to carry on a two-way conversation as takes place in the movie with this monitor. In fact, the way they did it, the soldiers would only be able to hear the toys in the bedroom, and would not have been able to report what was happening downstairs, which was their primary mission.
    REPORTED: Mark Heider 13 MAR 00
  48. On The Toy Story Box, On The back, In The little Window, Woody's Hat's Shadow Looks Like One If You Turn The Box Upside Down, And Make An Allowance For The Shadow Of his Body. It's A Little Off, but It Doesn't Look Much Like what the Shadow Of The Hat Is Supposed To Be.
    REPORTED: Alexius Pendragon 09 APR 00
  49. Here is a shortened version of the earliest opening to Toy Story.  It was going to be a Buzz Lightyear cartoon.  Here's how it went:
    A missle shoots out at Saturn.  Zurg is in his station yelling, "I won!  In less than a minute, that planet will be destroyed!  And after you witness my glorious triumph, you will die, Buzz Lightyear!"  Buzz is tied to a post, and he says, "Not today Zurg!"  And he breaks free.  Zurg calls his robot slave Bongo and says, "Bongo my robotic slave, kill Buzz Lightyear!  A shot of bongos point of view at Buzz, like in the Terminator films.  Bongo fires his atomic bases at Buzz, but buzz throws them back at Bongo, and Bongos head blows up.  Zurg goes to his escape pod and flies away.  Buzz flies after Zurg.  But the headless Bongo ties up Buzz by the feet.  Buzz throws a post through bongo, and bongo blows up for good.  The station blows up with it.   Buzz uses a piece of the broken station to bat the missle away from Saturn.   There is a cut of zurg looking out the window of the pod saying, "No!  It can't be!  Buzz Lightyear!  NOOOOO!!!!!"  The missle hits the pod and it blows up.  Buzz flies away saying, "To infinity, and beyond!"  An announcer then says, "Don't miss the next excting episode of Buzz Lightyear, defender of the universe."  Why it was cut: It would make Buzz so much a part of the world of Andys that the audience wouldn't accept Woody as Andy's Favorite.  
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 27 JAN 01
  50. This interesting fact is about the nightmare sequence from Toy Story 2.  It was intended for Toy Story 1, but after viewings of the storyreel, it was deemed to innapropraite, and it made Woody seem TOO paranoid about Buzz. This is the scene as followed:
    Woody is on the bed motionless.  The camera zooms out on Woody as Andy runs in front of the bed with Buzz yelling, "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!"  Andy does that two more times.  He starts to make Buzz fly, and says, "Hey Woody!   Buzz glows in the dark!"  And while Buzz is glowing Buzz says, "Can you glow in the dark Woody?"  Andy says, "Yeah.  Let's find out."  He holds Woody up to the light and turns the lamp off.  There is nothing but pitch black.  Andy turns on the light again and says, "Hey Woody!  You don't glow!  I don't think I like you anymore."  And he throws Woody in the trash can with a look of disgust as the moving van drives off.  Now, Andy's room is deserted and Woody is still in the trash, motionless.  A cockroach climbs up on Woody's face.  After a second, a whole army of cockroaches climb up on woody and it cuts to woody screaming.  He then sees andy, sleeping with Buzz, and breathes a sigh of relief.  This can be viewed on the Supplemental features disc of the Toy Story ultimate toy box.  
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 27 JAN 01
  51. In Toy Story 1, when Woody and Buzz disquise themselves in a hamburger box and a soda cup, you can see a face. When Woody walks into Buzz, Buzz says, "Watch it" and when he says that and the top of the hamburger box comes up, you can see a face. Watch this in slow motion.
    REPORTED: Evan 14 DEC 01
  52. In Toy Story 1 and 2 you never see Andy's dad!
    REPORTED: Carolina Munoz 19 APR 06

"Tiny Toy Stories" is a twenty minute video with 5 cartoons. The collection includes The Adventures of Andre and Wally B., Luxo Jr. (1986 Oscar nomination, Best Animated Short Film), Red's Dream, Tin Toy (1988 Academy Award-winner, Best Animated Film) and Knick Knack.

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