Hidden Mickeys
in Movies, Television, and Online

  1. When you are a the home page of Click on Entertainment and then you see the bulding BROADWAY SHOW look down on to the grass then there are some flower three of the flower look like the shape of Mickey Mouse's head.
    REPORTED: Leslie Johnson 05 NOV 00
  2. On's front page there is an area that says "studio" and is next to a tower. The shadow of these two objects looks like Mickey peering out from behind something....
    REPORTED: CarissaDyan 10 SEP 00
  3. On, there is a friendship D-card with Bambi in it. The three flowers at Bambi's feet are a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jen Linton 30 JAN 00
    On on the D-cards there is in fact a Bambi-friendship card with a hidden Mickey in the flowers at Thumper's feet.
    CONFIRMED: CarissaDyan 10 SEP 00
  4. I found a sighting while surfing the Disney webpage. On the bottom right corner to some of the frames on the pictures where there are bubbles, there is a Mickey head. They are located on each of the main frames of the webage such as the main parts of "see the world" and and the main part of that. Also, "book your trip", "plan your days", "have fun" and "disney 2000".
    REPORTED: Amy 27 DEC 99
    I was surfing on when I found a hidden Mickey on one of the video frames. In the what's new for the millenium section, there is a video screen showing spaceship earth. In the bottom-right corner is a hidden Mickey. Upon further inspection, I realized that the hidden Mickey appears in all of the places mentioned by Amy.
    CONFIRMED: Harry Walker 02 JAN 00 shop plates
  5. Here's a Hidden Mickey sighting from -- it was on the front page, in the "Shop" square to link to Disney Store Online, on February 5, 1999.
    REPORTED: Andrew Schub 07 FEB 99
  6. Disney website has a lot of hidden Mickeys. Here are the ones we've found:
    1. Check out the animated radio/clock
    2. Mickey's the ticket seller!
    3. Look at the TV screen.
    4. Mickey's body parts
    5. Check out the letter "C" in the word "club"
      REPORTED: Tai & Eve 22 MAY 98
    6. On the disney website, in the DISNEY BLAST section, there appears to be some tpye of "antenna" and Mickey's ears and head create almost the top of the building
      REPORTED: colleen 20 MAY 02
    7. See the D Card page. Look right behind the main menu at the center of the page. The dark blue and light blue of dots... see it? Mickey's left ear is cut off...
      REPORTED: Tai&Eve 27 MAY 98
    8. The background on the Disney Careers page looks like a bunch of dots at first glance, but if you look carefully, there are some hidden Mickey's in there!
      REPORTED: Tai&Eve 19 MAY 98
      Those dots are purposefully too close together at the top and they touch the center dot to make the hidden Mickey.
      CONFIRMED: "Talmont" 01 JUN 98
    9. There is a hidden Mickey on the Disney World web page. It is in the animated 'soccer ball'. It is by the 3rd link under What's New. Look at the animated gif and you will see a Mickey face during the animation.
      REPORTED: Sam Earley 07 FEB 98
    10. At Radio Disney, the background swirls make Mickeys. Look closely. Also the clock at Radio Disney is one. The speakers are the ears and the clock part is the face.
      REPORTED: Bob 22 OCT 98
    11. Anyone report a Hidden Mickey at I think I can be the first. When you go to the hotels section, eventually you can see a floor plan for the particular resort. Most recently I've looked at Caribbean Beach. Three circles appear on the dresser. It took me a while to figure out it was supposed to be the ice bucket and drinking glasses. I'll be the first to admit that they almost touch, but it is kind of weird for them to be included unless it was supposed to be a Hidden Mickey.
      REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 29 JUN 96
      CONFIRMED: Joy Kovacs 03 JUL 96
      The Hidden Mickey on the room plans is in all four of the moderate resort room diagrams.
      UPDATE: Krista Munsell 08 OCT 97
    12. At the Walt Disney World page under the Theme Parks, Maps & Live Cameras on top of the picture frame in the middle with the live picture of the Magic Kingdom is our first hidden Mickey sighting. decor
      REPORTED: Linda Lyman 16 JAN 97
      CONFIRMED: Krista Munsell 04 OCT 97
    13. I was surfing through Disney's website and linked to the Pocahontas page. There's a tri-circle Mickey at the bottom of the page where you can link to other Pocahontas sites. It's on the book icon to link to "story.". The same icon also appears at the bottom of the Lion King page; it must be the standard icon they use for the "story"
      REPORTED: Meli 14 JAN 97
    14. On the new Disney Interactive Mouse Pad that we have there is a hidden Mickey in the cloud formation at the bottom of the pad. Mickey is in profile, looking to the left!
      REPORTED: anon 08 OCT 97

  1. The Disney Studios in Burbank, CA is ringed by a black wrought iron fence. Instead of pickets at the top of each post, there are hundreds of mouse heads. decor
    REPORTED: Chris Sherman 25 JUL 95

  1. I have heard about a Hidden Mickey face in the Touchstone Pictures logo.
    REPORTED: Michael R Bretz 16 MAY 95
    I am a former Cast Member from the Disney Studios. The yellow "lightning bolt" area on the symbol creates a stretched out profile of Mickey. This was pointed out to me by an animator and becomes very clear when looked for.
    CONFIRMED: Michelle C. 14 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Dean A Scungio 25 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Jackie Thibodeaux 01 FEB 97
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  1. There is a picture of the new Tommorowland in the Disney stock report that has Animal Kingdom (the picture might be somewhere else). If you turn it diagonally you will see a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Mr.Toad 22 OCT 98
  2. I have noticed a very unusual hidden Mickey on the FM radio dial in Minneapolis. It's a station owned by Disney, called V105, which plays soul and disco. It is located on three frequencies, 105.1, 105.3, and 105.7. The first two signals, right next to each other are weaker, making them smaller. 105.7 has the best signal, farther down the dial, making it Mickey's head. Also if you plot the transmitter locations (in the suburbs) on a map, and turn it sideways, the pattern looks like a Mickey!
    REPORTED: Chad Thomas 24 MAR 01
  3. Here is a hidden Mickey found on the website..... in the Frontierland map.I assume it would be on the printed map too but haven't checked.
    REPORTED: Mark R. Doering 28 MAR 01
  4. On the Disney website if you go inside the theme park descriptions, they now have a familiar 3 circle profile of the famous mouse. Clicking on it will give a pop-up window saying where hidden mickeys are within the attraction.
    REPORTED: Patrick 25 MAR 01
    CONFIRMED: egammage 01 JUN 01
  5. Maybe this is just Wishful Thinking, but the day that I first found this site, I could have swore that I found a Hidden Mickey! My friend gave me a Disney photo album with the Princess's on the cover and it said, "Someday my prints will come." I opened it up and all over the inside there were little swirls of glitter. The glitter swirls make up a perfect Hidden Mickey. Two small at the top and one big underneath. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it qualifies. If anyone else sees this, please let me know so that I know I'm not going crazy!
    REPORTED: Amy a.k.a. Tinkerbell 09 JAN 02

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