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This site is an affiliate of Travelocity a division of Sabre, the leading provider of information technology solutions for the travel and trasportation industry. Sabre provides support to 30,000 travel agencies, and 3 million corporate and other users. Sabre has been providing travel via the internet for over 10 years. Sabre is a member of the Better Business Bureau - Online

We are proud to be an affiliate of such a prestidgeos network.

First Time Users

When using Travelocity for the first time, as a new user, you will guided through the Free Member registration process. This is the same process that your local travel agent goes through when booking a reservation for your the first time. The data you enter is completely secure and private. Please read Travelocity and Sabre's security and privacy guarantee.

Do not forget to enter all your preferences, seat assignments, food, etc., discount program IDs for hotels and car rentals, and your frequent flyer miles. This way whenever you make a reservation your profile will always be used to insure desires are used when processing your reservations.

To perform your first time log-on, return to the previous page using your browser's back button. Then, bookmark our travel page. This will allow you to return to to make later reservations and still give creidt to the Spacecoast Hidden Mickeys List. Now, select