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  1. When Tigger is singing the song about Tiggers. Tigger starts skating around a frozen pond with another Tigger. In the background, there are marks from another skater, three circles to be procise. These three circles form Mickey's head.
    REPORTED: Steve 12 FEB 00
    CONFIRMED: Jenny and Jenny 23 FEB 00
    CONFIRMED: Safari Steve: Jungle Skipper 20 FEB 00
    CONFIRMED: Christine " TinkerTine " 25 FEB 00
    CONFIRMED: Sharon Brown 30 MAR 00
    CONFIRMED: Munirah, Munir 19 APR 00
    CONFIRMED: Lisa Hayes 22 AUG 00
    CONFIRMED: Joy 25 FEB 02
  2. I just saw The Tigger Movie with my Aunt Gail and there is a Hidden Mickey made up of three holly berries on a potted plant in Tigger's house. We noticed it during Tigger's family reunion party. Roo and Tigger were speaking, and the plant was in the background.
    REPORTED: Dillon 16 MAR 00
    CONFIRMED: Lisa Hayes 22 AUG 00
    Berries all same size.
  3. While Tigger is looking at the locket, (just before he opens it, and after Roo accidentaly finds it.) His reflection is in there, and in a split second before the scene changes, his two spiral circles and Tigger's nose look like a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Earl John Dennis Aspiras 24 MAY 00
    Yes it does look like a Mickey but my father and I don't think that it looks intentionally placed Mickey
    CONFIRMED: Lisa Hayes 22 AUG 00
  4. Notice the three hats in Tigger's house, when he's doing the super spin. When he goes near the hats, it appears to be Mickey's silhouette.
    REPORTED: Earl John Dennis Aspiras 24 MAY 00
  5. During the scene where Tigger and Roo are talking to Owl about finding ones family tree, Tigger and Roo are holding tea cups. The steam that comes from Tigger's cup forms a Hidden Mickey. This is a very difficult one to catch, as steam changes form. I was able to confirm it using slowmo on my DVD player...
    REPORTED: Kevin Orbaker 03 SEP 00
  6. I think 22 seconds before Roo cries near Tigger, (im not sure if it was before or after the avalanche) but it there is a cloud north-east to Tigger that looks like a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Earl John Dennis Aspiras 24 MAY 00
    Could be more pronounced but there is a definately Mickey shaped head there
    CONFIRMED: Lisa Hayes 22 AUG 00
    As Tigger walks away from the group, it is above his head on the right side of the screen.
    CONFIRMED: Joy 25 FEB 02
  7. At the end of the "Family Tree" song when tigger jumps up, to the fireworks, I'm sure one of the bursts forms a Hidden Mickey for a few frames.
    REPORTED: Lachlan Madsen 16 OCT 01


  1. In Disney's The Tigger Movie - Classic Story book I am pretty sure that I have found a Hidden Mickey, on the second last page-the one with the party and Christopher Robin and his camera, on the right page there is a green plant with red circles (to the left of the wood pile). between the plant and red ribbon there are five red circles, three of these are in a big clump, now turn the book upside-down & this forms a Hidden Mickey!
    REPORTED: Simon Rahtz 30 NOV 01

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