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Tips And Tricks -- The Insider's Guide to

Here are some helpful hints that we recommend to promoting priceline on your site.

For more general information on site design, increasing traffic, and HTML, visit the Webmaster's Corner.

Tips to Link to Priceline

  1. Make sure that you take some time and go through the airline and hotel sites so that you see exactly how priceline works (or you can visit the's FAQ's at This way, you'll be sure to understand how to best link to the site.

  2. Link to the priceline homepage, as well as the front pages of the hotel and airline areas of the site. Use the text links and buttons that are provided by priceline to do this…they are proven to work!

  3. Link to travel-related information throughout your site. We'd recommend linking to sites like, and Other sites that we recommend linking to:, and

  4. Use our logo and/or name when linking to us. When you link to your travel store area, preferably on your main page emphasize that you can name your own price. Use wording like " -- Save Big By Naming Your Own Price"; "Name Your Own Price for Leisure Airline Tickets at"; "Name Your Own Price and Save! ".

  5. Look at your reports on to find out which products are selling well and what link placements work the best, once you start linking. You may want to put products that are selling well in more prominent areas of your site.

  6. You can also increase traffic to increase sales. To get more traffic, submit your site (and submit every month or so) to as many search engines and directories as possible. Make sure your meta tags are in place, join link-exchange programs, start a newsletter, and otherwise spread the word. Find out some ways to increase traffic in our Webmaster's Corner.

  7. Keep your customers by asking them to bookmark your site to help sponsor it when they travel in the future.

The Insider's Guide to Naming Your Price!

One of the most frequently asked questions here at priceline is, "How do I know what price to pay?" The answer is simple -- just do a little research! As a member of priceline's Priceline Affiliates Network you can make sure that your visitors have "done their homework" and get the best price for their tickets.

Since priceline rewards you for qualified offers through the priceline site, you should know how to help your visitors get an idea of how much they should be paying.

Here's how to do it.

There are 6 easy steps we recommend to help your visitors name their own price:

  • Figure out what destinations visitors to your site would be traveling to. For example, if you run a ski-themed site, you should make a list of the top 10 or 20 ski destinations worldwide.

  • Shop around for the lowest available advance purchase fares for trips to these destinations on a major airline. Check sites like Yahoo Travel, Expedia, Travelocity, and Preview Travel.

  • Record this information and post it on your site, with a note to where you obtained it. This will let your users get a good deal -- and they'll thank you for it.

  • You should place your links to priceline near this information. You should remind them that if they want to pay the retail fares or specials that you've found, they should do this…If the prices are still too expensive, then suggest that they let priceline try to find empty seats for them, at the price they want to pay.

  • Remind your users that the pricing information you've gathered is a good guide to using priceline. They should look at the prices that you have posted and come to priceline and make a qualified offer based on this information. We've found that offers of 20-30% below the best available fare have a good chance of being accepted.

  • Another helpful hint is to encourage your visitors to advantage of any special offers (sign-up for a credit card, for example) that might be offered during purchase. Accepting the offer will add up to $50 in free bonus money to their offer price -- at no additional charge to the consumer! It's a terrific way to increase the chance your visitor's offer for tickets will be accepted.

    For more information on how to make your site a winner, visit's Affiliate Network Webmaster's Corner . This area is another exclusive benefit for members, full of the latest hints on successful online marketing.

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