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  1. The garbage cans in Camp Minnie-Mickey are different than in the rest of the park. decor
    REPORTED: Tom & Renée Shaw 26 DEC 00

Bridge to Camp Minnie-Mickey

  1. The Disney Vacation Club Truck located near the entrance sign of Camp Minnie Mickey has hidden Mickey's in the custom painting on the outside of the truck...for further information on the exact locations....ask a cast member in that location...
    REPORTED: anon 18 JUN 00
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Young 09 JAN 01
  2. pict from
  3. On the Discovery River Boat to Asia, there is a hidden Mickey on the bridge to Camp Minnie-Mickey. As you go under the bridge, there are several designs 'carved' into the wood/stone. The rightmost carving is a Mickey head. You must be on the right side of the boat to see it.
    REPORTED: Rebecca 21 MAR 98
    CONFIRMED: John Hutchinson 22 MAR 98
    There is a Celtic looking Mickey head on the right side of the bridge.
    CONFIRMED: Geoff 29 MAR 98
    This hidden Mickey is on the bridge to Camp Minnie-Mickey. You have to be on the Discovery River Boat (one way to Asia) to see it. As you draw close to the bridge, look at the right of it, the carving on the far right is Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: 1lazysol 20 APR 98
    CONFIRMED: Jennifer Stephens 12 JUN 98
    Hidden Mickey at right side of bridge to Camp Minnie-Mickey as you go under it on the Discovery Boat trip, on the arch.
    CONFIRMED: Victor Vitek 20 AUG 98
    When you go on the Discovery Riverboats in the Safari Village, Discovery Island. On the 2nd bridge that you go through. On the right-handed side (the bridge going to Camp Minnie-Mickey) is a Mickey head with fancy borders around imprinted on a big log.
    CONFIRMED: Mickey 20 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Darlyne 09 OCT 98 Totem
  4. CONFIRMED: Brad McKay 02 APR 99
    Note: Discovery River Boats have been retired. You can view this from the walk between Africa and Asia.
  5. On the bridge to Camp Minnie Mickey there are a bunch of totem poles, if you look at the pole fartest to your left there is a sculpture of a shark on it with 2 Mickey heads on the shark pretty easy to see and no other similar shapes on any of the other totem poles
    REPORTED: Dan 28 APR 98
    It's on the way to camp Minnie Mickey, near Pizzafari
    CONFIRMED: Meli 07 NOV 98
  6. When you are walking towards Camp Minnie Mickey from the main path, there is a hidden Mickey carved out of the panels you sit on, on the first bench on the left.
    REPORTED: John and tina and peter 10 MAR 02
  7. While visiting Camp Minnie/Mickey if you see the white pony go over and look for the hidden Mickey. Its on his rear (not branded but shaved) my daughter Hayley loved this one.
    REPORTED: Kimberly 11 JUN 02
  8. Before Camp Minnie Mickey and after the Lion King show, a hidden Mickey is on the front of an ice cream vendor's building. The "shutters" have big "x"'s on them and little circles in left/right angles of the "x"'s. One shutter has two ears added to the little circles to form Mickey. There are actually two there.
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Young 09 JAN 01

Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends

  1. Pocahontas and Her Forest FriendsAt about eye level, on the right hand side of the mural coming off of the stage, in the painting of the dirt path, are three rocks making the design of our favorite mouse.
    REPORTED: Ian Janosko 04 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Victor Vitek 20 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Grae Garrison 20 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Robert & Deborah Peters 14 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Alex & Laura 15 MAR 99
  2. The scenery on the left at the Pocohantas animal thing (you can see it at both the training and the real deal) on the path there is a group of four rocks that don't make anythig and then a group of three rocks that make the hidden mickey. It is painted on the wall so it should still be there when you go.
    REPORTED: Victoria 28 DEC 00

Ice Cream Shop

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  1. Around the edges of the structure and the windows, there are Hidden Mickeys made out of wood.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 19 APR 98
    Camp Minnie-Mickey on the Funnel Cake Cart, there are numerous hidden Mickey's. They are not full sillouettes, they are half of the face and the ears. They are mad out of round pieces of wood, and are all around the edges of the cart and the windows.
    CONFIRMED: Rachel H. 24 APR 98
    I attended the opening day of the Animal Kingdom on April 22, 1998, and I am happy to report a Hidden Mickey. The first one is Campside Funnel Cakes in Camp Minnie-Mickey. Where the wood is joined together there are two circles and one half circle representing the hat. There are quite a few on the hut.
    CONFIRMED: marci 26 APR 98
    Check the decorative frame work around the customer service counter on the Campside Funnel Cakes stand in Camp Minnie-Mickey. The Hidden Mickey is in the wood trim.
    CONFIRMED: Griz Bemis 09 JUN 98
    The shutters on either side of the front of the building have what I thought at first were sideways half moons, then realized they were two mouse ears on either side of a half moon - voila - my first sighting! Looks like all of the shutters had the design, but a few of the ears had fallen off.
    CONFIRMED: Nancy Ahlsen 03 MAY 99
    In the "Camp Minie-Mickey" area of the Animal Kingdom their are random stands for food and drinks. These stands are made of wood and look like little cabins. In their wood an assortment of Mickey shaped knot-holes can be found.
    CONFIRMED: Ashley McRae 15 DEC 99
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Festival of the Lion King

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  1. I saw a hidden Mickey while waiting in line for "Festvial of the Lion King". On your left behind some bushes you can see Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto fishing. It seems very obvious but not many people saw them. ..also on the right you can see Daisy and Huey, Dewey, and Louie......
    REPORTED: Andrew Galennus 30 NOV 98 pict from Banner 10000017
  2. The bird house on the left as you go into the Lion King Festival has a Hidden Mickey in it. The opening is a profile of Mickey. decor
    REPORTED: Larry Hickey 02 JUN 98
    Next to the queue area for Festival of the Lion King there is a birdhouse hanging on the left hand side, about 20 feet before the entrance to the theatre. The hole cut into the front of the birdhouse is Mickey's side profile.
    CONFIRMED: Evan Pimental 04 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Manik Anand 14 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Robert & Deborah Peters 14 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 25 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Don Knieriem 19 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Renée Shaw 26 DEC 00
    On your left hand side there is another bird house with a Mickey shaped hole.
    CONFIRMED: Sheriece Beebe 20 MAY 01
  3. In the Festival of the Lion King (FoLK) on the center stage platform, there is a hidden Mickey to the right of the stairs that face the Simba puppet. It is set into the "rock" of the side of the platform.
    REPORTED: FoLK Performer 21 JUL 98

Character Greeting Pavilions

  1. Totem Banner 10000017
  2. Similar to the Festival of the Lion King bird houses, down one of the paths that lead to one of the pavilions (the 2nd pavilion I'm nearly certain) is a bird house. The general shape of the hole in the birdhouse we saw was similar to that which is shown in the picture above, but I remember the cutout to be much more intricate.
    REPORTED: The Porter's 20 APR 99
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Renée Shaw 26 DEC 00

Chip 'n Dale's Cookie Cabin

  1. White Cookie Background 120x60 pict from
  2. At Chip and Dale's Cookie Cabin, three stones at the base of the right-most roof support form the familiar Mickey shape.
    REPORTED: Julie and Mary Beth 19 JUN 99

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