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The Tigger Movie - Classic Story Book

  1. In Disney's The Tigger Movie - Classic Story book I am pretty sure that I have found a Hidden Mickey, on the second last page-the one with the party and Christopher Robin and his camera, on the right page there is a green plant with red circles (to the left of the wood pile). between the plant and red ribbon there are five red circles, three of these are in a big clump, now turn the book upside-down & this forms a Hidden Mickey!
    REPORTED: Simon Rahtz 04 MAY 02


  1. I have the 1999 single daily page calendar and have noticed that a great many of the featured pictures have a hidden Mickey. June 29th's was a still of the scene in Aristocats where Edgar the butler is fighting with the alley cats. The stone floor of the barn has what looks very much like the classic profile. I looked through other pages and it looks very much like most, if not all of the pages have a hidden Mickey, either an 'official' or close enough one.
    REPORTED: Peter 30 JUN 99
  2. In the book, Since the World Began, in the Animal Kingdom section there is a painting of mythological creatures around a lake. In the bottom left corner, two hidden Mickey's are formed by lilipads drifting on the water.
    REPORTED: Jonathan Smith 04 JUL 97
  3. In the Robin Hood Disney book, the first page where the minstrel is starting to tell the story, at the bottom of the page is a Hidden Mickey rock formation, I haven't looked in the movie version yet.
    REPORTED: greg loveall 08 MAY 97
  4. I Was looking in my little sisters "My Favorite Sound Story Cinderella" .I Found 2 Mickey mouse heads on the same page. It's the first page of the book. One is my water on the ground and the other is made out of rocks that chickens eating .
    REPORTED: Josh Hewlett 12 AUG 99

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