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Millenium Hangover Cure

Need a cure for your hangover for the new Millenium? Scientists in England tested all the traditional and non traditional remedies. Most didn't work except for the "hair of the dog that bit you" and an "amber moon" which didn't get rid of the hangover but did ameleoriate symptoms by putting a little buzz back on.

However, these scientists found that an amino acid supplement available online performed wonderfully!. The compond is N-Acetl-Cysteine or NAC for short. It works by providing extra amino acids to your liver which allows it to continue to get rid of all that alcohol when your body has exhausted all its own amino acids necessay for the distruction of alcohol. Can be taken at any time, but best during drinking and before sleep.

Order your own bottle of NAC now so that you will have it in your medicine cabinet when you need it and bookmark this page to reorder.

This is a real scientific based approach that allows your own body metabolize the alcohol away naturally using the human amino acid, N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)!

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