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Fun Facts of The Oasis Gardens

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  1. As you walk to the front entrance of Animal Kingdom, look down at the concrete. The concrete in the large area just before the ticket booths has sections painted on the ground. When seen from an arial view, this painted section is actually a tree, resembling the Tree of Life. The brown painted sections are the roots, the green section is the leaves.
    REPORTED: April W. 20 JUN 01
  2. Genesis Gardens was the original name for the first land that you enter into the park. The name was a little too religous so it was changed to Oasis Gardens.
    REPORTED: Jake Miller 18 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: anon 06 OCT 97 DeVine
  3. De Vine is a very interesting walk around character. In some ways it is like the walking trash can or the living statues. It is usually found in the Animal Kingdom between Asia and Africa but can be found anywhere at Walt Disney World so be on the lookout.
  4. I found this in a post on a message board have any of you heard of De Vine, a character in Animal Kingdom. She is dressed up to look like a huge plant and many people walk on by without even noticing her. I have heard of others like the hidden path in AK" "Maybe I was the only person who didn't know this but if you go to the AK prior to the gates opening, they have a little show called the awakening. The music starts to build and costumed CMs come out and dance. If I'm not mistaken it's James Earl Jones' voice who awakens the animals. It really got our blood flowing" "Everytime I've seen Devine it has been in the Oasis and she comes out from the Rainforest Cafe area. She'll drape herself alongside the Cafe sign at the Oasis and then move to the different trees in the area. I'm sure she's at other areas in the park but that's the only location I've personally seen her. If you enter the park early for
    REPORTED: Jimmybop Wrong 22 JAN 01
  5. The landscape is architected first with a tall canopy (Euclyptus); at eye level there are flowering trees (Jacarandas Tabebuias, and broad-canopied evergreens); bridging the gap are vines, lianas, and orchids. The next elemnt to the design is water - water falls and pools. The last elemnt is the little animals and birds which are like ornaments for the trees (Scarlet Ibis, Tree Kangaroos, etc). pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  6. In the event of the rare Florida freeze, Disney will use heaters in areas like The Oasis where the plants are lush and tropical.
  7. There are feeders located in Oasis Gardens that look like trees.
    REPORTED: anon 06 OCT 97
  8. Characters: The Oasis gets visits from all the Disney animal characters including the Jungle Book monkeys, and Daisy Duck.
    REPORTED: Jeff 09 JAN 01

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