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Tummy Trouble

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Tummy Trouble is the animated short shown before the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

  1. In the hospital scene that opens in Baby Herman's room, Baby Herman is shown in bed. Then, there is a quick pan of his room before you see Roger slamming the door open and coming in. In this pan, there is a chart hung on the wall that says "Mouse's skull" and it is a side skeletal profile of Mickey and two smaller front and back views of Mickey's skull. This goes by fast, but you can see it without hitting freeze frame.
    REPORTED: Joy Kovacs 29 JUN 96
    When they show Baby Herman on the hospital bed for the first time, pause it. Keep pressing the pause button until you get to the picture on the wall. It says "Mouse's Skull". On that picture there are 2 small tri-circle Mickeys. It will say "rabbit brain" with a peanut later in the movie, the Mickeys will not be there when it says that.
    CONFIRMED: Redsox275 22 NOV 98
  2. Directly after the scene described above, a dressing screen is shown with Mickey's shoes to the right of it and his shorts hung over the top.
    REPORTED: Joy Kovacs 29 JUN 96
    After finding the Hidden Mickey described above, keep pressing the pause button until you get to the curtain. Mickey's pants are hanging over the curtain and his shoes are on the floor.
    CONFIRMED: Redsox275 22 NOV 98
  3. When they show Droopy Droop on the elevator, look at the mouse hole on the bottom of the wall. It is a Mickey. (Get it, Mickey Mouse- Mouse Hole)?
    REPORTED: Redsox275 22 NOV 98
    A mouse hole is in the shape of a Mickey Head. In the scene where they show Droopy Droop in an elevator, right next to the elevator doors is the mouse hole.
    CONFIRMED: Joshua Stewart 12 MAR 99

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