1) Where and when did the Caraussel of Progress first debut? Answer

2) How many spots does EVERY puppy have in 101 dalmations? Answer

3) In the Hunchback of Notre Dame what past Disney charecter has a cameo? Answer

4) Why was it strange that King Stefan's Banquet Hall is located in Cinderella's castle? Answer

5) What is the first Disney cartoon released starring Mickey Mouse, and what was the date of it's debut? Answer

6) Walt Disney won an academy award for the creation of Mickey mouse on what date? Answer

7) In 1946 what Disney film made it's debut? Answer

8) What is the name of the Dreamfinder's assistant? Answer

9) Before Mickey, Walt was responsible for what other cartoon charecter? Answer

10) Name the three good fairies in Sleeping Beauty? Answer

11) What Disney theme park attraction has a pilot named Rex? Answer

12) What is the name of Penny's cat in the Rescuers? Answer

13) Who is Pongo's owner? Answer

14) What are the names of all Seven Dwarfs? Answer

15) Where can one make music by stepping on beams of light on the floor? Answer

16) Which Dwarf doesn't speak? Answer

17) Who is short fat and proud of that? Answer

18) Who played Captain Eo in the Journey of imagination building? Answer

19) What is the name of the reasearch facility at the Living Seas? Answer

20) What's the name of the Pioneer Hall musical revue at Fort Wilderness? Answer

21) What is the name of the Whale in Pinocehio? Answer

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