Wishful Thinking Mickeys

The Emperor's New Groove

    pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. If you look at the back of the case, by Kronk's finger, there are 2 dark spots on the wall, and a little green thingy that make up the Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: ash ketchum 20 AUG 01
    Someone had posted that two dark spots and a green object make up a hidden Mickey on the back of the case. Not only is the green object not circular, but it isn't even attached to the two dots to either side. Definately not a Mickey.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Dracolytch 22 NOV 01


  1. After Jafar has taken the Sultan's clothing (which fit him remarkably well!) and he's called a "vile traitor" (or somesuch), three pebbles over the Sultan's left shoulder form a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Stephanie M. Clarkson-Aines 04 AUG 93
    WISHFUL THINKING: Joy Kovacs 02 JUL 96
    The Hidden Mickey reported is just a broken melon or something. (You can see it alot better after the Sultan, when Alladin is saying something.) It's ear is dissconect, and its not shapped round or anything. Deffinitly no Mickey.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Jeff Leuenberger 26 JUN 97
    I do not know what the person who reported the hidden Mickey on the back of Emperor's New Groove case saw, but it is no way a hidden Mickey. It doesn't even look like one.

Alice In Wonderland

    pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. In the scene in which Alice is upstairs in the White Rabbit's house, the chair behind her is definitely a Mickey shape. I'm surprised that no one else noticed this.
    REPORTED: Andrew 16 APR 98
    I watched for this as I just viewed the movie, but noticed that almost everything in his house was shaped like a rabbit's head, complete with long ears. I believe that might be the true reason for the chair's shape.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Squigiman 23 AUG 98
    I agree that the ear shapes on the back of the chairs in "Alice in Wonderland" are rabbit ears. I looked about six time in slow motion before I came to this conclusion.
    WISHFUL THINKING: chernabog 25 SEP 98
    I want to react to Andrew (16 apr. 1998), he reported a sighting in the movie Alice in Wonderland. He saw a card with Mickey Mouse ears. I think it is wishful thinking. Andrew, I don't agree with you. What you see is the back of his head, and it runs into his collar: the bottom part of a club sign. If you look closely, you can see that 'Mickey's ears' are only half round, that's because that is the part where the collar bends to his front. I will send you a picture of this, so you can see with your own eyes.

Lady and the Tramp

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pict from hiddenmickeys.org

  1. Similar to the rooftop scene in Beauty and the Beast, in the scene where Jock and Trusty find Lady depressed because Darling and Jim Dear have recently changed, Lady is lying outside her home. When Jock and Trusty turn the corner, the background is a pattern of circular house shingles arranged in a Mickey Ear pattern. These shingles are directly above the foundation of the house. (I was surprised to see that Beauty and the Beast had such a similar pattern, the difference being Beauty and the Beast used roof shingles while Lady and the Tramp used house shingles.
    REPORTED: Phil Stern
    if the shingle pattern is the same as Beauty and the Beast, then this is wishful thinking. The shingles in Beauty and the Beast were all the same size and elongated and did not form Hidden Mickeys.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Melanie Emmons 10 JAN 97
    The alleged hidden Mickey in Lady and the Tramp when Jock and Trusty are visiting Lady and tell her Darling is pregnant isn't one. The shingles on the house are semi-circular, so they do give the impression of Mickey's head. However, there are no three shingle areas with a different shade to the surrounding ones. If that counts as a hidden Mickey, there are about a thousand of them in that short scene as any three adjacent shingles could be a Mickey.

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