Animal Kingdom Stories


From: Brittany 12 JUN 01

When our family was standing waiting to get our picture taken with Chip & Dale I was wearing an *Nsync lanyard with my disney pins on it(you have to be an nsync fan to get this). Chip pointed to my lanyard & did" Bye Bye Bye" it was really funny because he was standing there dancing like *Nsync. That has been one of the funniest experiences i have had yet.

From: Meredith 30 MAR 99

My family and I were enjoying a beautiful and final day at Disney's Animal Kindom. We were walking on the path from Asia to Africa when we saw something stirring in the bushes. I went over and "bat around the bush", as did my father. With that, a HUGE rat ran out from the bush, to the other side of the path. It happened to run in front of a lady with a stoller, and she started screaming at the top of her lungs! Even though the one rat ran across the path, there where still several in the bush. I've heard about cats in Disneyland, but this is rediculous!


From: Chris 05 MAR 01

Even though Dinosaur is an awesome ride, it stills has a few problems. I've been on it twice and on the second time it stopped for second and was bouncing in place. Somebody I know stopped right in front of the Carnataur and his mom was scared to death (think of what a kid would be like.). So if you bring small kids on this ride, and stop in front of the Carnataur, be advised that they might get scared. Don't get scared yourself!

From: Matthew Gage 16 APR 99

My family and I ventured our last trip to Disney World this past winter. We visited all the parks including Animal Kingdom. I have to admit I am not a huge fan of animals but this park makes them interesting. Anyway, the first ride of the day was Countdown to Extinction. Talk about a walk on! We skipped the pre-show (probably a mistake) and boarded our time traveling machines. The ride started out pretty smoothly but became progressively rougher as the ride went on. It was at the point when the big meteor hit that my mom's pocketbook fell out the side of our tram. I remember her yelling something to me but it was too loud to hear anything. When we got off the ride (dazed) we asked the guy at the photo booth for some assistance. He said that he would be able to get the purse. And my mom was relieved. But he neglected to tell my mom that it might take a couple of hours before a maintainance crew could get out there. My mom said the famous line, "If you don't get my purse, this won't be the happiest place on earth anymore!" Not surprisingly, the purse was retrieved immediately. By the way, it was a good ride. And they don't say to secure all loose belongings because the're bored!

From: Lorne 23 OCT 99

My mom and I live in South Florida, and usually take a trip to WDW every other month. The last time we were there, we visited Animal Kingdom first. Everything seemed normal as we boarded our Time Rovers at CTX. As the vehicle made a right (at the VERY begining when you first see the dinosuars) we heard a weird sound as our ride stopped. The emergency lights went on, and there we were just sitting there in the dark, listening to the sound effects and the grunts of the dinosaurs. I freaked out! I couldn't contain myself. Listen, I'm a contained 13 year old, and I just went out of control. I was sooooo scared. 5 minutes later a man with a flash light came out and looked around the truck. He told us that the ride will continue, but it will start out very slow and boring with no voice-overs. So it just moved, no cool stuff, it just moved, up a small hill, passing the raptor, then we heard the usual sound of the first meteor. The ride went out of control (I mean it ran normal) and the rest of the ride was fun. We got to ride again and enjoyed the rest of the day.

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