Interesting Disney Patents

Patent Number Patent Title
419826 Method and apparatus for authenticating recorded media
419826 Drink Dispenser
6007338 Roller coaster simulator
6005597 Method and apparatus for program selection
5659625 Method and apparatus for analyzing facial configurations and components
5623878 Dynamic ride vehicle
5545092 Special effects spark generating system
5544228 Method and apparatus for transmission of full frequency digital audio
5542604 Drinking fountain with sound effects
5540622 Water slide
5537777 Insect capture device
5529382 Passenger restraint system
5528425 Apparatus and method for creating optical illusion effects
5479223 Film conversion sprocket
4569026 TV Movies that talk back
4445187 Video games with voice dialog
D375484 Computer mouse
D372440 Zipper pull
D351130 Amusement airship
D350412 Hair dryer
5633993 Method and apparatus for providing a virtual world sound system
5629595 Method and apparatus for an amusement ride having an interactive guided vehicle
5627338 Fireworks projectile having distinct shell configuration
5613443 Amusement ride for traveling down a water chute with reduced splash
5595121 Amusement ride and self-propelled vehicle therefor
5590605 Conveying device with self steering powered caster
5588914 Method and system for guiding a user in a virtual reality presentation
5585967 Three dimensional virtual image system
5584286 Integrated breathing system
5581241 Ultra-sensitive smoke detector
5577961 Method and system for restraining a leader object in a virtual reality presentation
5575538 Rock saw with centerline conveyor assembly and method of digging a narrow trench
5572749 Helmet mounting device and system
5569868 Sound generating book
5564984 Double hull amusement ride vehicle
5562121 Gas delivery system with universal outlet
5556340 Amusement ride assembly with rotating tube synchronized with an image
5551920 Motion base
5545915 Semiconductor device having field limiting ring and a process therefor
5522173 Device for trapping, observing and transporting insects, spiders and other small animals
5509806 Portable multiple module simulator aparatus and method of use
5500123 Two-phase anaerobic digestion of carbonaceous organic materials
5498003 Interactive electronic games and screen savers with multiple characters
5493281 Method and apparatus for remote synchronization of audio, lighting, animation and special effects
5488508 Vignetting technique for improving appearance of partially overlapped binocular displays
5456184 Lateral energy absorbing device for slot guided vehicle
5453053 Amusement ride having spinning passenger cars
5440990 Electronic time fuze
5440361 Method for flattening acetate-based films using steam
5421589 Method and apparatus for displaying an alpha channel virtual image
5421267 Articulated pinch drive
5416847 Multi-band, digital audio noise filter
5409226 Apparatus for providing position signals
5407391 Negative bust illusion and related method
5405152 Method and apparatus for an interactive video game with physical feedback
5402730 Platen drive unit
5398992 Seat having sound system with acoustic waveguide
5394766 Robotic human torso
5392735 Marine mammal communication device
5381616 Rotary rockwheel assemblies
5369450 Electronic and computational correction of chromatic aberration associated with an optical system used to view a color video display
5368309 Method and apparatus for a virtual video game
5368228 Method and apparatus for forming a fluid projection screen
5361534 Method of controlling irrigation
5353074 Computer controlled animation projection system
5349276 Control system for regulating motor speed
5348370 Apparatus for vibrating seats
5342225 Electrical connector for pyrotechnic applications
5339741 Precision fireworks display system having a decreased environmental impact
5329310 Method and apparatus for controlling distortion of a projected image
5327521 Speech transformation system
5325473 Apparatus and method for projection upon a three-dimensional object
5316480 Portable multiple module simulator apparatus
5305693 System and method for externally controlled spacing of self propelled vehicles along a rail
5305546 Insect catching apparatus
5305407 Apparatus and method for underwater fiber-optic coupling
5282455 Launcher for launching multiple fireworks projectiles
5280305 Method and apparatus for forming a stylized, three-dimensional object
5277662 System and method of providing passenger ingress and egress in an amusement ride having pivotable bridges
5264881 Split static surround display system
5257130 Apparatus and method for creating a real image illusion
5257051 Method and apparatus for adjusting the optical alignment of a film projection system
5241786 Irrigation control system
5239162 Arc plasma torch having tapered-bore electrode
5230200 Wallboard and method of joining wallboards
5224901 Apparatus and method for displaying an anamorphic illusion
5217832 Permanent color transparencies on single substrates and methods for making the same
5197644 Film cabinet with roller attachment and film transfer mechanisms
5182836 Pressure activated seat belt locking mechanism
5179399 Theatre in the round projection apparatus and method
5163422 Breathing apparatus for providing a source of breathable air in a burning structure
5161104 Amusement ride having pivotable ingress-egress bridges
5159362 Dimensional transformation system and related method of creating visual effects
5151725 Apparatus and method for editing film
5137214 Method and apparatus for creating artificial rain
5109836 Breathing apparatus for providing a source of breathable air in a burning structure
5091849 Computer image production system utilizing first and second networks for separately transferring control information and digital image data
5072493 Apparatus for drawing plastic film in a tenter frame
5058990 Stereoscopic viewer and view panels therefor
5054481 Infusion apparatus to supply compressed air into an industrial mask
5051225 Method of drawing plastic film in a tenter frame
5026152 Enhanced cinema system
5021954 System and method of providing passenger ingress and egress in an amusement ride
4991955 Circular projection and display system using segmented trapezoidal screens
4978216 Figure with back projected image using fiber optics
4971210 Clamshell-type closet rod spacer unit
4911866 Fog producing apparatus
4878878 Method and apparatus for stabilizing and powering walking animated figures
4850133 Spring loaded ecology bug catcher
4847067 Mold and dust inhibiting product and method
4825111 Linear motor propulsion system
4815607 Safety awareness kit including toy figures
4805895 Image forming apparatus and method
4794865 Amusement ride vehicle
4789220 Stereoscopic print viewer
4774939 Emergency breathing and warning device
4768826 Saddle for bicycle
4752065 Motion picture amusement ride
4743981 System for synchronizing audiotape and videotape machines
4701844 Dual cache for independent prefetch and execution units
4700937 Front gauge for machine tool
4695281 Medical material
4656506 Spherical projection system
4642945 Entertainment structure
4617536 Amplitude modulation apparatus and method
4600184 Tool fence
4569577 Photographic animation transfer process
4557570 Camera assembly for three-dimensional photography
4516943 Amusement ride raft
4322066 Saw fence
4316623 Self-pressurizable portable vessel with faucet connector
4312276 Turntable joining tracks with linear induction motor control
4283766 Automatic camera control for creating special effects in motion picture photography
4272906 Closeable fish net
4257612 Optoelectronic amusement device
4231400 Removable two-way connector for a faucet nozzle
4177589 Three-dimensional animated facial control
4163340 Insect capturing and exterminating device
4150824 Optoelectronic communications system
4103892 Light actuated target control for an amusement device
4095996 Method of and apparatus for the removal of sea growth from submerged ship hull surfaces
4089373 Situ coal combustion heat recovery method
4066256 Amusement ride
4054290 Light gun having selectable modulated infrared output
4050385 High capacity passenger transport apparatus
4029019 Track for vehicles
4018279 In situ coal combustion heat recovery method
4009916 Chipcore panel with rounded and bevelled edges overlaid with a sheet of plastic material
4002878 Gas tungsten arc welding electrode
3974778 Speed control system
3973839 Special effects generation and control system for motion pictures
3973746 Collision avoidance system
3964944 Manufacture of cementitious board
3947741 Boat guidance system
3942291 Artificial land structure framework
3935743 Temperature indicators
3933326 Observation/interpretation system
3923300 Theater chair automatically movable by remote control
3921980 Ice cannon combined with frozen projectile supply structure and target structure
3919696 Monitor system for sensing discrete points
3915479 Connector for flexible conduit
3898438 Programmable method for digital animation apparatus for assembling animation data
3865430 Theater chair automatically movable by remote control
RE30278 Special effects generation and control system for motion pictures
D383136 Pair of decorative earpieces for headphones
D382326 Insect capturer
D376806 Compound miter saw
D376612 Combined sunglasses and visor
D374882 Combined sunglasses and visor
D369973 Watch box
D367874 Combined sunglasses and visor
D366274 Combined sunglasses and visor
D364888 Combined sunglasses and visor
D364887 Combined sunglasses and visor
D361340 Stereoscopic viewer
D358158 Stereoscopic viewer
D356619 Amusement ride car
D353434 Amusement character playhouse
D353171 Doll
D353046 Utility tool box
D352758 Divot tool
D352541 Amusement character boat
D352335 Amusement vehicle
D352327 Spaceship amusement ride
D352085 Amusement car
D351208 Robotic figure
D350995 Amusement castle
D350166 Toy shovel
D350082 Skull figure
D349313 Robotic figure
D348349 Visor
D348299 Amusement trolley
D348289 Amusement car
D348288 Amusement car
D348085 Amusement car
D347674 Amusement ride space vehicle
D347036 Amusement character playhouse
D347035 Amusement character playhouse

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