Walt Disney World

Hidden Mickeys at Downtown Disney's West Side



  1. After crossing the bridge to get to the West Side (the "short cut" after 7 pm), there is a little tug boat type structure which is just below the Jessica Rabbit Pleasure Island sign. On this tug boat there are three life preservers all connected to form a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Alyson 01 MAR 99
Cirque du Soleil

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  1. We found Mickey in the rest rooms outside of the entrance to Cirque du Soleil. They are in the corner floor tile by the entrance door of both the mens and womens restrooms.
    REPORTED: daverenee 01 NOV 98
    We spotted this hidden Mickey at the new Cirque du Soleil building at Downtown Disney West Side. In the restrooms that are part of the new building closest to House of Blues and Disney Quest, the white floor tiles have an occasional colored circle in them. They're all random, nothing even close to a Mickey, EXCEPT for one tile to the left of the enter/exit door - three circles, all blue, correctly proportioned. My wife checked the Lady's room and there was one in there as well!
    CONFIRMED: Todd Johnson 15 DEC 98
    This may or may not be planned, but in the male restroom on the ground floor at the Cirque de Soliel theater. Walk in the door and look down at the tile floor. There are three circles, I believe they are red, laid into the larger white tile. Colored circles are throughout the design of the restroom, but only these three at the entrance form the special design.
    CONFIRMED: christopher 04 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 31 OCT 99
    CONFIRMED: Michael 17 FEB 00
    During our trip to WDW in July 2000 we attended a performance of LA NOUBA. Before entering the theatre I made a stop at the men's room (the one located under the main entrance staircase)it was there that I noticed a Hidden Mickey. Just before you exit the men's room if you look down at the floor right below the hinge on the exit door you will see the classic Mickey in black tile set into the white floor tile. Anyone else ever notice this? Is there one in the ladies room too? I'm anxious to know.
    CONFIRMED: Mark Happel 24 JUL 00
House of Blues
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HOB Online
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  1. This may be wishful thinking, but this hidden Mickey is located at the merchandise store at HOB. Before you enter the store, above you is a tin roof with holes punched in it. During the day, these holes cast a circular spots of light on the brick walkway surrounding the store. If you are at the entrance, walk to the very left edge of the store at you'll see 3 spots of light forming a Mickey head. The only reason I'm reporting this is because all of the holes in the tin roof run in a horizontal line except for these three which happen to form a Mickey Head. I give credit to my Mom for finding this before I did!
    REPORTED: Cameron Melvin 26 APR 98

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    pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. In the carpet on each level of the Quest has Mickeys in the Arabic script. Try to figure out what they mean!
    REPORTED: Cyndi Robertson 21 MAY 98
    There is a Hidden Mickey in the carpet design at the top floor of DisneyQuest
    CONFIRMED: JC do 26 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 31 OCT 99
    3rd and 4th floors
    CONFIRMED: chad worrell/matt wolbrink 12 JAN 01
  2. Paint splotches on the "Living Easels" game form Hidden Mickeys on some of the Easels.
    REPORTED: anon 18 JUN 98
  3. In the queue for Alien Encounter Interactive, a pre-show video is played. During the video, L.C. Clench, chairman of XS Tech explains the rescue vehicle, the XS-5000. The video then shows an animated model of the vehicle. On each leg of the XS-5000, the segment between the "elbow" and the body pivot has a perfect hidden Mickey, These are presumably holes punched out of the steel leg.
    REPORTED: Rusty Martin 11 MAY 98 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  4. When you exit the elevators, look up. The track lighting is formed into three rings. There's the Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jim Kelly 15 MAY 98
    On the fifth floor in Invasion outide pod 4 is a Mickey in the track lighting.
    CONFIRMED: Jim Phillips 16 JUL 98
    If you stand in front of the elevator near Comicbook Adventure and look up you will see a Hidden Mickey made of wire.
    CONFIRMED: Jimmy & Jillian Skouby 13 AUG 98
    In front of the elevators in the Score Zone, there is track lighting in the classic circles.
    CONFIRMED: anon 13 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: Bonny Hoffman 31 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 31 OCT 99
    CONFIRMED: nikya 12 JUL 00
    This Hidden Mickey is near the end of the queue line on Alien Invasion in DisneyQuest. Right before entering the ride (at the end of the queue) look straight across to the green "Exit" sign. Then look up above that. You will see the three circles, or loops, creating a Hidden Mickey. I believe there are one or two lights on these loops, but it looks pretty obvious to me. My wife found this one!
    UPDATE: The Warden 24 MAR 02 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  5. When you are exiting Disney Quest, there are balls hanging from the ceiling to create a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jimmy & Jillian Skouby 13 AUG 98
    The balls that hang from the middle, when you look at them from the restaurant is a Mickey. The Mickey is on this ray thing, but you have to stand in the right position.
    CONFIRMED: Bryan & his Dad 10 NOV 98

Virtual Jungle Cruise

  1. In the carpet outside of Jungle Cruise, the dinosaur fossils contain a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jeff Young 09 JAN 01
  2. One of the easiest to spot is in the Virtual Jungle Cruise. On the screen before the attraction starts there is a picture of the Cinderella castle and the Matterhorn, once in a while a "stray" balloon will drift by, sometimes in the shape of a Mickey. This has been confirmed by the programmers.
    REPORTED: marti 09 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Jim Phillips 16 JUL 98
    Before the ride starts, when you have the boat on the screen, balloon float through the sky. Occassionally, the balloons are the classic Mickey balloons with ears.
    CONFIRMED: anon 13 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 31 OCT 99
  3. The coconuts that hanging from the boat canopy is an upside down Mickey. This has been confirmed by the programmers.
    REPORTED: marti 09 JUN 98
  4. While going through the glacier in the Virtual Jungle Cruise, you pass through an ice bridge that is a perfect shape of Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jim Phillips 16 JUL 98
    During the ride, as you leave the ice cavern area, the archway has ears.
    CONFIRMED: anon 13 DEC 98

CyberSpace Mountain

  1. At the CyberSpaceMountain attraction, when you create a coaster, use the SPACE terrain and choose the slowest speed... there is a hidden Mickey and Minnie in the film! They are in the first tube-walkway you pass under(or over) while on the ride. It's easiest to see if you choose the slowest speed.
    REPORTED: Kathy 18 AUG 99
  2. The "double loop" track design is an obvious Mickey.
    REPORTED: anon 13 DEC 98
    I would agree that the "double loop" on the Cyberspace Mountain is a hidden Mickey, though it is a little vauge. The way it is raised above the track level (relative term) and the raise in the center seem to suggest the top of the head, but there is no definite "face".
    CONFIRMED: anon 14 JUL 99
  3. About 2/3 down the ride, you will bank back and see 3 planets forming the hidden Mickey. An employee confirmed this and began my seach for other Mickeys.
    REPORTED: Michael Rocha 15 MAY 99

Sid's Create-A-Toy

  1. In Sid's Backyard, when the claw goes across the rocket and blasts off, a Mickey appears in the smoke for a split second.
    REPORTED: anon 13 DEC 98

Ride the Comix

  1. In the Ride the Comix game, one of the characters (A bad guy, I think) is wearing a shirt with the tri-circle Mickey on it.
    REPORTED: Marcia Bauer 06 MAR 01


    pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. The carpet in the Ventureport and FoodQuest have "calculus" formulas that refer to Disney in various ways. The most interesting one says "at DisneyQuest there is no canine pee (k9p), never, but there is a lot of fun, always."
    REPORTED: anon 13 DEC 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 31 OCT 99 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  2. Upon entering the attraction, you take an elevator to the Ventureport. To see this hidden Mickey, stand directly between the entrances to the Explore Zone and Score Zone and look up at the microscope-looking thing hanging from the center of the room--I'm not quite sure what it is, but on the end of it are various spheres. There are two large ones and two small ones. If you tilt your head a little to the left, you can pick out a Hidden Mickey, plain as day! It's right there. The seoncd larger sphere is behind the other large sphere that makes up Mickey's head. His ears are the two smaller ones. It looks too much to be a Hidden Mickey that I can't keep from reporting it.
    REPORTED: Joseph Lane 21 MAR 99
    We are sitting in the Wonderland Cafe< to the left of the serving counter and looking at the ray over the center of the railing, the flashing globes on the end of the ray from the center right form a hidden Mickey going either way right or left.
    CONFIRMED: anon 18 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 31 OCT 99
    Hanging from the roof of DisneyQuest there is a gigantic ray-gun-thing. At the lower end is a group of spheres. If you are standing on the third floor, between two pillars, Mickey should be visible. The ears are pointing to the left. (If you're looking at the signpost, you should be halfway between "Score Zone" and "Explore Zone".) Another group of spheres is visible from the 4th floor, to the left of the previous view point. (I noticed this one when telling my dad (in the Wonderland Cafe) about the other one.)
    CONFIRMED: Tadao 14 FEB 00

Treasure of the Incas

pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. As you stand at the control center there is a little figure 8 above the video screen. If you look it makes out a perfect Mickey head, with the center circle being the largest.
    REPORTED: Patrick Collins 30 JUN 99

Score Zone

pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. There are several hidden images and references in the large wall mural opposite Mighty Ducks Pinball slam.
    REPORTED: anon 13 DEC 98
  2. In Mighty Ducks Air Hockey, the player positions 11 - 8 - 7 form a Mickey.
    REPORTED: JC do 26 JUN 98
  3. In Mighty Ducks Air Hockey, the goal keeper looks like Mickey when shown in profile
    REPORTED: JC do 26 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 31 OCT 99

Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride

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  1. On Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride during your adventure one part has you (abu) following the golden beetle the the cavern with the lion's head...when you first see the beetle standing upright in front of you...look at his back its a Mickey!
    REPORTED: Brian Miller 04 JUN 98
    When one of your "team's" members finds the golden beetle (that opens the Cave of Wonders) the beetle will show up in the center of your screen. If you look on the center of the beetle there is a clasic three-circle Mickey head visible.
    CONFIRMED: Kevin M. 06 JUL 00
  2. Inside the Aladdin ride around the swords dropping in the maze there is a section of the wall where the brick texture contains Mickeys (get real close, but be careful, I got stuck there once).
    REPORTED: Jeff Young 09 JAN 01

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold

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  1. In the new Pirates ride, the palm tree in the queue has three coconuts in the right layout.
    REPORTED: Jeff Young 09 JAN 01
  2. In the new Pirates ride and back by the Miss Fortune, there is a mural on the way out where inside an arch over the water is a tiny hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jeff Young 09 JAN 01
Virgin Megastore

Virgin Megastore

  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

Wolfgang Puck Cafe

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  1. The Pizzas served at Wolfgang Puck Express are in the shape of Mickey's head.
    REPORTED: Michael 18 APR 98
  2. In the reservation section at the entrance, look about 2 feet above the green shelf attached to the mosaic and you'll see a round white tile with two smaller round black tiles above it forming a Mickey head. The hostest confirmed I was looking at a hidden Mickey
    REPORTED: Cameron Melvin 26 APR 98
    When you walk into the restaurant, you will see there big wood burning oven. The outside consists of different shapes and sizes and colors of tiles. It's in between the express counter to the left and the restaurant to the right. About two thirds of the way up you will see a hidden Mickey in black tile.
    CONFIRMED: scott 05 MAY 98
    After you first walk in through the front doors, behind the host stand, about half way up the white mosaic pizza oven, there is a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Angelo Villagomez 22 JAN 99
    There is a hidden Mickey on the wall behind the hostess stand the black tile. There is also a fork hidden on the wall.
    CONFIRMED: Chris Stone 06 MAY 99
    There is a Hidden Mickey in Wolfgang Puck's restaurant in Downtown Disney. Just behind the Receptionist's desk as you enter the restaurant, there is a large pyramid covered with tiles that projects into the second floor. About 10 feet up there are 2 shelves and just to the right of one of the shelves is a hidden Mickey. It is made of 3 round tiles and is obviously placed there because all the other tiles are square.
    CONFIRMED: anon 15 JUN 99
    Above the mosaic tile wall behind the host/hostess greeting area in the main restaurant there is a large ceramic vessel on the first shelf. Just to the upper right side of the vessel is a hidden Mickey formed from 3 round black tiles. I will submit a photo after this weekend.
    CONFIRMED: steve stranje 22 OCT 99
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 31 OCT 99

Bongos Cuban Cafe

  1. At Bongo's at Downtown Disney West Side, if you look up at the top of the palm trees/colums, the coconuts are arranged into Hidden Mickeys. They look 3-D, but they are there. They are right-side up, up-side down, and intertwine with each other.

AMC 24 Theatres Complex

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  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

All Star Gear

  1. On the merchandise shop sign on the front of the shop, Monica Seles is wearing Mickey Mouse earrings!!!!!
    REPORTED: Joseph G. Weaver 05 APR 98
    CONFIRMED: Cameron Melvin 26 APR 98
    CONFIRMED: Cecilia Silvera 29 APR 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 31 OCT 99

Celebrity Eyeworks Studio

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  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

Guitar Gallery by George's Music

  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

Sosa Family Cigars

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  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet


  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

Mickey's Groove

  1. On the candle table to the left of the registers, on the top shelf, one of the cast members has taped a piece of paper up there with a Mickey punched into the paper with a hole puncher. I know that this is still there because I just saw it the other day. I also know that it is there because my best friend is the person that put it there. And I also work in that store from time to time.
    REPORTED: Heather Lalone 15 FEB 01


  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet

Wildhorse Store

  1. Now that Disney owns the shop and the saloon there are more Mickey things in there than you could ever imagine...haha. None of them are hidden, but there is Mickey Merchandise in there. I'm sorry I just could not resist.
    REPORTED: Heather 15 FEB 01

Disney's Candy Cauldron

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  1. In Downtown Disney's Candy Cauldron when you look above the counter where the fresh made candies are sold you will see a hidden Mickey in one of the painted "stones". This is not difficult to find as it is in the center of the stone.
    REPORTED: Tom and Patti 05 JUL 98
    Confirming the Hidden Mickey in the flagstone on the wall above the register -- it's a bit askew but bold as brass.
    CONFIRMED: Nafa & Vanessa 07 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 31 OCT 99
  2. The back wall is painted to look like the Wicked Queen's castle. On the far right side there is a basket of apples that look like they are way in the back of the room. These apples are painted as circles, and again three of them come together to make Mickey's ears and head.
    REPORTED: Allison Ulery 17 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 31 OCT 99
  3. At Downtown Disney's "West Side" in the Candy Cauldren there is a hidden Mickey in the faux stones near the ceiling. It is in the "pop-ed up" area of the ceiling, there are 3 rows of stones the mickey is in the center row over the evil queen's right shoulder
    REPORTED: Eric Taylor 01 AUG 01

Forty Thirst Street

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  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported yet
planet hollywood

Planet Hollywood

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