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Why Worry about Y2K?

Are You Ready for the New Millennium?
y2kbn120 If you own a computer, then you need to be ready for the next millennium. No one really knows what surprises will come after midnight, December 31, 1999, but we have some suggestions to take the pressure off of your New Year's Eve Celebration. But don't delay, there are many dates associated with the Year 2000 (Y2K) problem that occur well before December 31, 1999. We've created this site as a starting point for getting help and information on the Year Y2K problem.

How Did This Happen?
Many computers were programmed with the date automatically starting with 19, so only the last two numbers of the year can change. This quirk leaves many computers with a big problem: on January 1, 2000, many computers will be set to January 1, 1900. This could result in loss of important data or in nothing at all.

Additionally, other dates have surfaced as critical. For example, September 9, 1999 (9999) was used as an end of file/record and a date in November was used as a "never delete/update" entry.

Check 2000 PC will find and fix your Y2K hardware issues and tell you how to fix problems found in many software programs. It will also give you a report on how your system will react to the Year 2000 change. Get your copy today for only $24.95. Deluxe version also available.

Norton 2000 makes it easy to resolve the three main year 2000 issues for desktops: hardware problems such as the BIOS and real-time clock, commercial off-the-shelf application compliance, and end user created data. $45.95.

Will This Bug Be Difficult to Fix?
There are some excellent programs to help you and your computer rest easy going into the new millennium. There's more to getting ready for Y2K than making sure that your computer is ready. Not all software is Y2K compliant, and it's not always easy to tell how your software will react. We carry several Y2K software titles to help you get prepared.

McAfee's 2000 Toolbox contains all the tools you need to ensure your PC successfully rolls over to the year 2000. This product contains utilities that check your hardware and provide for any problems caused by the year 2000. $28.95.

IMSI's Year 2000 Now delivers the one-two punch you need to stop the millennium bug cold. Only Year 2000 Now gives you software updating using IMSI's UpdateNow and BIOS fixing with the knowledge base of Greenwich Mean Time's Check 2000 PC. . $44.45

Y2K TEST & FIX is a good way to check and fix your hardware's Y2K compatibility. Y2K Test & Fix will perform tests on your PC and fix the time mechanism so that January 1, 2000, is simply a new year and not a crisis for your computer. FREE after $24.95 rebate.

What Types of Tests Should I Do?
Y2K can affect both hardware and software. While all Macs, as well as PCs made after 1995, are supposed to be Y2K compatible, your software may not be. Many newer software programs are also supposed to be compatible. Y2K programs can test one or both, so take the guesswork out of January 1, 2000, and use one of our titles to get your hardware and software ready.

Fix2000 Pro is a comprehensive way to search for and fix many of your computer's hardware and software Y2K problems. You're in control with the program that reviews any potential problems and lets you decide which problems to fix. Get this advanced program now for only $27.45.

Know2000 reports Y2K readiness for PC hardware/BIOS, all Windows versions, and more than 3500 software applications. Specifically designed for home & small business owners, Know2000 is safe, automated, and simple to use. Take action before it's too late! Know2000 is available for Windows 95, 98, NT and Windows 3.1. $19.95

Where Else Can I Go for Help?
Start off with our recommended Y2K software titles. Your answer may be as easy as buying one title and installing it on your computer. Or, if you have more questions, try our Year 2000 Customer Forum.

If you're looking for more information, there are websites and consulting services dedicated to the Y2K bug. In addition, a magazine that focuses entirely on Y2K is called >The Year 2000 Journal.

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